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  1. Good evening all, After a visual health check at a Toyota dealer today one of the observations was that the coolant level is low and that this is being caused by the water pump leaking. To have this replaced they've quoted me £535. I've found from a few online vendors that a water pump for a 2004 TSport Corolla is no more than £40. Now based on that I can only assume the rest is mainly labour charge (aside from replacement coolant) so does anyone know how long it would usually take to do and is the high charge because its abit of a sod to do or is it just another case of a main dealer taking the mick? Thanks Brad
  2. As oldcodger has mentioned above, if one of the issues is weak air flow out of the air vents then check the pollen filter. Its a quick job to drop out the glove box and then you'll be able to remove the pollen filter. Once its out you can then put the fan on maximum to see if you feel a noticeable increase in the air flow strength from the vents. If you do then put it back in and keep it in there until you get a new one to replace it with. I had poor airflow from the vents and when pulling out the pollen filter it had alot of leaves and other dirt on it, but the flow was fine without it in place. Once I got another pollen filter off eBay and replaced it the air flow was fine, as was the heat it produces so I haven't had to go as far as flushing the heater matrix yet. But others have and it has helped them. Edit: Just noticed that you have checked the pollen filter so you may well have to go down the flushing of the matrix route.
  3. I bought a 04 plate Corolla a month and a half ago and the radio signal was pretty much non-existent. When scanning automatically nothing would show up and when manually tuning to a known radio frequency it was very very weak. Through process of elimination I tracked down my particular problem to the antenna plug that goes into the back of the radio. When it was fully in and nice and secure, I got no signal. When pulling it out slightly, no signal. When pulling it out a bit further and then pressing it at an angle all of a sudden got a decent signal. When pushing it back in and holding it at any angle no signal. But back out again and at a certain angle, back came the signal. But it was impossible to push the radio back in and keep the aerial plug in this sweet spot as it had to be pretty loose. In the end I bought a car radio extension lead from Halfords and hooked it up to the existing aerial lead (after lobbing off the original aerial plug which I deemed to be faulty) and I now get good reception (annoying not as good as the reception the other half has in her Citroen C3, but probably about 80% quality that she gets). On FM it will automatically scan and stop at stations and pick up the RDS signal which it didn't before and I can also get 5 live and TalkSport on AM albeit with a slight hiss, but before there was no chance of anything on AM so I'm pretty pleased. As your signal seems to be getting worse and then coming back then it maybe different from my experience of pretty no reception anywhere, but if you're able to get the radio out and have a play around with the aerial plug then at least it'll help to narrow down the issue.
  4. Morning all, I've purchased a replacement front wheel bearing for my Corolla T-Sport and before having it fitted, I'm just double checking that it will be suitable. It says suitable for Corolla T-Sport and I imagine all T-Sports if not all Corolla's have ABS fitted as standard from 01 onwards, but does anybody know if there is any physical difference between the 2 I can check for before putting it on, or will both ABS and non-ABS wheel bearings look-a-like and the only way of telling is when the ABS light doesn't turn off...!! I'm intrigued to know if any T-Sport bearings can be sold which aren't suitable for ABS... Thanks in advance. Brad
  5. Well I managed to track this down to a blown cigarette lighter fuse. Once that was replaced the display and lights on the centre console as well as the radio came back on. However after making sure the aerial is seated well in the back of the radio, it still has pretty naff reception. Is the amplifier for the radio signal built in to the stock head unit, or is there a cable in between that I could be missing? Thanks
  6. Hi all, In the last 2 weeks I've acquired a 04 plate Corolla T-Sport and have set about trying to solve some of its niggles. It has its standard radio but the reception wasn't too good, with FM being ok occassionally and AM not working at all. I've read about those that have swapped to aftermarket radios and have had reduced radio reception, so I thought mine should be ok and possibly the aerial at the back was loose / not seated correctly. I set about removing everything to get to the back of the radio and had it all disconnected but after reseating all the cables, I now have no power to the radio at all. Also the centre console has no display too, like the clock and the heater controls which is abit of an issue as I can no longer see what temperature / fan setting it is on!! However when pressing the buttons they do work and change the settings for the heater, but they don't light up or show a display. The red security light still comes on and all other electrics are ok, lights, indicators, electric windows, remote central locking etc. I can't see any loose cables knocking about and everything looks connected, so has anyone else come across this issue before? Could a fuse have gone that powers the CD player / display of the centre console at all? If so, whereabouts is this located? Thanks very much Brad
  7. Good evening all, I've just got a 04 plate Corolla T Sport last week after previously owning a Nissan Almera GTi for 7 years before it succumbed to its terminal rust and had to be sent to the great scrap yard in the sky. There's a couple of things that need to be sorted with it so I'm looking forward to having a look around the forums for advice on what to do and also contributing and chipping in with anything I learn along the way. Good to meet you all.