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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for recommending TCB. They delivered the parts the day after I ordered them and the local garage that fitted them said they were in excellent condition. I'm so happy my beautiful Celica is back on the road I've treated it to a steam clean and wax all over (including underneath). I will definitely be using TCB again.
  2. Thank you, I'll give him a ring 1st thing Monday.
  3. I need rear disc back plate, with hand brake shoes and hold off springs, both left and right side. My local garage can only get them from Toyota at £600 + VAT. Along with other work needed it's probably more than the car's worth - a 1996 P reg Celica 1.8 ST coupe nearing 150,000 miles. Anybody breaking a similar model with these parts spare and in good condition? I live in South Wales. Any alternative suggestions? I've owned the car 17 years, since 2,000 miles on clock, so reluctant to give up on it.
  4. I'll do that. Thanks for all your efforts to help me.
  5. Cannot get them off, too tight, will have to go to garage but can't for few days as will be at work. Meantime have found pictures from Danish Toyota forum from a guy looking for the same thing a couple of years ago. He found some in Belgium! See attached.
  6. Unfortunately these are not the right size, but thanks for trying. The ones I'm looking for are much longer, at least twice as long I would estimate. They are Toyota wheels but I'm told they were regarded as an accessory so I guess non-standard? I didn't know that until I tried to find a replacement wheel nut! I bought the car with these wheels already on 15 years ago, from a Toyota dealership.
  7. My 1996 Celica ST (P reg) is missing a wheel nut and I've found out they're discontinued. Local dealer can't help (computer says no!). Went back to Leicester dealer where car was bought and they offered to email all dealerships to see if they could get me one from old stock, but no joy. They gave me the part number: PZ406-10670-01 for wheel nuts for Eclipse alloy wheels. I've tried ebay (no joy) and a google search - there seem to be websites for Toyota parts suppliers in Russia, Lithuania and Macedonia that may have them but I don't know if they're safe to deal with. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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