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  1. Id give you my Ibiza + Cash in a breath, if only i could afford to insure that bad boy ;) You still better take me for a spin in it before it goes mate!! :P
  2. I completely agree kimi but for example i was driving up the M1 last week, there were 5 vehicles in lthe outside ane with NOTHING in the inside lanes. They werent approaching anything either so rather than sit behind them adding to the cue i simply pulled into lane1 and continued, the were going slower than me so i undertook them, as did a few other cars. Another scenario, the outside lane is conjested there are a few plonkers tootling along in the middle lane and again, NOTHING in the inside lane for some distance. Why add to the congestion when you can simply pull into the inside lane, im not saying do 80-100 mph past them, that would be stupid, just go slightly faster than them, pointing out that there is another lane besides the middle one!!!
  3. Its got to be middle lane hoggers, although everything that has been mentioned is almost equally annoying!! Why people insist on plodding along in the middle lane when there is nothing to overtake and then causing tailbacks in the outside lane amazes me!! Therefore i have no regrets when i pull up on the inside of them shake my head and proceed to undertake....im sorry i know i shouldnt but it REALLY annoys me!!
  4. Yeah im sure the bike wasnt more than a 600 but still, like you say impressive. Oh and that vid of the supra doesnt work for me :( it comes up but when i press play it goes straight off.
  5. Well i told someone about this starlet beating a bike and they didnt believe me so im trying to prove otherwise. Im sure it was off of here that i saw the video.
  6. My mum gained full no claims when she took out a policy in her name after driving under my dads for god knows how many years, was extremely unfair lol!! I think that was through tescos.
  7. Hey guys, Can anyone remember a thread about this? Or does anyone have the video of it, im trying to settle an argument lol!! Cheers Scott
  8. My mates step dad had an RS4 and OH MY GOD!!! That is one quick estate!!! Beautiful cars!!!
  9. Hey tegan, I would say a bit of both I lost my grandad to cancer so i know the pain cancer causes first hand so good on you, i love to do it but im not sure if i would if push came to shove and i was in the plane ready to go, but what an adrenaline rush it must be!! Il make a donation at the end of this month when i have something to donate from my bank Scott
  10. Sure does, i still miss / regret selling my corolla :(
  11. Quality, never seen that before! Better not let the g.f. see it, otherwise there will be tears lol!
  12. My mate was banging on about going to prague for his birthday, now i know why he wanted to go so badly !!
  13. I'm a Chevrolet Corvette You're a classic - powerful, athletic, and competitive. You're all about winning the race and getting the job done. While you have a practical everyday side, you get wild when anyone pushes your pedal. You hate to lose, but you hardly ever do.
  14. Hou iv got my standard wheels off the starlet you could borrow if you cant get les', just another option for you. Anyway thought you got rid of the starlet? (havent spoken to you in a while)
  15. One thing to think through is the year your private plate is, because my plate is an 'S' therefore i cant put it on anything older than 1998, and now if i wanted an mr2 or any older car like, i wouldnt be able to use my plate making it a waste of money
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