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  1. I see you can fold the power fold mirrors in / out with a push of the button but it looks like they are not activated when you lock / unlock the car? Is that correct?
  2. Habu

    Ordered One :)

    After a test drive I thought bu@@er it and ordered one. Sure I'll lose out on economy after 3 Prius and my current CT200h but what the heck. I've gone for red with leather, nav and stripes plus parking sensors when they're available and black tints which I'll try and organise before collection. Ordered today (25 July) with collection circa 7 September. :). Bring it on. Now just have to wait for TRD to release their 'zorsts for the UK market. Ordered from those nice chaps at RMB Northallerton, North Yorks.
  3. Habu

    Brochure V Actual

    True enough re the brochure but the web site says electrochromatic too. I've had a good look at 2 cars and they are deffo unpowered. Would be great if the glass did turn dark though. Please let me know though, Kingo. Cheers
  4. I've noticed that the brochure suggests that the rear view mirror is auto dimming but it appears to just be a 'manual' mirror albeit a sexy frameless one. Are there any other discrepancies that people have noticed? Habu
  5. For those of you who now have a gen 3 facelift model AND also had the pre facelift model before that are there any differences in build quality? The principle reason I left Toyota after 2 Celicas and 3 Prius was that I felt the gen 3 Prius build quality was poor particularly the interior plastics and their ability to mark too easily and rattle / squeak too much. Has anything changed for the better with the facelift model or is it just the same? Much as I love my CT200h I still miss the Prius. Cheers for any help. Peter
  6. ...well in my local centre. I've taken a couple of shots to give you a brief (and grainy) idea of some changes. The changes are minor but enough to stand out, especially the back end with those rear lights. Inside it's very black indeed. The dash material still feels like the same old plastic :( Lights were auto and there's no dual zone climate that I could see. I didn't get the thing powered up so I couldn't see if the door mirrors are auto fold. Likewise, couldn't see how the head unit looked. Must go back again. new tail lamps Untitled by Brutus_Cleo63, on Flickr Tail lamps lit up - sweet :) Untitled by Brutus_Cleo63, on Flickr New nose with DRLs, larger (and black) mouth with repositioned front fogs Untitled by Brutus_Cleo63, on Flickr LEDs (on TS anyway). Note the great sweeping side light :) Untitled by Brutus_Cleo63, on Flickr Interior (sorry about the quality). It was actually black with 1/2 leather trim Untitled by Brutus_Cleo63, on Flickr Centre console. No sign of dual zone heating. I'll have to go back and get a shot of the thing powered up Untitled by Brutus_Cleo63, on Flickr Nose Untitled by Brutus_Cleo63, on Flickr
  7. They'd have to be stood next to you which kinda defeats the object :) You couldn't stand next to the drivers door (with the fob) and the front passenger open the car from their side. It'll stay locked.
  8. Toyota GB now holding off issuing facelift cars to the centres until the end of the month. :(
  9. Facelift Gen 3 Prius now showing on UK Toyota site. My dealer is expecting his two tomorrow. I'll be down to see the new bits and, hopefully, some improvements. http://www.toyota.co.uk/cgi-bin/toyota/bv/frame_start.jsp?id=CC2-Prius-landing
  10. I've just spoken to my local Centre, RMB Northallerton, who advised that their two Gen 3 facelift models are en route and should arrive next week. I'm keen to see the new model in some detail as I've still a soft spot for the gen 3. Has anyone seen a new model at a dealer yet?
  11. Sorry, didn't get the chance to see the front and rear end properly (or the reg) so not sure but my money would be on it being an original one.
  12. Just seen my first Gen 3 plug-in trundling around Bradford. It was in the light blue metallic colour and liveried up as per internet screen shots. Pity it was going the other way as I'd liked to have seen it in a bit more detail.
  13. Habu

    Bye Bye Gen 3 :(

    Hi again. Just my second, and probably last for now review of the CT200h against my previous Prius now that I've taken off the rose-tinted, new car experience, glasses. Ok, the CT is still, especially with the leather trim a wonderfully luxurious place to sit. All interior materials are high grade and the equipment has a quality feel to them. There's neat little details too like the seals along the vertical line where front and rear doors meet. Revised CT pros: - deffo smoother transmission and still no lurching, juddering as I got from time to time with the Prius - deffo quieter as there appears to be greater insulation against engine and tyre noise. You can hardly hear the ICE even when you floor it. - handling is sporty especially when in sport mode as the steering nicely weights up. There's limited body roll too. Good for hustling along B roads. - seats are very comfy indeed but the rear has no central armrest a la Prius. It's a great place to be and drives beautifully. There are 3 colours of leather for the seats and doors. I went for ivory-cream which works well with the dark grey exterior. - great sounding hifi (I have the upgraded one that came with the nav pack). Speakers have good sound too. - beautifully built and awesome finish on the paint. Possibly machine polished at the factory? - same insurance and servicing as the gen 3 Prius - great, clear dials which change colour (blue or red) depending in what mode you're in. Same with ceiling lights and rotary knob. - electrochromic rear view mirror works very well and the water repellent front glazing is incredible. Ice doesn't appear to stick to it like is does over the rest of the car's windows. - Lexus dealer experience is much more up-market than Toyota. - front and rear parking sensors along with the colour reverse camera work very well. I like the fact the reverse camera screen also show a plan view of the CT and which bit (e.g. front right corner, centre rear, etc) is closest to the object. - dual zone HVAC works well. I think the other half is part lizard as she needs the temp on high on get side whilst I have it on about 22.5. - probably the best by far halogen headlights I've had on car. Pity only most expensive CT model comes with LED lights - I don't get other drives either mouthing "wan@er" 'cos I'm in a Prius or miming something with their closed hand. I don't think other drivers have realised, yet, that the CT is like a Prius. - so far, with around 2500 miles on the clock and averaging (as per Fuelly) around 48mpg. Hopefully this will rise with a few more miles on the clock and warmer weather. I've always found my Toyotas to be fairly good at achieving the suggested mpg. With my gen 3 I often beat it so hopefully the Ct will improve even though it is slightly worse on the fuel consumption. Bizarrely, the 30 minute mpg screen (it that makes sense) only goes as high as 60mpg even though the car can beat it. Possibly to do with Lexus software as other Lexus models would never get up to 60mpg? CT cons: - interior cubby space is quite limited. You get trays in the boot like the Prius but inside the car is limited. This could be quite an issue for some people. - boot space and boot opening are small. Don't know how they compare to an Auris. With my gen 3 I could place a mountain bike in the rear with removing the front wheel, turning the handlebars, etc. Can't do this with the CT as the opening is quite small. - no rear central armrest or drinks holders. Not an issue for me as there's only ever me in it most of the time but for, say a family, it could be. - cheapest CT is slightly more than most expensive Prius (not excluding Prius options like solar roof and advanced tech packs) but I guess it would have to be. - not as pretty (in my eyes) as the gen 3 Prius although I do like the nose and side of the CT. Back is, eerh, a bit fugly and boy does the boot / rear window attract road crud. Overall, a lovely car to sit in, smoooooth and quiet drive and with great techy bits. I do though miss the HUD and better mpg (although I'm sure the CT will improve). Would I have another CT? Oh yes! Would I have another Prius? Quite probably yes if the 2012 facelift gen 3 addresses the low rent interior plastics. The interior plastics were the main reason for moving to the CT. Now if the Prius had the same interior materials as the CT I'd be back in a flash :)
  14. From the top of the M62 at Saddleworth all the way down to Deansgate in central Manchester I'd be disappointed if I didn't average at least 80mpg. I've done this journey many times and regularly show the full 100mpg for the 30 minute drive :) Different matter going the other way. I'll rephrase mine: Manchester, Manchester, good afternoon. Pirate 1 departing Leeming passing FL50. TAD 124, back box 125, main Go!. Squawk xxxx.
  15. Check out for sale section within TOC for a free boot liner for gen 3 Prius if anyone wants it. Pick up only. PM for details. BTW, it was mine :)
  16. I've just sold my Gen 3 Prius but kept the optional genuine rubber boot liner. It's needing a new Prius home if anyone wants it. I'm in North Yorkshire. PM if interested.
  17. Yeah, that's were I was going wrong before. I wasn't using the litres of fuel bit. But everything is ok now, thanks. Now to get it into the mid-high 50's.
  18. it was showing 58 for some reason but has changed to 48 after I made the change on Fuelly.. The conversion to mpg is a hang up from having to always work in gallons before we started using litres. :0
  19. I need some advice from a Fuelly expert. I know there's loads of you out there. Here's my problem: I've set myself up, added the car, clicked on UK mpg but when I add my entry it's appox 10mpg more than I'm calculating it at. For example, today I filled up and put 2.7 gallons in and had covered 129 miles since the last fill up. I make that 47.7mpg but Fuelly is making it 58mpg. Am i missing something really obvious? cheers Peter Edit: I think i may have sussed it now. I changed my reporting units to litres and my mpg has gone to where it should be - 48mpg.
  20. Habu

    What Mode Am I In?

    Thank you........................ Great help thank you both. I have read about 'normal' mode elsewhere on these pages, but thought that there was a selection button that I didn't have! What then are the advantages/disadvantages of 'normal'? Hi Trev. No probs, just keep asking if you have any Q's. Re Normal, it's a balance of economy and power. Many people stick to normal but I only ever drove in eco and shifted briefly into normal or power to briskly overtake or if the car was struggling up a long hill in eco mode. Normal is neither at its most economical or its most powerful but a sort of mid setting. You'll find eco dulls the throttle and turns down the heating and ventilation (the fan slows down :)) whilst power releases the full fat power to the leccy motor and gives the car a useful shove up the yaris. Normal is somewhere in between :)
  21. Habu

    Bye Bye Gen 3 :(

    Merry Christmas TOC. Just a little update on my initial experiences with the CT compared with the 3 Prius's I have owned: CT pros: - much smoother and there's a lack of the shuddering as the engine kicks in and out. Would need to wait until the CT has done a fair amount of miles to be fair to my former Prius's - deffo quieter (there's insulation under the bonnet which seems to work well). BTW, the same sized wheels are shod with Yokohama dB Decibel tyres. Very impressed with the lack of road noise - very comfy seats - handling and steering feel is excellent. No body roll. Can't understand why some people think the ride is harsh? - stereo is amazing although I have the upgraded system that comes with the nav packages. FM radio reception is DAB quality (to my ears). My gen 3 Prius always had issues with FM stations - feels very well put together with high quality materials. Everything is solidly made. Inside just oozes quality. There's even leather over the instrument binnacle. My biggest gripe with the gen 3 Prius was a poor quality interior especially the dash - insurance and servicing exactly the same as my gen 3 Prius (well it is for me) - It doesn't look like you're trying to be green by driving a hybrid - paintwork has a mirror like finish. Best I've seen on any car I've owned. No doubt, it'll still chip like any other CT cons: - smaller in both the rear seats and the boot (doesn't bother me as it's only me in the car 99% of the time) - less cubby space but again not an issue to me. A cut out space, like the Prius, under the centre console would have been nice - I feel the engine does most of the work whilst driving whereas with the Prius the leccy motor did its fair share of the driving. The eco gauge shows I appear to be in the Power band much more than I ever did with the Prius. With the Prius I rarely went into Power but the CT is often there. Saying that, I filled up after a couple of days and had averaged (manually checking) 47mpg which is good with 100 miles on the clock. - Won't be as economical as the Prius - missing the Prius HUD - USB and aux in point are in a strange place. They work but make the console look messy if you're using a cable connection for your phone - look a little odd in some angles (a bit like a Mazda 3) but not enough for me not to buy one I still miss my gen 3 a lot, it was a great looking car, cheap to service and insure and had good tech.That's it, so far. Peter
  22. Habu

    What Mode Am I In?

    Normal. If you're in Pwr and you press it again you go to normal. Same thing applies if you're in eco.
  23. Habu

    Bye Bye Gen 3 :(

    I agree, the Gen 3 Prius is better looking than the CT but inside the CT it's just classy. I love the heated creamy leather seats and leather on top of the dash plus a bangin' hifi system complete with sub and amp. But I'm going to miss the HUD hugely as well as the Prius's storage space. The CT is lacking big time on storage inside the car (excluding the boot) with the glove box being just that, a space just big enough for your gloves. There's a central cubby box but that's really your lot excluding bins in the doors. It does't bother me as I don't cart junk about but others may have issues with it. The Lexus dealer was very upmarket compared to Toyota and the handover experience (plus goodies) was memorable :) I have, however, stayed with our local group where I've bought all my Toyotas and now Lexus - RMB. Also managed to get 5 services (that should cover me until I get rid of the car) for around £850 paid over 14 months interest free which I think is a very good deal especially as it uses the same 0W20 oil as the Prius (well, it's the same engine and e-CVT 'box).
  24. After having 3 Prius (2xGen 2 and 1xGen 3) I've traded her in today for a brand new Lexus CT200h. To date, the Gen 3 T Spirit has been my fave car and in many ways it is brilliant. I loved the styling, the tech and the all round space and comfort but I won't miss the interior plastics which were a poor let down. With the CT I'm gaining in luxury but losing out in cubby space, boot space and a little bit of MPG. Still, servicing is the same price and my insurance premium is staying exactly the same. So long, for now, Prius guys.
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