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  1. I replaced the rear tyres with cheap brand shortly before problem started as hope to buy another car soon. The problem seems to be getting worse. Is this likely to be the problem
  2. I have 2004 plate t spirit and traction control starts operating when going round tight left hand bends. I don't think that it is due to speed or road conditions I suspect some sensor problem. I don't know exactly how traction control or vehicle stability work and have no idea which wheel I should be looking at. Any suggestions or tests I could carry out to identify the problem would be appreciated.
  3. I think that these lights must com on with the slightest problem, mine came on when glow plugs needed changing
  4. Must still be a problem I had to have brake pipe front to rear replaced on 54 plate t spirit due to failing mot
  5. Just checking owners manual to change one of my bulbs and looked up door courtesy lights states 5 watt type I whatever that means.
  6. Going to check pads for wear and callipers for leaks, no sign of leaks on master cylinder
  7. Hi Over recent days noticed brakes soft. Pedal going right to floor only very slowly, stiffens up when pumped. Now warning light on dash comes on when pumping brakes. Checked fluid, just below maximum it has not been changed for some time. Planning to check it out tomorrow any ideas as to where to look?
  8. My 54 plate 2.0 D4D still has original battery was worried last winter but never let me down.
  9. I have been towing caravan 1300kg laden weight with 54 plate 2.0 D4D without any problems. The kerb weight of car of approx. 2000 kg gives a 65% ratio compared to the advised maximum of 85% . It tows well and can easily maintain the 60mph on motorways and have had no problems over hilly ground when in Highlands of Scotland.
  10. Try fuse box behind glove box, fuse 42 is 7.5 amp covers navigation system, multi info display, audio system, power rear view mirror,integration relay, power outlet, gauges and meters. Two rows of fuses end fuse on inner row.
  11. If you just want to replace the wiper blade there is a plastic cover at the base of the arm. To remove it ease the cover at both sides of the arm and it should lift off allowing the blade to be lifted clear of the window and changed as described in other posts.
  12. Pully bearing gone on air con compressor, as air con not been working for some time, plan to replace belt and by pass air con. does anyone know what size belt is required to do this job on a 54 plate 2.0 D4D and where can one be obtained. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the reply, noise only when engine hot so far. I have been reading forum when noise comes on going to try air con, steering on full lock, dipping clutch although would have done this at traffic lights. will also look under bonnet to see if I can narrow down noise location. I checked oil today and all ok Any further advice appreciated
  14. Just got back from trip to Leeds 85 miles motorway driving when I got there noticed ticking at idle noise stopped at 1000 rpm, same same happened when I arrived back home stopped at traffic lights and road junctions. Noise sounds tinny like fan blade hitting something but it is not that. Car is D4D with 103000 miles
  15. Just received letter from Mr T recall for my 54 plate T Spirit. possible problem with mounting for tow bar apparently could result in cracking and loss of tow bar. My tow bar fitted by local trailer firm. Just thought that I would let anyone with similar investigate.