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  1. Happy Birthday Adrian D!

  2. Hi! Problem solved at Toyota service. It was the ignition coil on the 2nd cylinder. Thanks God that the gearbox is fine! Best A
  3. hello! i have a 2006 avensis wit automatic transmission - 4 gears. i have a problem started few days ago, when i am at about 30-40km'h and i step it a bit harder, i feel a shake from the gear box and the car doesn't accelerate and then suddenly it goes. if i gentle accelerate, this doesn't happen. if i kick down it, i feel a small gap in acceleration... can you help me what to do or if someone faced this issue in the past? thank you! Adrian
  4. Hi! of course you can do it by yourself, but what i did, and i think is the best for this type of transmission is to do it at a Toyota dealer service. here (i am talking about Bucharest) was about 200euros. they replace the carbon filter and they change the oil and you have warranty for the job done. i don't think you want to have issues with the auto gear box, it costs A LOT. good luck
  5. Hi! the answer is yes, it will fit with no modifications. i did it on mine too. instalation is very easy, here it is a link that will help to install: good luck
  6. hi! it is very easy, remove the grey stripe with the cup holder and passenger seatbelt warning by pulling put gently from one side to another. then remove the connector from the seatbelt. under the 2 vents you can find 2 screws that holds the dash panel. then pull it out gently. (i have the 2006 with computer instead of glovebox and i have some wires connected also, but i don't think is your case) cheers,
  7. dear Kryten, thank you very much! i have managed today to change the bulb following your steps. now it looks like a proper auto gearbox especially by night. :) good luck and many thanks again!
  8. dear Kryten, just one more question regarding replacing the bulb from the automatic gear box: how did you remove the gear knob? i tried gently to twist and lift it and it didn't get out. please let me know how, on toyoDIY was not explicit, it is just showing that is removable and that's it. thank you!
  9. Hello guys! i have an 2006 automatic Avensis that i bought last year. i don't have light for the PRND. so i suppose that the bulb was burnt before i bought the car. i took out the cover with the ashtray, removed the ashtray connection and i couldn't find the bulb to replace. it is a bit crowdy in there :) can you give me a more detailed help in order to find the bulb? thank you Adrian
  10. yes, you can. i have changed my cd & cass player with the mp3 version. all the commands are the same. so i have a 2nd hand one. if you are interested , let me know best regards,
  11. hi, great! i usually go to toyota service for this! :) so congrats! what about the filter? it is mandatory to change together with the oil. did you change it?
  12. hi! you need to change also the filter inside the gear box A.
  13. hi! i have a 2006 1.8 vvti avensis with electric power steering. as far as i know there is no fluid reservoir for the electric power steering. do i miss something? or there is one? thanks
  14. Hi! the automatic gear fluid changes at 45000km (approx 28000 miles). it is written in the book. please check if it was done before, if not go ASAP and change the oil and the filter also. good luck!