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  1. Aaron, I understand what you are saying, but I'm just getting really bored of having to change down gears each time I get to a hill so something with more poke is required. Kingo,thanks to the links above to parkers and glass, etc. getting a rough idea of what a dealer might offer as trade in vers. private sale gives people a rough guide, but you will always get those owners who think their car is worth more than it actually is. That would be the nature of selling cars, bit like buyers expecting 50% off the marked price. ;) thanks Fish
  2. Yeah plus some DRL's which I need to fit a replacement DRL control unit. One side's dead. :( Thanks Fish
  3. Ok I'm thinking it's time to move on, but I'm stuck as to what price I should be sticking my little iQ2 up for. Details are, iQ2, TNS510 Satnav, 59 plate with around 30k on it. The original owner ticked all the extra's boxes, so comes with the additional front and rear bumper skirts, triangle tail pipe. It's just about to get serviced and MOT'd, so that wont be an issue for the new owner. Just really lost as to what to ask for it, prices on Autotrader go from stupid to dealer, which I'm not. Thanks Fish
  4. DFish

    A Funny Moment

    From talking with the service dept. at the local stealers, the fuel filter is in the tank. So disconnect and drop the tank which sounds like a real mission! Fish
  5. I will be waiting until start/mid November before thinking about putting them on the Leon, I wont bother with the iQ just no point doing two cars. I did have Vred Wintrac Extreme's which are very good, but last year I put some Kleber Quadraxer (all weather) to replace two and have to say much much better. They did move around a fair bit in the dry, but when on wet roads, in heavy rain they just gripped like glue. We didn't have much in the way of snow, but this year there's a road trip to the Alps where they have to be fitted. Fish
  6. I never bothered with the scan gauge, I just bought an ELM327 OBD2 bluetooth adapter and downloaded torque pro from either the google or apple shops. So much easier that having to wire stuff in. Fish
  7. Ah the legend you seek would be the one known as Tarquin (aka David), he is the man you need to speak with.
  8. Hey Taz, will you be attending any shows in late October? I'm visiting the area, and thought what better way to spend an afternoon/evening. ;) Fish
  9. Ian, Pm me if you want, but what sort of budget do you want? What colour are you looking for? I'm tempted to sell mine. Fish
  10. No but you have to ensure that when power is first reapplied that you let the TNS unit lost the software without being disturbed. Fish
  11. Ian, dont worry you're not the only person seeing poor (as in nothing near what they published) MPG. I have changed my plugs and air filter and most all of the time the windows are open instead of air con. Fish
  12. So I've just had to spend a couple of days up in Telford (from SE London) circa 195 mile trip each way. Steady 70mph all the way and only saw 260 miles to the first tank then 270 and just about to start flashing. Plugged my little scanner in and there's no errors in the ECU, so just not sure why I'm getting such poor MPG! Its just making the decision to sell up easier and easier. Fish
  13. DFish

    Toyota Iq Lights

    Nevica, if you do a search you'll find that a few have upgraded their headlights. Regarding the LED indicator and brake lights I cant answer as I've not seen anyone do it. The most I can think we've gone with are the silver indicator blubs, but I'd take a guess that any canbus ready kits should be ok as they have resistors installed to combat any issues. Fish
  14. I had to laugh last night. I've been driving the iQ into work for a while and average around 48 MPG, not bad for central London driving I feel. So for the last two nights I swapped to my diesel Seat Leon and checked just before arriving at both work and home and all I'm seeing is around 28 MPG! Fish
  15. Will be interesting to see Taz's point of view on this. I remember a number of years ago seeing one of his old box cars (sorry cant remember the model name) as it looked like one of the Johnny cabs out of an Arnie film. I loved it and wanted one but importing was more hassle than I am prepared for. I just think that in this current economic climate that the likes of the iQ are over priced for what they are. Yes they appear better built over the Aygo, but the cost difference is large and I can only assume that the insurance companies see it the same way for new/young drivers which is where I feel it should have been targeted, but yet its mostly the older generation that I see out and about in them. Maybe it's just the area I live, but also within central London. Fish
  16. Super hero David came to the rescue and it's all bright again. Thanks again for getting me all working again. Fish
  17. Extra wiring will be required for the wing mirrors, The other module should just be either a screw or glue in. Fish
  18. So on Thursday I had my car serviced and MOT'd at a little garage rather than the over priced Mr T. Today I've noticed that my rather loverly upgrade interior light by Tarquin (aka. David) has failed. Now I thought it was a fuse, but the LED lights on the tailgate opening are still working so that kills that idea. So I can only assume that they might have left a door or boot open and burnt the poor little thing out. :( When I get time I'll pull it back apart and see what can be done. Fish
  19. DFish

    A Video On A Posher Iq

    Not sure I'd ever spend £15k+ on a little car like ours, whatever badge it has on the front and rear. It would need either serious engine/suspension/brakes to make it worth while or I'd be looking at say a Fiesta ST. Fish
  20. If you're worried about the card being damaged when the car is being serviced you can always dismount it before it goes to the garage, take the card out and keep it safe until you get the car back. Fish
  21. DFish

    Toyota Dealers

    When I was looking at buying my iQ I visited the local dealers. The idiot salesman thought that a 300 yard drive on a straight road and a single roundabout was a full drive! Needless to say I went elsewhere to purchase it. I since found out that at the same dealers was the nice gent who sold me my Leon, had a chat with him about it as this was around the time of the GT86 coming out. He laughed when I told him who it was and said he's a bit of a c*ck anyway, and to see someone else. Servicing side of things does alter depending on where you go and the brand of car you drive, and this is the main reason that once out of warranty I use independents over main dealers. The labour costs are almost the same, but I feel I get a better level of service from them. Fish
  22. DFish

    Iq Spotting

    I see a fair few around but then again I'm mostly in and around central London. Thankfully I dont see that many purple, oops sorry deep amethyst, so I'm still fairly unique. ;) Fish
  23. Like the look of that, but they rear bumper really is screaming out for the exhaust coming out the centre of it. Fish
  24. Kingo, so what price you doing the cards for? ;) Fish
  25. Filled up last night and with my little andriod app, I've managed to average 50.73 out of the last tank. Best I've seen for ages, I'm almost seeing the same figures as Corey at times. Fish