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  1. Now sold ! Please feel free to remove this thread Mods .....
  2. I hope the mods don't mind as I sold my Auris a few months ago, but I have a used set of springs from my SR180 just sitting around. Hopefully they'd be of some use to an owner here ...... Toyota Motorsport springs - set of 4 - as fitted to an Auris SR180 (2008 model) - made by Eibach for Toyota. I fitted a set of Eibach Pro-kit springs soon after I got the car for a slightly stiffer ride, but for anyone needing stock replacements or a small upgrade these could be ideal. I'll post some pics up so you can see their condition, all are in usable condition with just the smaller 2 springs showing some surface rust at the bottom ends - hence the low price. Looking for a total of £35 - that's P+P included for mainland UK postal only. Feel free to ask any questions. *Please bear in mind these will only fit the 2.2 TD engine models because of their weight calibration & sizes.
  3. Well folks I guess the time has come for me to say farewell. My Auris is now sold & I've moved on to another Japanese make. I would have liked to stay with Toyota but unfortunately there was nothing that met my preferences or budget. I did try a 1.6 new-shape Auris, but I felt the ride quality was harsh for non-low profile tyres and the engine just felt dead to me. A great car in other respects, but it just didn't light my fire, so time to move on. No offence to those who have bought one, just each to their own and all that. I've enjoyed my time on this forum and would like to extend my thanks and best wishes to all the staff here. Plus of course all the members who made it so diverse and informative. I doubt the new forum will be as good, but who knows ..... :)
  4. Have to admit I'm more than a bit dubious Ben, but who knows ?
  5. Unfortunately mine's has never had the chance to show what it can do on a motorway, as there aren't any up here ! But I did manage to squeeze 480 mls out of the SR180 by accident, when a garage I was aiming for was closed & I had to carry on to the next one 40 mls away .....
  6. Mine says 'D-CAT' on the engine cover & it has a DPF, so I'd imagine yours does too ......
  7. Hi Clare, the only gearbox issue I know of with the Toyota Auris is a very notch 1st to 2nd change when cold. This seems to affect many of the 2.0 & 2.2 engined models. Some of us had the gearbox oil changed to improve matters, but it doesn't solve it completely. The only answer is to consciously change slowly & carefully when the gearbox is completely cold. Once warmed up, it's usually faultless. Do you know what exactly failed & why ? Did the garage give you any details ?
  8. Hi David - do you know if the garage checked the pressure differential pipe for 'breathability' ? They block up over time & cause poor running & restricted performance, quite possibly triggering the limp home mode. Might be worth checking ..... The 2.2 D4D is a complicated beast with dual mass flywheel, diesel particulate filter, catalytic converter & individually coded injectors. But when it's running right it should be very smooth & quiet. Mine thankfully was.
  9. Clever, but not before time. Nissan beat them to the bar this time. Should be great in the Yaris, but might still be a little underwhelming in the heavier Auris. A decent option at choosing time though & should be cheap to run.
  10. Welcome - another old shape RAV4 owner. You're joining a seemingly growing trend ! :)
  11. Welcome Suzanne - not far away from myself actually. Used to live in Elgin, but north of Inverness now. Enjoy the forum :)
  12. Price reduced to £125 & also available on flea bay :)
  13. To be fair, the 2.2 offers a very quiet & relaxed manner at dual carriageway/motorway speeds - it's just the MPG which isn't as good as competitors. Wind noise is very reasonable & the engine is virtually silent once cruising. As Smudge said, it's only really the bigger tyres which intrude a bit & even that's very dependant on the road surface. With 225/45/17's fitted, you're always going to have some road noise.
  14. Ditto - very similar findings to myself (with a TDI-Tuning Box). My MPG is also hovering around 41 MPG w/out the box, although this is Winter and it always drops 3-4 MPG compared to Summer.
  15. As far as I'm aware all the basic spec of SR180's is the same. Only extras like leather upholstery & sat-nav were options. Oh, the sunroofs too ! I got the metal intake pipe from the states where a guy specialises in making them. Mine was actually made for Scooby Impreza but fits just fine. you could of course use extra piping to extend the air filter down into the cooler air at the side of the battery. Personally I just wanted to try using the base of the standard air box to shield the worst of the heat away & keep the standard intake pointing straight at the cone filter. I didn't notice any difference in power, but I did run it for a few weeks with no warning lights or issues at all. I've just taken it off the car as I will be trading it in soon for something newer.
  16. Steve - you mean something like this .....
  17. Welcome Roddy - we're here to help and share :)
  18. Selling this tuning box for the 2.2 lump as it's nearly time to trade in for a newer car, so no longer needed. It cost me £280 new & has been used to smooth out the lower end - it'll pull well from just 1500 rpm and continues to make overtaking even easier. I got just 2 MPG more on average compared to standard, but every little counts with a bigger engine. It also depends on the settings used and your driving of course ! It's very easy to fit and only requires minutes to remove again. A few tie-wraps (included) keep the wiring from moving around - the dealer didn't even notice it was fitted ! I actually found that the engine ran cleaner on the setting I used, with much fewer regeneration cycles. I wouldn't try it on a high setting as it will cause the limp-home mode to engage. This is a common problem when you go outwith the engine's 'normal' tolerances. I kept it on level 13 - less than half the highest setting, giving a small improvement in MPG but more effortless overtaking ability. You could have it set lower and potentially get better MPG of course ....... Asking £150 please and it's in good condition as I wrapped it in foil to prevent any potential electrical interference and then a small plastic docket to keep it dry in the engine bay. Neither is recommended as necessary, but just good 'house-keeping' you might say :) Any questions or decent offers, feel free to ask.
  19. Welcome Robbie - glad to hear the Avensis is soldiering on. It must have a few miles on it by now ...... :)
  20. Welcome Andrew - hope you enjoy the forum & find it helpful :)
  21. Ditto, I had my gearbox oil changed to a straight 75W oil at 50k mls. It helps a little, but still a very slow change to 2nd gear when cold - otherwise you'll crunch it every time. Once warm it's fine.
  22. Welcome - glad you're enjoying the TSport. A very popular choice & most still going well :)
  23. Hi - not too many members from Spain on here, so welcome aboard :)
  24. Not a fan of the boom-boxes in the boot, but the overall look is ace
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