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  1. They're a ba##ard if they're seized into the head, we've got one in that needed them changed we ended up snapping two and the other two we got drilled out by a specialist after taking the head off. !Removed! nightmare!!!!!
  2. I have a spare a manual which I got when I bought a replacement unit after mine gave up the ghost. I'll check to make sure it's the same numbered manual tomorrow, if it is I could sent it over to you.
  3. It's an easy fix and you'll see the AC outlet fairly easily on the bulk head obve you're underneath. It definitely works as had we an IQ in with this issue and fitting a longer tube prevents the draining water from leaking back in while driving.
  4. Wow that looks a really good fix to the problem Marcus!!! I know my Mim has complained at how little light the car's interior has and has had me trying to figure out a better solution. I'd definitely be interested in seeing how you did it, I've not bought anything from this site so if there's a charge etc for the PFD I'd happily pay to be able to download it!!! Rich 😁😁
  5. Had a similar problem on a IQ that came in with a wet Passenger footwell and we discovered it was the AC drip pipe that wasn't long enough and so with AC on and driving round was blowing any water draining out back through the hole. Easy fix is it too buy some tubing and extend it out further so that can't blow back in. Sorry for the p@ss poor description but it's easy enough to see once you look under the car at the bulkhead. 😁😁
  6. I went out and bought a space saver wheel from a breakers yard. Toyota don't recommend you fit one but then they would say that. I think the rim is from an early Yaris or like and had got my Mum out the mire when she needed it. Fortunately she only does short journeys so never far from home so doesn't need to carry it all the time.
  7. Hello, Bit of advice needed for the correct/ best procedure to bleed the cooling system on a 2009 IQ3 Manual (if that makes a difference over the Automatic version). My water pump is showing signs of weeping so obviously need to change it out which looks fairly straightforward but I'm a bit worried when it comes to bleeding it as it appears to have bleeding points(??) or at least one that I can see on the thermostat housing(??). Is it a simple job to do or a complete pain?? Any help/ advice greatly appreciated Rich 😁😁
  8. Oh that's great, thanks for the reply. Hadn't had a chance to fone my local dealer to get a price.
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone had changed the Diesel Injector Pipe Nozzle Seal in the Rocker Cover of their D4D's? Mine have started to weep oil from them so am going to do them. I've found the part number from the Toyota Parts Catalogue (23681A, Nozzle Holder Seal) but have no idea how much they'd be each. I've seen them on eBay for £10 each from a Polish company (in genuine packaging with Part numbers matching) but what would a dealer charge for them??
  10. Mine is noisy and seeping, looks a fairly easy job to do (I've not attempted it as yet but I'm in the trade so will have a go), looks like it just imhnbolts from the manifold. I'll change to metal pipes as goo practice along with new oil and filter. I've found a place that sells recon units for a reasonable price, phoned our parts supplier and he told they can only get a new unit at a cost of £1300(!!!!!!!!!!) said he come keep it!!!!! Lol
  11. Have you any pictures of where this issue is situated?? Ta 😊😊
  12. I had a similar problem a few years ago on my 2008 ('58) D4D and it turned out to the solenoid on the end of the diesel pump (end of the Camshaft on head) that has been modified due to the internal spring not being strong enough. I'll try take a few pics next couple days and upload them so you can see what I mean and where it is. Can't remember where I bought the new unit from unfortunately but it wasn't from a dealer rather a Diesel Specialist. Obviously this cured my starting issue but may not yours but worth a possible try. 😊😊
  13. Hi, just done the self diagnosis on the climate control unit and it came up with two codes, 21 & 24. What is code 24? Having difficulty in erasing the codes using the Front and Rear Defroster buttons, I'll pull the fuse out and re-run the test. Will the system erase the codes even though there are faults recorded? Now this is a problem if the is a permanent code on say engine etc when use or scanner at work.