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  1. JordaniQ

    Jordaniq's Iq3

    Oem (Frame) = expensive (£60 ish?) Heko (Chanel) = £30 Cheap fakes :P at legal speeds, having either won't make a difference Jordan I would call them expensive at £150ish? as in your first post, but not £60ish? as in your edited one. You probably could not even take the wife out for dinner for that abount of money Changed again :P J
  2. JordaniQ

    Jordaniq's Iq3

    No good guessing the cost and posting an incorrect price in the forum. You can edit your post you know. Done! Thanks :) J
  3. JordaniQ

    Jordaniq's Iq3

    Oh haha, was just guessing cos I know Honda ones are about £150 Jordan
  4. JordaniQ

    Jordaniq's Iq3

    Oem (Frame) = £60 ish Heko (Chanel) = £30 :P at legal speeds, having either won't make a difference Jordan
  5. JordaniQ

    Jordaniq's Iq3

    Double posted! Oops! Sorry!
  6. JordaniQ

    Jordaniq's Iq3

    No idea what colour it is haha. It's...matt ish. It's just plastidip. The Carbon vinyl was coming off on the wing mirrors so i decided to plastidip the wing mirrors, then experimented with the 'lip' and turned out pretty nice. You can buy a glossifier but i quite like the look of it because my roof is like 60% gloss, and matches well i reckon. Haha, proud for now :P will be getting rid of it soon, most likely this time next year as i've got a placement down in warwickshire with Jaguar land rover and will be travelling up and down the country a lot. To be fair, the iQ was just keeping me going until i turn 21 and able to insure on 'proper' cars haha. The megane was drinking my money away and everything was all electronic and boring. Prior to that i had a corsa d 1.4 which i absolutely hated. There's people on the forum who have already got sun roofs! Hahahaha J
  7. JordaniQ

    Jordaniq's Iq3

    Haha! It's a couples thing. She has one too. Infact she drives a purple iQ2 with the sports pack. The other day i almost came to regret my old car. 'Almost'. I mean sure it looked nice, sports coupe and all but it was just so boring to drive! Jordan
  8. JordaniQ

    Jordaniq's Iq3

    Haha aww man..just realised how fuzzy they are.. apologies! Blame iPhone! J
  9. JordaniQ

    Jordaniq's Iq3

    Hey all, I haven't really had many pics of my car up on here so today i decided to go out and take a few cos it was sunny up here in the North East. So anyway..had since Nov 2011, not really much mods but i'm happy with it for now. Great little car - and as i've always said, handles like a go kart especially after it's been lowered and much faster than you think. - Gloss black vinyl roof - 6000k HID's - LED sidelights - Debadged rear - H&R Springs - Black Wing mirrors (Originally Carbon Fibre vinyl but that started to peel off over time) - Black lip - Heko wind deflectors - Recaro shoulder pads - Upgraded interior light - Standard oem chrome pack (Boot strip, side strips, fog surrounds, wing mirrors - should i black these?) - JDM spoiler -Panda - Umm...pretty sure the list is longer than that...can't think. I had wanted to get the oem sport pack rear valance diffuser thing for it in black and a catback exhaust with new 17 bronze wheels, but now i just can't be bothered haha. It's fine how it is i reckon. I apologise for the lack of exciting mods like blue interior led's and body kits!! Enjoy! With my mate's cr-z Anyway, cheers for looking! Jordan
  10. JordaniQ

    Uk Meets?

    What's not to compare? They're both tiny economical city cars. Just the iQ is cooler and waayy better. By this much *stretches arms out* :D Jordan
  11. Agree with yous all there like, i actually bought a set of wheels and fitted them on. Decided the oem's looked better haha! J
  12. JordaniQ

    Vinyl Roof

    My word that's like driving around in a disco ball. Didn't think you could get shinier than that! J
  13. You're welcome mate :P you getting wheels for it too? J
  14. To be fair, the ride is a little harsher. It's not overly harsh where its uncomfortable, just it's noticeable on crappy roads. Usually it's fine. But the way the springs improve handling-you have to experience that yourself. So good!! J