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  1. qettyz

    auris auto gearbox keeps slipping into neutral

    Some kind a software, ecu issue or just gear selector switch issue maybe? Please update what dealer says. Hybrid doesnt have any ”neutral”, it just disconnects power from mg1 and mg2 electric motors and there is nothing moving fysically when selecting between D and N or R. Only in P there is parking paul mechanism what is applied. Great video if interested how HSD works.
  2. I asked about brake light switch, because thats the one what computer is reading is the brake pushed and if not then it wont start. That are the brakes working have nothing to do with this. Park it somewhere so that when next time it fails to start, you can vetify from rear view mirror that are the break lights on. Just dont release brake between.
  3. Any change that brake switch works intermitted and sometimes then doesnt start because ”brake isnt pushed”?
  4. qettyz

    Rear speakers are very quiet

    I changed speakers to my 2014 and also noted how much better front ones are compared to rear ones. I guess its way how head unit amp is configured and there is nothing to gain by changing thicker wires on these low watts what we are dealing with stock unit. i have thought to buy 4 channel DSP amp, that would solve the problem, maybe. Maybe because there are probably no RCA outputs on the stock unit and DSP amp then would try to make rears better from high input. But, rear speakers seems to get so thin sound that i would not except that DSP amp could start making sounds what just arent there. I really dislike how bad is stock sound system on Auris and we dont even get JBL option here at Finland to Auris.
  5. qettyz

    Door panel removal front and rear

    Toyota Tech webpage has one hour full techican doc access for 3€,maybe £3 then for UK. You also can save and download everything foryour own personal use. Those docs have helped me couple of times, i can highly recommend.
  6. qettyz

    2014 and DRL's failed

    Yeah kind a wroted that all wrong, yeah got them on but didnt stay;) And better, after messing underhood i moved car and they were on. That point i was wondering whats going on. Didnt even think that they could be acting like they do. Thanks all replying:)
  7. qettyz

    2014 and DRL's failed

    So, got to learn one more thing from my car;) DRLs wont turn on before you start driving. Tested it this morning, turned lights from auto to 0 before starting the car and yes no lights. DRLs went on when i put gear to R. Havent have any moment before when there would be bright enought so only DRLs would be on and i would be looking lights before driving. Oh well, at least connectors are now cleaned...
  8. Isnt this covered fully in the user manual, have you checked?
  9. qettyz

    2014 and DRL's failed

    So, this morning i was cleaning my windows from ice and noticed that my DLR's are not working. Went and checked fuse, that was ok. Cleaned all light connectors with WD40 and still no help. Then i opened my tech docs what i have got from Toyota Tech and found that there is main DLR relay and dimmer relay. Removed DLR relay and also cleaned it legs and connector with WD40 and reseated it and still not working. Last thing what i thought is maybe relay itself is broken and tapped relay little bit and yeah got DLR's flashing by tapping and sometimes they stay on and gone again. Tomorrow i go and buy new relay from dealer, hopefully they have those stock. Let see if i really get it fixed so easily. I'll post end result here. Figured to open thread if anyone else is sometime facing with same issue. But -14 car with only 38k km's on the clock i find it strange that such relay fails. It sure has to been somehow faulty from the start since it already now fails.
  10. qettyz

    New Auris Hybrid owner questions

    I found from WeberAuto Youtube series (geat by the way) that EV mode kicks out in that speed because of MG1 rpm is limiting it(if i remember correctly). In EV mode MG1 is doing hard work by revving so that ICE does not need to turn at all. edit: but yeah, this is not reason why ev mode kicks out, you can still drive ev mode more higher speeds 🤔
  11. qettyz

    Auris Dash Cam Wiring

    Hello, I dont use parking mode and mirror is powered only in ACC mode.
  12. qettyz

    Auris Dash Cam Wiring

    When i took light panel first time off, it needed some good force. Even so that i roof wanter to bend with the panel. Now second time it was easy. May be that if its taken away enought time then plastic pins need to be replaced. Edit: https://www.toyota-tech.eu you get 2 hour access to all tech documents of the car for 3€(was for me). Small ammount to pay for making sure how to remove light panel if unsure.
  13. qettyz

    Torque specs

    You can pay 2h, day, week or so Access to all tech documents at https://www.toyota-tech.eu/ I paid 3€ for 2hour Access. Documents are allowed to be saved for personal use.
  14. qettyz

    Auris Dash Cam Wiring

    So i have had Viofo A119 on Auris. First i planned to hardwire it to indoor lights, but there was no success to find +12V from those. I saw @Frostbite-UK 's writing about hardwiring and gave it a try. Dashcam has been over a year wired via A-pilar to power output center console and i really didnt like it, but there it was waiting for me to do something to it. Auris electric documents shows that yes: White/Black(WB) is Ground and Blue(L) is +12V feed for rear view mirror Automatic glare: So away goes light assembly: These two wires goes to rear view mirror. Had to measure BW wire -> plug to make sure because there is also another BW wire what goes to automatic lights sensor and that is going to ECU, so no no grounding to that wire! I added two female connectors to those wires for easy disconnect 12V->5V powersupply if it ever needs to be replaced 12V->5V powersupply gets nice soft Place to rest. I taped all wires back so they cannot move and make any noise. End result is clean;)
  15. qettyz

    Rattling when starting up engine

    I hope that i am wrong, but it can be also head gasget leaking issue. When car sits long enought there is time to coolant drop to top of the piston. That causes rattle then when started. Maybe worth to check out? How much miles on the car?