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  1. On the many posts about HV battery fail because of dirty HV Fan at priuschat.com, there is none inverter fails because of it. If HV battery is too hot, car goes to protection mode and use HV battery less and more engine. This should basicly take also work load away from inverter.
  2. If my inverter dies, my first try would buying used inverter(there seem to be many of them at ebay for under 1000€) and install it and then take car to toyota for programming it to the car. Those used inverters are so cheap, that seems there is no ask for those. They sit around long time and they sell them low price. Lowest what i have seen was 2015 rear ended auris inverter for 500€. 47k kms.
  3. Toyota ECU's can learn 4(-2014) or 8(2015->) TPMS sensor codes.(There is model differences) On 8 sensor model you can change tire set with TPMS button. When ever car does not find coded TPMS codes wirelessly it will be shown as first blinking light and after that steady on-light. So yes flat battery triggers also TPMS light. On 4 or 8 sensor model car you then have to re-learn ECU if any of the sensors is changed. Exeption:you can buy sensors what allow you to program them to same as sensor whats taken away, then ECU doesnt know. But then, if you buy programing tool, then you can also re-learn ECU. I am quite sure that there is many sellers at Ebay who can pre program sensor for buyer. That would be reasonable cheap way to replace sensor. Sensor code is written to the sensor, to buyer can tell it to the seller. Currently there is no way to disable TPMS function on newer Toyotas. Priuschat had howto manual to disable tpms on older Gen2 prius. It was done with jumper wire on TPMS ECU. They have not had success with 3rd gen Prius.
  4. Also, Techstream does not show location of the sensors. Only list of them. @furtula 's link they have picture of the car and showing locations, dunno wheres that from. Not from Techstream. Edit: well if you play around with tire pressures with Techstream, you learn which tire has what sensor.
  5. I could not get Techstream to work programming TPMS codes to the ECU. Tried two different mini vci cables. Seems that these chinese cables do not support protocols to write ECU etc. I bought Autel TS501 tpms programmer. I can program sensors, read invidual sensors, check battery state, re-learn ecu wih new codes. Worked nicely for my 2014 Auris. Also works with my friend Auris. Price for that tool ~200€. Not bad if friends can share it.
  6. Power mode only changes gas pedal sensitivity, nothing else. its just feels like you have more power.
  7. qettyz

    EGR cleaning

    Whole EGR circuit needs to be cleaned at same time, no point to clean just valve. Priuschat has lots of threads about egr cleaning with pics etc https://priuschat.com/threads/egr-cleaning-what-did-i-get-myself-into.189399/ I Dont know how todays diesels like blocking egr. Gen3 hybrid will blow headgasget when EGR is blocked(due to rised cylinder temperatures, because there is no egr gases to cool combustion). A lot of threads about this also at Priuschat. If anyone here with high mileage gen3 hybrid, clean egr circuit! edit: there is also another video how to clean intake manifold. There is separate egr passages what needs to be cleaned at the same time.
  8. qettyz

    EGR cleaning

    I would say why not. Clean EGR and then you will know that is it worth open up after 70k or maybe sooner next time. If your car has egr cooler like in hybrids(gen3) that will block up around 150-200k miles or so.
  9. Sensors cost like 25£ / pc. The programming is expensive if done at dealer(5min job with correct tool).
  10. Viofo A119 is good and if you want also rear cam, then A129.
  11. Here is quite many dashcam topics with hardwiring diagrams. Search em up and start wiring 😉
  12. I write this to this thread, because title is quite perfect. 2014 Auris owner also here, TPMS system on the car has been pain in the ***. Once i paid 40€ to the dealer for teaching winter tires to the ECU and last summer time i watched TPMS light on the dash :(. Tried with couple MINI VCI cables and Techstream without luck. Today i received Autel MaxiTPMS TS501 and was able to read sensor codes from the tires and teach those to the ECU via obd2 in like 10mins. But yeah, this tool is not so cheap(~200€). Luckily i have some friends what i can share this with. Just heads up for someone dealing same TPMS "fun" with 2014, especially if someone goes and pays 2 x 40 € in year to teach new tires..
  13. This will work also, same transaxle.
  14. Hey, thanks for the update. Lets wait and see what happens;)