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  1. keeperofthegate

    New Car?

    Whats wrong with the Swift - its a cool little car by all accounts.... ;) Nothing, it's quite nice actually. :) Yeah I read about the GTi somewhere which may be released soon. The styling of the Swift reminds me of the new Yaris... they *kinda* look similar.
  2. keeperofthegate

    New Car?

    Hmmm Hows about a Suzuki Swift? lol or maybe not...... :!Removed!:
  3. Just to note, the new 2006 Yaris D4D has the 89bhp D4D whilst the old ones are 74bhp. I agree and like Em says the 2.0 will probably be better but like you said the MPG isn't favorable. See how it goes on your test drive I'd also recommend, if possible, to get a test drive in the Yaris as well so you get to feel the difference. In terms of performance and on the motorway the Yaris D4D was great and highly underestimated, effortless overtaking even up hills like Alan said, guaranteed to leave a big grin on your face. :D
  4. I don't think the T2 has PAS.......... But it might be worth checking with Toyota ← Oh no what have they done to the Toyota site lol... here's the spec (which is almost hidden away, you have to customize your Yaris for the spec): Yaris T2 is a compact car with a lot to offer. Some of the features included are; Three-dimensional holographic instrument panel with trip computer. Colour keyed bumpers with black integrated mouldings Colour keyed door handles Metallic radiator grille Power Steering 2 speaker radio / cassette player ABS with Electronic Brake Force Distribution Driver’s airbag 3 point seat belts on all seats Transponder key engine immobiliser 13" steel wheels with full wheelcaps But yeh I agree check with Toyota first! :)
  5. I used to own a Yaris T2 and yes it was extremely basic... you'll learn to live with it but after a while it'll get annoying especially things like not having central locking, CD, etc etc... just to clarify the T2 DOES have PAS, ABS & EBD lol it's still basic though! Like jane-b says if you can find a T3 you'd be better off to begin with.
  6. So one or two of you got invites which is cool, shame I couldn't test drive the thing! I really wanted to!
  7. I got an invitation to see the new Yaris between 14-17 Nov and some other dates... so I popped in to see it today... it's not bad and I *quite* like it (it was in that dark grey/blue colour... twilight blue?), to me it does have some similarities to the the old Yaris but overall I think it looks a lot different (in a better way, IHO)... for some reason they were not letting anyone in the car tho but from what I saw from the outside the inside does look good. So, has anyone else gotten any invites??
  8. Don't think the D4D engine will be used in the C1/107... I seem to remember the output of that (1.4HDi) being 55bhp whereas the D4D is 74bhp.
  9. It shouldnt go up at all ;) ← Lol... I'm too honest! I'd have to declare it to the insurance co if I had it done, just incase something were to happen... surely it wouldn't make a major difference?
  10. That's not a bad price! Congratulations on being the first to chip your D4D! :D Just a quick question tho... did the insurance go up very much?
  11. I've got another invite too... lol I keep getting them! Mine is a managers special this time and it says it's by invite only but I guess you can just go along if you haven't got one as they didn't bother checking the last 2 times I've been. They do give good deals on part-ex's though, but recently one of the major dealerships in London didn't offer anything spectacular compared to the first dealership I went to which is surprising since they are quite a large group. EDIT: I've taken out the dealerships name... tisn't nice to name and shame like that.
  12. Looks like you'll be the first to get your D4D chipped... definitely keep us posted!
  13. The Yaris D4D doesn't show fuel consumption info AFAIK.
  14. Tunit ( do a tuning kit/chip for £398 still quite expensive tho...