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  1. ic2

    X-Nav traffic?

    Thanks, whats Auto drive is it an IOS or android app? regards
  2. ic2

    X-Nav traffic?

    Cheers...looks like a TomTom is on order then! regards
  3. ic2

    X-Nav traffic?

    As part of a new 18 plate X-Press i managed to negotiate an upgrade on the head unit to X-Nav. We currently have a CHR and use that sat-nav regularly, especially as it comes with live traffic, am i right in thinking the X-Nav does not have this feature and its just a sat nav? regards
  4. ic2

    Bit the bullet

    Delivery now delayed until WC 15th may due to extra safety checks
  5. ic2

    Bit the bullet

    Very nice. Dealer tells me they won't take delivery until 29/ 30 April, they need to remove dash cam/ wifi hotspot from old car and refit to the C-HR so hopefully i will get it the first week in May
  6. ic2

    Bit the bullet

    So i have bitten the bullet and ordered a dynamic in metal steam colour and a 1.8 hybrid power train but with leather seats and the JBL sound system i have moved up from an Auris 1.8 hybrid. I have been looking to trade up my 15 plate since it came out and that guys at my local Watford Steven Eagell franchise made me an offer i could not refuse, pick up by the end of the month, cannot wait !
  7. That is correct, it needs to be permanently connected to Blackvue cloud, and once the car is powered on you can track it, speak to the driver via the app (sound comes from the camera) and watch a live video feed. I have added a wi-fi hotspot in the car as I found that this and the sat-nav were competing for connectivity regards
  8. Cannot say the insurance went down, in fact this year it went up, and we are with Toyota insurance. Clear windscreen, definitely, you get a warning message on the centre console if there is an obstruction but its temperamental as we get it sometimes even on a clear sunny day. regards
  9. Agree, I find the traffic speed sign recognition a useful feature as well but it sometimes get its wrong, especially when behind a lorry showing 120 KMH on their tail! The most annoying feature IMHO is the lane departure warning, as you don't always need to signal when changing lanes but it still bleeps at you, lucky, you can also turn it off. regards
  10. I got it mounted directly underneath the TSS panel, it seems to work fine and gives a good picture
  11. I agree, DAB reception is poor with constant drop outs, cannot comment on TMC as use traffic over the Internet. Regards
  12. In this example I meant TMC to stand for Traffic Message Channel - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_message_channel
  13. Plus, it also provides real time traffic over the internet but after the first year, it will cost £22 per year, provided by TomTom IIRC or its free via TMC.
  14. Anyone else having issues connecting to traffic over the internet since around 12:30 today? I keep getting either 'trying to connect" or 'cannot establish a connection", I know the wifi is OK as i can connect my phone to it and get on line OK, street view and weather also give the same error so I assume its something at Toyota end and it wont authenticate me, the mytoyota.co.uk website is up and OK. Any ideas? regards