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  1. A real shame that this has happened and to the detriment of this forum in my opinion. Kev was one of the first forum members to welcome newbies like myself, and having had the pleasure to meet him personally he is a proper gent and goes out of his way to assist like minded RAV owners. Who else is going to miss deciphering Kev's cryptic posts? I had a head start on most being a fellow Scot, but sometimes even I was stumped!! See you around Kev.
  2. Happy Birthday big yin! I'll raise a wee glass in your honour tonight. I trust that you had a grand day, and that you were well pampered and maxed out on cake. Lang may yer lum reek!
  3. Cheers Guys, I had a smashing day! I've been a bit quiet of late on the forum cos me RAV let me down again shortly after the new year. The serpentine belt broke on my way home from work and I had to get taken home courtesy of the AA. It's in the doghouse just now and it looks like it will need a new tensioner fitted as well as the belt. I'm fair scunnered with it right now. Kev, the big magnet idea would not have worked this time! Cheers again fellas, off for a wee dram now!
  4. Sounds like it may be a sticking pad or caliper. I have this problem on my 4.2 at the moment. It speeds up and slows down with the rotation of the road wheels and goes quiet when you apply the brakes. The car hasn't been used for 1 year so it's no surprise. When it eventually decides to stop raining up here in Scotlandshire I may get the chance to look at it . If your car was laid up for a period of time before you bought it then it may be a simple fix. All the best.
  5. A guy I work with has bought his last five cars down in that England, mostly in the North East and Midlands areas, all from the comfort of his armchair and using t'internet. His latest, a BMW X3 (very nice it is too), was bought from a dealer in Manchester who very nearly cut his own throat trying to seal the deal. His local dealers in the Glasgow area wouldn't budge an inch on their initial offers so the business went South. He saved himself £2000-£3000 in doing so. All of his motors have been from dealer used/approved offers with warranties etc and he's never had an issue. The BMW dealer del
  6. Got to agree, a nation of cash cows led by people that don't live on the same planet as the rest of us. Strange that the ballot box never seems to make a difference.
  7. Kev, would you pm me with the oil that you're using. Looking to buy some engine oil, and reading engine oil threads has got me as confused as a very confused man at a confused RAV4 owners convention! A wee bit of sanity would be very welcome. Cheers.
  8. The Striding Man


    Yessir, it was pretty wild earlier on but it has settled down to a mere puff now. Some trees down and we lost power for a couple of hours but all ok now. Hopefully everyone has kept their heads down and nobody got hurt. What will we call this one Kev? As far as I remember we got creative and gave the last one a very memorable name. Suggestions on a postcard please!
  9. Kev....yer brilliant! I think they should make you a moderator!
  10. With a wee bit of elbow grease, that will buff right out!
  11. Hutchie my man, I agree it ain't cheap! Hoovie refurbed my four roadwheels. The spare was in "as new" condition and still had the original tyre on it and looks unused. That's why I have gazummped Kev's offer and offered Lee £157.00 and a Mars Bar for his completely mismatched wheels!
  12. The going rate for a proper acid dip/strip and paint/powdercoat is around £240- £280. The finish on mine if properly looked after should easily last ten years. The car may well be dead by then!
  13. I don't hear a sound from mine Kev.......it must have fallen off already! MOT day on Wednesday for my mota, should be interesting as it hasn't turned a wheel since April. Wish me luck!
  14. A very nice bargain indeed! Hoovie refurbished my alloys which were almost at the point of no return and a cracking job he did on them. Many thanks Hoovie. I will have to spend a bit more time on that popular auction site if there are bargains like that to be had.
  15. I fitted a big stereo system, amps, subwoofers and separates with crossovers into my Capri back in 1990. Topped it all of with an electric window kit and high level brake light. Stripped it all out years later and returned the car to factory standard. Still have the old girl 23 years on! Them were the days. Great thread this is.
  16. It sounds fine to me Phil. I think that the grade of steel is as important as the quality of the construction hence the need to do a bit of research. The guy that fabricated mine was recommended by another member on the forum (Big Kev), and his work is top notch. If they are any good then they should be able to advise regarding noise levels and drumming.
  17. Hi Phil, I had a similar issue with my 2004 xt3 this time last year and after weighing up the options, I decided to go for a custom stainless exhaust made up by a local specialist. Due to the poor condition of the complete exhaust system on my RAV it was going to cost around £1100 to replace using genuine Toyota parts. The specialist exhaust guy took £625 for a complete stainless system including CAT, a boss for the O2 sensor and twin tail pipe rear silencer. If you decide to go down this route make sure that you shop around and do a bit of research if you can, as the workmanship can vary dram
  18. It must be made out of the same stuff as the rear brake back plates on my 4.2. The tin worm ate them away till there was next to nothing left! Good luck with an economical repair. With a bit of effort on my part, I reckon that I stand to save several hundred quid replacing them using good condition used parts.
  19. Good outcome, and well worthy of a Spitfire flyby! As said previously, no harm in a bit of preventative maintenance.
  20. Bothy min, let the train take the strain. We went to that York last year with East Coast Trains and I was very impressed. I had a couple of wee drams en route and it even arrived on time! Great service and the sandwiches were edible too! smashin.
  21. Better get some air freshener in Kev, I've heard that the BBQ smell takes ages to get out of fabrics! Congrats on your 4000th post. I've had many a chuckle reading them, and burst out laughing at some of yer better ones! Always witty, always helpful and informative, and one of the first to welcome me when I stuck my heid roond the door. Slainge.
  22. Hi Tony, I got mine on EBay, plenty for sale. The number on my original transponder is 50171. This is stamped on the one that I got from EBay as well, and my RAV is a 2004 model.
  23. Hi Tony, here is the link to the video clip. It is for a Toyota 4runner 2003-2006 but worked for my 2004 Rav4. Check again that your replacement transponder is compatible with your existing master key transponder by opening them up and comparing the ID (numbers and letters) printed on the plastic case of the transponders. I tried a few of the other procedures (opening and closing doors, pressing accelerator and brake pedals etc) without any luck then tried this method. Hope it helps.
  24. Hi Tony, welcome to the forum. I had a similar problem when I bought my Rav4, and found my answer to reprogramming the transponder on youtube. I followed the instructions shown in a short video clip that someone had posted, and it worked like a charm. I will send you a link tomorrow when I can get to my computer. I'm using an iPhone just now and it's hopeless. Make sure that your replacement transponder is compatible with your original one. The first one I bought could not be programmed regardless of which method I followed, so I tracked one down with the same ID (series of numbers and letter
  25. Tis truly a powerful sweary word filter on this forum Mr ferret! Big Kev is the most inventive forum member on here at circumnavigating it. I've no experience with timing belts snapping on this engine but hopefully someone will see this and be able to help. I had a Ford Sierra many years ago that threw it's timing chain after the tensioner dropped off into the sump, but it was pretty obviously terminal. A Big Bang, rear wheels locking up on a wet duel carriageway and plenty of water and oil all over the engine bay! It cost me a packet and needed a replacement engine but hopefully yours isn't t
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