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  1. I run a 2007 Yaris 1.4 D4D T Spirit. The car has now covered 76000 miles and the clutch pedal is beginning to feel heavy which I understand is indicative of the need for replacement. I have been advised to use a replacement clutch assembly manufactured by LUK as these are supposed to be good quality. The price quoted to supply the assembly varies widely from £85 to £ 200 plus VAT. Anyone know why this is ? Are there cheap fakes on the market ? Also anyone care to comment on the quality of LUK clutches ?
  2. Can anyone advise/help please. I run a 2007 1.4 D Yaris. The car has now covered 76000 faultless miles. Last Thursday however the orange engine management light came on. A colleagure with a diagnostics computer advises me that the fault code shown on his machine indicates that there is a problem with the EGRV and that it most probably just needs cleaning out. I attempted to remove it yesterday morning but found that two of the securing bolts were virtually inaccessible without removing the manifold assembly. Anyone else experienced this , and if so how did you overcome the problem ?
  3. I run a 57 plate D4D which has covered just over 70,000 miles. Over the past 6 months I've noticed that the performance of the car has slightly diminished insofar as the turbo " surge " is nothing like as good as it used to be. The car is regularly serviced by me. The air filter is new. The engine burns no oil and starts/runs well. It's just this fall off in performance. Anyone any ideas ?
  4. I currently run a 57 plate D4D Yaris T Spirit I bought the car new. The car has now covered 69700 miles faultlessly. I have always done my own servicing. Over the last 6-8 months however the point at which the clutch begins to take up to the point when it is fully engaged seems to have diminished. In consequence I thought perhaps that the clutch needed replacement although there has been no slippage nor other indications such as judder . You can imagine my surprise therefore when I contacted the local Toyota dealership here in Plymouth and was quoted a price of £979 inc. vat to replace the clutch. I thought I had misheard but was told that there was a total of 7 hours labour involved. I was proposing to carry out the work myself , but in view of the above , obviously it is not a straightforward job of gearbox out etc. Anyone any idea what is invloved ? Is there a guide somewhere which I can follow ?
  5. Peter, Many thanks. I've purchased the Assenmacher TOY 640 from the USA on Should be here around March 18th. Many thanks once again.
  6. Recently bought a 12 plate Yaris D4D. Purchased a filter and oil last week. Looked at the filter on the car last weekend. Can't work out how to remove it. Not a bit like my 07 plate Yaris D4D oil fliter assembly. Is there some sort of special tool to do the job ?
  7. Drove 94 miles yesterday to a scrapyard in Cornwall to collect a rear parcel shelf for my 2004 4 door 1.3 Yaris, only to find that the shelf would not fit. Not only that , the shape really was all wrong with the pivot slots entirely in the wrong place. Neither did the shelf supplied have the curtain part which sticks on to the rear of the back seats using velcro Those for sale on e bay appear to be the same as the one at the scrapyard. Other than buying new at £130 , can anyone advise where I can obtain the correct shelf. Is the shelf fitted to the two door different to that fitted to the four door ?
  8. Picking up my 2004 1.3 VVTI Yaris tomorrow. The car does not have a rear parcel shelf. A new one is £131-17 ( ouch ) from the main dealer here in Plymouth . Anyone know where I can source a second hand one or where any Yaris's are being broken ?
  9. Yesterday I purchased a 2004 Yaris with 37000 miles on the clock. The car is in superb condition. However the clutch bites very close to the floor. Is there some sort of adjustment I could carry out to make it bite furthur up the pedal travel ?