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  1. Scrapping the car, its not worth fixing it then selling it on,just costing too much. Sad to see it go, only had 65000 miles on it for a 10 year old car. Picking up a Vauxhall mokka ( i know dont judge me) on Friday . So thanks to all you guys for your help and replies in both the avensis and auris forums! It was greatly appreciated. 😞😪
  2. Any info would be greatly appreciated, i will also have a mechanic seeing me through it too.(hopefully) thanks again.
  3. Anyone any torque settings for the cam shaft bolts, going to take off rocker cover and change the cam gear myself.
  4. Does both these cams need the sprockets fitted or only the one that breaks, im not sure of which breaks. Also does the timing chain cover need to be removed to get this work done, and is there a gasket needed for it when the work is done?
  5. Yeah but i read that these lock causing a break in the pin inside the sprocket causing oil starvation and therefore making that noise on start up.. i could have picked it up wrong. Have you heard about this problem before?
  6. Thanks devon! Had out the ocv cleaned and checked they operated. So the oil filter or screen cannot be cleaned unless the rocker cover is off? Also do you know if both of these sprockets lock up or is it just 1? Cheers
  7. Thanks again.... hopefully the mechanics can fix this soon. I dont see the filter/screen for the vvti. Once its done it's off to dealers for a trade in.🤔
  8. Does anyone know if or where the vvt oil filter/screen is located on this engine. This is the only plug i can find and theres no filter/screen in it nor looks like there would be room in there for 1.
  9. Hi, ive taken out both solenoids cleaned them oiled them and tested them. The noise is still there. Same noise as this but mine is getting worse and lasts a bit longer. Mine is more audible. Thanks for your reply.
  10. Another question, does this engine have a dual cam gear? Or is it 1 cam gear sprocket and 1 timing chain gear ? Any pics of the internals would be a massive help, currently looking at a used part and hopefully its only 1 cam gear needed. As the timing kit is way too expensive, i could buy a used engine cheaper. Thanks
  11. I'd test it with a meter 1st, to see if its holding charge. Also open the inspection plugs on the battery and check the levels top up with de-ionized water.. download a add on to your computer web browser called pouch and it helps find the cheapest item your looking for.
  12. This either could be they havent took it off the recall or theres more recall work that has to be done, mine i think recently was the door switch. That was after the air bag recall iirc
  13. Check for all recall work on Toyota recall checker online too.
  14. Thanks konrad c ..... the other link from furtula wouldn't work.....
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