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  1. It finally passed mot, mechanic took it apart and roughed up the pads a bit and cleaned caliper and passed no problem... thanks guys appreciate it all
  2. Hi thanks for your replies. I don't know where my posts went as I replied to all of you.... The question is which is my braking system how come I have bought and used bosch system parts but mechanic had to buy Akebono handbrake cable he was told this is a jap made car. While on the sites the the other guys have provided the JT in the vin is jap and SB is for UK (bosch)? I'm really confused now!
  3. Hi, my 2010 1.33 auris has failed the MOT/NCT again! And have another 2 month waiting time, can anyone help me with the problem of rear brake imbalance? What type of braking system in this car!? I always had bought bosch system pads and discs and mechanics just put in , Brake SystemAkebono type. Parts place have always given me bosch but mechanic says no its Akebono. Help please
  4. Unfortunately the one that is needed is completely rounded and stuck slightly opened. Thanks for your help much appreciated.
  5. Thanks Tony, just ordered from them. Got 4 plus p&p for £4.90, while toyota were looking £5.00+ for one and I would need to do a 90mile round trip! So thank you again Tony you're a saviour!!
  6. Yeah had asked and told 2 weeks, car is needed for work. Might ask another dealer.
  7. frankie406


    Hi folks, need to know the size of bleed nipples for rear calipers on 2010 auris 1.33 vvti please. No one seems to know the size or want me to buy new calipers. One is weeping and can't close it and need one urgently asked dealership but don't stock them apparently! thanks in advance
  8. Got one £25 including post. Thanks for your input guys much appreciated.
  9. Yes mate thats the correct 0ne and a great price. I will check that out. I could fix it. its not too bad but I'm selling the car and unfortunately the few people that has seen it has said about it although I did say I'll knock money off for it.
  10. Hi, thanks very much for your help. Can this be modified to suit the 2010 unit with the indicators in the mirror surround?
  11. Hi, just wondering can a auris mk1 door mirror unit be converted to a mk2 type with indicator light in it. My passenger side mirror is broke (just the black plastic surround) all works on it just the black plastic needs sorted but for quotes of £170 +/- for a second hand one is ridiculous.
  12. Looks like road salt as others have said, clean with the likes of wd40.
  13. There is a thatcham device they also sell thats hardwired to car. The obd2 device i have I believe has something about the vehicle being towed too. I would need to check it again but I know for sure the one that is hardwired definitely has this function and backup battery too. Of which I'm going to get for my mazda.
  14. frankie406


    Do vehicle trackers (the self fit type) into the obd2 port and you self track via the app reduce your insurance? I just bought one from trutrak on amazon and very cheap for device then you top up like a mobile phone. It's very accurate and up to date with the tracking information and maps. So just wondering if they do help reduce insurance because its tracked by yourself and not an actual tracking company, although the company do have a service and device that do this and is connected to the police. Had a play around with mine and its a great device customer service were fast to help with the set up. I had a few of these types of trackers before (Vodafone) which was just 1 of the many useless ones. (I'm not involved with this company) just thought I'd say on here that its a cheap way of tracking your own car.
  15. Scrapping the car, its not worth fixing it then selling it on,just costing too much. Sad to see it go, only had 65000 miles on it for a 10 year old car. Picking up a Vauxhall mokka ( i know dont judge me) on Friday . So thanks to all you guys for your help and replies in both the avensis and auris forums! It was greatly appreciated. 😞😪
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