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  1. Thanks.... but it does seem strange that this has happened as soon as i left this oil and filter in,but again i cant say its that. Have you any idea where the timing tensioner is on this engine,is it inside the timing casing or can it be changed externally like other Toyota engines ive seen.
  2. Yes its a paper element. Its just strange its happened with the cheap oil and filter change.
  3. Yes i normally use genuine parts and oil only..i would service the car and put in a cheap filter and oil for a day or 2 then replace with genuine oil and filter ive always done this with all my cars. But this time i was away with work and forgot to do it and this happened. Coincidence?
  4. Started a while back when i stupidly used non Toyota parts and oil..long story,but yes 1st thing when it sits for a while.
  5. Yeah thinking the tensioner but ive no idea if its inside the case or can it be got at elsewhere. As i say in other toyota videos 2 bolts and it comes out.
  6. I dont think its the tappets as you said in the other post, when the bonnet is open and plastic cover removed it sounds at the top left hand side of the engine and sounds like a chain slipping. Need to know is the tensioner for the chain inside the timing cover unlike the others ive watched online?
  7. Yes..starts like an old tractor... any remedy?
  8. Hi folks been on before regarding this problem. The 2010 auris 1.33 vvti still makes a wild sound on start up only when cold. Sounds like the chain to me. Looked online for location of the timing chain tensioner but cant find 1 for this engine.the others have the timing tensioner on the side of engine and 2 bolts looks easy to do but cant find it on this car... any ideas or pics would be great thanks!
  9. Check the alternator, battery terminals. Any earth points too if the ecu is visible make sure its fully connected and tight
  10. Definitely can vouch for Adrian flux insurance, great price i got for the wife's 1st time insurance by herself!!
  11. I had a dtuk box on mine too was good though the power was great the temptation of driving fast was always there,just try to keep it for overtaking and the mpg will be good. Definitely recommend a remap rather than the box as the insurance needs to told for both. the box can be seen and the remap cant (wink wink).
  12. Yeah steve i have checked with them i always buy from them, but theres 2 types of rear pads for this car,just can't remember which ones it is. I will take a chance on the bosch braking system in it. Thanks again.
  13. Yeah the expense of putting it all in the car would it be practical, are you keeping the car till it falls apart or thinking of changing sometime?... red diesel is cheap lol
  14. If the clutch is not slipping it could be just the pressure plate. But obviously you would replace all. As others have said probably need to do the dmf too economically.
  15. I believe so,apparently it burns better lubes the pump and few or things.but since i used it my mpg was alot better.but a lighter foot and an extra bit of air in tyres will certainly help then you can think of the remap.
  16. My old 2006 avensis 2.0d4d was wild at the mpg until i gave the intake,egr,intercooler and a few other things a good cleaning i also used either millers diesel ecomax or 2 stroke engine oil both were great and was getting mid to high 60's
  17. Also check for water in fuel,filter. Other causes of white smoke include lack of compression, or water/coolant entering the combustion chamber. Black smoke indicates excess fuel is being injected into the combustion chamber and/or not enough air is present. This can be caused by worn/leaking injectors or restrictions in the air intake system.
  18. Hi guys, need your help again with which rear pads do i need for a 2010 Toyota auris engine 1.33vvti (face lift) i had the same problem a few years ago on which type i just can't remember. Also need new front and rear discs,do these fit standard across the range or they like the pads too? Thanks....
  19. Were the injectors calibrated correctly?
  20. Not too sure but could the charcoal canister be done,if it has 1 of course?
  21. Yeah, though it does sound like a chain going to get the mechanics to take a look at it after the holidays. Thanks for your input.
  22. Thanks i will mail him totally forgot about kingo, the mechanics said its the tensioner, its making a rattling noise when cold on start up. Im going to do a engine flush first with genuine toyota parts this time!! 1st time ever not using genuine oil and parts and this happened, could be coincidence but not chance it again...Thanks again!
  23. Where can i buy a timing chain tensioner, For a 2010 Toyota auris 1.33vvti (uk).is this a dealer only part? Ive tried a few online parts places but nothing shown. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  24. Hi can anyone show me the location of the temperature sensor on a 2010 1.33vvti auris please? Thanks