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  1. Toyota are a major employer in Derbyshire. A few well placed words from Toyota to their local politician might be listened to. Yes there are things which Toyota could do to change the design, but it would be cheaper for them and their end users if they could persuade the law makers to tighten up on existing rules relating to the origins of scrap.
  2. wass


    I have been reading about disappearing catalytic converters for some time. What I dont really understand is why I have only seen reports of catalytic converters being stolen from Toyotas. Are Toyota catalytic converters easier to steal? Are Toyotas easier to jack up? Do toyota use thinner metal on their exhaust systems? Most cars with internal combustion engines use catalytic converters. My non Toyota car is routinely locked up in an alarmed garage at night but it is always parked in the same spot in a multi-storey car park with no cameras in the day time.The incidence of catalytic converter r
  3. What you describe happened to me because the 12v battery was flat and didnt even have sufficient power to operate the door locks or alarm. In my case, I popped open the bonnet and attached a spare battery to the jumper terminals especially provided on my 07 t spirit and started the beast up in the normal way.On start up , the alarm sounded and I reset it from the key fob and we went home. Check your 12 volt battery and check the connections are sound.Other than that I havent got any idea whats wrong with your car.
  4. Partially related to this topic, I believe that Japanese imports are not taxed in the same way as UK vehicles either. Ie A 16 plate uk prius gives you a road tax of zero whilst a 16 plate japanese prius gives you the same road tax as a 18 plate uk prius.
  5. I am convinced that a certain amount of psychology goes into service requirements. Motorcyclists , for example are willing to spend lots and lots of money in servicing the machines they only cover a thousand miles a year on. The funniest thing is how motorcyclists are willing to pay up to double for oil which doesnt contain anti friction enhancers.... yep they buy engine oil which is deliberately less sophisticated because the latest slippery oil makes the typical motorcycle wet clutch slip! Motorcycle spark plugs very rarely see 10,000 miles.The Americans perhaps dont worry so much about t
  6. Frankly, I dont find these findings surprising. There are proportion of businesses who arent quite doing the work which we like to imagine them completing. My personal opinion of the phrase "full service history" is that it should be seen with x ray specs whereupon you will see the small words written very faintly "as far as we had time and patience for". The phrase "full service history" actually only means something when you know and trust the people doing the servicing. I have carried out serving myself on the week end immediately following a service and found unserviced items. I have
  7. I doubt very much that the police are incapable of catching theives. The police persons are very capable but just not allocated to that type of issue. They are probably too busy filling out governance paperwork centred on the latest political correctness drive. The chances are they have a very good idea exactly who is collecting cats since they only need to check the scrap dealers who deal with that type of metal. However, resources dictate reductions of policing time. I believe that the propaganda refers to this as "efficiency savings"
  8. As far as i can tell, in these days of type approval ( europe effectively banning everything non standard fitted to vehicles) and shall we say politically correct, cost effective law enforcement, maybe the only really effective device is actually prayer. So maybe you could invent a bible app to put onto your telephone because it seems that the auto trade and law enforcement agencies have closed off all other alternatives.The only legal and compliant way I can see for anything to happen in order to stop or discourage a thief which cant be challenged by do gooders is quite literally "act of Go
  9. The subject of sound deadening amuses me. The more quiet the manufacturers design their cars, the more quiet somebody wants them to be. I imagine a world where vehicles make no noise at all . This isnt so far away as you may imagine. Most cars these days make no noise at all when parked. The next issue then pesumably presents itself , how to silence the almost deafening breathing of the human passengers and the terrible sounds their digestive systems make. What happens to the owners when they open the door to leave their sanctuary of silence only to encounter the deafening din of bird song?
  10. Aerodynamic drag minimisation. The Yaris is lighter and smaller but not as slippery as a Prius.
  11. Original question: are manufacturers figures possible? Answer: yes.....but the conditions must be ideal to equal ideal figures. In every case, I have been able to beat manufacturers figures for every vehicle I owned this century. The concentration required is approx twice the intensity of the normal drive. I am of course referring to real fuel consumption and not the riduiculously inaccurate figures produced by on board (self promoting propaganda machines) computers. Everything has to be just right. Route, traffic density, ambient weather, tyre pressures.....surprisingly great amount of variab
  12. Sorry , I was being just as idiotic as the new legislation from europe!
  13. That would require joined up thinking. I suspect that profit motivation would creep in to kybosh the idea. Margins would be smaller and there would be less room for, shall we call them "industry passengers"? Parasitic hangers on plague the petrochemical industry and some of them wield a great amount of influence.
  14. Hmm so bicycles have to be fitted with the same noise simulator too do they?Another issue which occurs to me is aren't silent vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of 12 miles per hour likely to be a tad more dangerous than vehicles travelling slower than Roger Bannister pace?It amused me the think that the councils are lowering speed limits to 20mph for licensed vehicles only ( speeding bicycles rarely get prosecuted because they are unregistered) thereby increasing pollution and here's europe increasing noise pollution when travelling slowly too. The poor people who live in these bu
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