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  1. As far as i can tell, in these days of type approval ( europe effectively banning everything non standard fitted to vehicles) and shall we say politically correct, cost effective law enforcement, maybe the only really effective device is actually prayer. So maybe you could invent a bible app to put onto your telephone because it seems that the auto trade and law enforcement agencies have closed off all other alternatives.The only legal and compliant way I can see for anything to happen in order to stop or discourage a thief which cant be challenged by do gooders is quite literally "act of God". Every other method seems to be illegal in some way or another. Say for example you are sitting waiting in your prius for a friend or partner to return from their shopping expedition, you feel a bump as someone starts to jack up your car. You are allowed to wind the window down carefully and politlely ask them to stop, you are not allowed to try to drive away because you might injure them, you cant open your door because that might shake the car and cause it to injure them or the door might hit them and injure them. You can call the police in the hope that they will majically appear before the prius is damaged. About all you can do is not drive your prius to anywhere which isnt securely locked up beyond access or keep moving. So you drop off your partner and then continue to drive around the block several times. Visiting relatives or going to the cinema or a restaurant would be completely out of the question of course. How has thieving been allowed to become such an insurmountable issue?
  2. The subject of sound deadening amuses me. The more quiet the manufacturers design their cars, the more quiet somebody wants them to be. I imagine a world where vehicles make no noise at all . This isnt so far away as you may imagine. Most cars these days make no noise at all when parked. The next issue then pesumably presents itself , how to silence the almost deafening breathing of the human passengers and the terrible sounds their digestive systems make. What happens to the owners when they open the door to leave their sanctuary of silence only to encounter the deafening din of bird song? Sound is movement of air. How does one live without movement of air? There are enough profoundly deaf persons in this world who would desire the world to be more noisey. Complaining about noise from a car which uses a series of controlled explosions to propel itself through air along surfaces which are about as smooth as 2 grit abrasive seems pointless to me.
  3. Aerodynamic drag minimisation. The Yaris is lighter and smaller but not as slippery as a Prius.
  4. Original question: are manufacturers figures possible? Answer: yes.....but the conditions must be ideal to equal ideal figures. In every case, I have been able to beat manufacturers figures for every vehicle I owned this century. The concentration required is approx twice the intensity of the normal drive. I am of course referring to real fuel consumption and not the riduiculously inaccurate figures produced by on board (self promoting propaganda machines) computers. Everything has to be just right. Route, traffic density, ambient weather, tyre pressures.....surprisingly great amount of variables come into play. I have improved upon manufacturers figures by doing things which the manufacturers aren't allowed to do to derive their figures....like slip streaming the biggest lorry I can find at around 45 mph! It is possible but it can annoy other road users and sends passengers to sleep with the boredom of a single sided conversation. Manufacturers figures are sales propaganda best case scenarios
  5. Sorry , I was being just as idiotic as the new legislation from europe!
  6. That would require joined up thinking. I suspect that profit motivation would creep in to kybosh the idea. Margins would be smaller and there would be less room for, shall we call them "industry passengers"? Parasitic hangers on plague the petrochemical industry and some of them wield a great amount of influence.
  7. Hmm so bicycles have to be fitted with the same noise simulator too do they?Another issue which occurs to me is aren't silent vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of 12 miles per hour likely to be a tad more dangerous than vehicles travelling slower than Roger Bannister pace?It amused me the think that the councils are lowering speed limits to 20mph for licensed vehicles only ( speeding bicycles rarely get prosecuted because they are unregistered) thereby increasing pollution and here's europe increasing noise pollution when travelling slowly too. The poor people who live in these built up areas who misguidedly campaign for 20mph speed limits instead of insisting that the law enforce the 30 limit properly. Maybe bicycles could be fitted with noise makers which simulate heavy breathing sounds so the blithering idiots who can't be bothered to look before they cross the road don't get run into. Isnt it about time that the world got sensible with stuff? Why can't pedestrians who are texting and wearing earphones be heavily fined for causing a road traffic incident in addition to unecessary burden on the NHS? I also just had to do a quick check that July1st wasnt the europe equivalent to April 1st.
  8. "All the so-called reviewers seem interested in is 0 - 60 figures, top speed and handling characteristics. Economy doesn't seem to come into it" Most so called reviewers went to do a degree in media studies and really don't have a tube of glue about how to really drive well and what makes things tick.They don't have much of an idea about anything really they are only interested in writing/filming/recording/tweeting etc something they can pay the bills with. Watch Clarkson when it comes to doing something practical. He is your typical hack in terms of understanding. Sure, he knows how to press the loud pedal but that's not what getting the best out of a hybrid is about.
  9. As regards not plugging cars in. Many people live without garages. Also, people with garages rarely use them and so plugging in isnt something which many be easily achieved unless one has wires trailing around. I have lived in various locations since the advent of the 1970s and since that time it has become more popular to use garages as a dumping ground for expensive refuse which the homeowners don't want to admit to wasting money on. During this time I have routinely kept my vehicle in a garage. Nevertheless, I don't have a special socket rated at 16 amp in my garage, I have a conventional 13 amp socket. To fit a special power socket , I would have to renew my distribution board to incorporate more circuit breakers which would allow an electrician to fit a dedicated socket with suitable circuit protection. Aha! but it doesn't stop there! Since the electrician has effectively reconnected every single circuit in my house, it all needs to be certified and tested to the latest edition of the wiring regulations! In order to do this, the entire house needs to have its electrical circuits modified to enable them to pass the latest tests and checks. In short, the majority of peple dont open the can of worms and don't have their special electrical socket circuit added since if a house has a wiring system which only complies with the regulations which were prevailing at the time of installation, this is perfectly acceptable. In other words, the system shot itself in the foot when insisting that modifications must be to current regulations and to to the original specifications. All of the above is a very expensive and dicouraging argument unless one lives in a new build. Before we introduce rules, regulations etc, I think that we should pause to look at the bigger picture. I live in a house which has 14th edition electrical installation because of when it was built. In order for me to upgrade my electrical circuits in my garage to install a special "hybrid" charging socket, one has to ask. "What is more important?" trying to do my bit for saving the planet or fooling around wasting money on fiddling around with refitting the entire house wiring so that it complies with the current 18th edition wiring regulation. Our country seems to have fallen victim to insular thinking. The electricians insist we upgrade to the latest edition instead of simply complying with the original design spec of wiring and the "save the planet lobby" think that we should be installing special charging sockets in as many places as possible. My own view is "stuff the regulations since, they wont matter a jot if we don't save the planet" Withdrawing government sponsorship of hybrid fossil fuel/electric cars is perhaps overdue since we need to move beyond burning petrol and diesel. Maybe that money should go towards tidal powered electrical generation by throwing a dam across the Bristol channel. Free energy 4 times a day regardless of the weather. Then , 100% electrical transport makes a tremendous amount of sense and some form of sponsorship for 100% electric vehicles should prevail in order to encourage development of aerodynamics, fuel cells, superconductors, superior navigation and control systems etc.In this case the need to install electrical outlets increases and so the pressure on adopting a more integrated approach to modifying our power distribution infrastructure from power station to home, factory and office increases.
  10. Protection against thieves? Well, it used to be called the law but then all sorts of protectional clap trap was introduced by do-gooders and found more easy to enforce than actually stopping the people from taking what doesn't belong to them. Now, you aren't allowed to give the individual who is helping themselves to your property a good pasting. Apparently, one of the most effective deterrents is prayer and the fear of being smited for ones sins by the almighty or in the case of prius catalytic converters, hope that God is looking and lets the jack slip.
  11. As regards the original post, I don't understand how a faulty part of the exhaust system would cause trouble with the HV battery unless the heat from the catalyst is affecting the battery compartment. In instances like these, I find that it can be a useful ploy to act a bit "honest John" and just ask the diagnosing technician to explain how a faulty catalytic converter will affect the engines ability to charge the battery since you honestly find it difficult to comprehend. Its like saying that there's cornflakes for breakfast because your aunties name is Ethel!
  12. I don't really see the point in Toyota going to great lengths to produce a vehicle which is as economic and feasible as possible, to be bought by people who want to take off some of the tweaks. When one sits in the car travelling from A to B, using the worlds dwindling resources as sparingly as possible, is it really necessary for us to be able to imagine what our car looks like from the outside? I am basically a skinflint and I really don't want to spend my time and money on making the outside of my car more acceptable for others to look at. I see blingy wheels as something which makes the car less economical which contradicts my original aim of driving a vehicle which is more economical. I have never admired the prius as a thing of beauty, its appearance is more like a pimple on the road surface. What I do admire is the uncompromising excellence of engineering and the fact that a company is willing to manufacture a vehicle which looks less appealing in order not to sacrifice aerodynamic gains and savings. Having said all that, to each their own.I have seen hybrid cars with empty roof racks, I park near to one on most days of the week. I see them with low, unchecked tyre pressures, I see them with the more expensive low profile wide and high drag tyres.
  13. I was quite critical of the design of most hybrid cars bowing to fashion. IE wide wheels wide wing mirrors ( high drag) Under car aerodynamics being a bit naff( What the punter cant see doesn't sell cars). I've never understood why it is important to dress up a vehicle designed for efficiency and economy to seemingly undo some of that clever design in order to boy racer- bling things up. If owner wants the wide wheels and decked suspension ,those sorts of car are available elsewhere. Gold plating a shed is always going to be inappropriate, why not gold plate something which is already blingy by design?
  14. Yes... so if you see one snap it up quick! Sorry, I cant keep a straight face on this anymore. Any vehicle is as safe as the nut behind the wheel irrespective of who makes it. Lending credence to "make news" articles simply encourages more of them.