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  1. I have owned this car from 3000 miles and it has always had an annoying clatter when on irregular surfaces. I have now covered 13000 and Toyota has checked it twice now. Whilst they hear the noise, they have been unable to identify source. Anyone had this noise besides me? The noise is most obvious when traveling on what is best described as corrugated roads eg irregularities close enough together to set up a clatter, almost as if the brake calipers are clacking up and down. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
  2. I have a 2010 1.8 CVT Avensis Tourer, my driving style sounds similar to yours. I am getting about 38 mpg brim to brim with a best of just over 40mpg. More info on Fuelly
  3. Yes they are not very accurate. I had a 2003 T2 1.8 VVTi for 7 years. The indicated consumption was rarely less than 52 mpg but on a long run of say 200 to 400 miles it would show up to 72 mpg! I would often check the consumption from full to full and this would typically be between 36 and 44 mpg. So a big difference between indicated and calculated. I would aim to get at least 400 miles between fill ups, best ever was 525 miles. Pretty good for a 1.8 but I do try quite hard to save fuel. Using my 2003 model was better than my 2010 by a couple of mpg, although this is comparing 5-speed manual with CVT. The gauge in the newer model is very close to the actual consumption.
  4. Yes I have to use the one on the driver’s door that operates all doors to be able to open the drivers door. The odd thing is it was working OK before. I could understand if the rear doors did this, as I have been in a few cars that need the driver to operate the master switch. The front passenger door opens from inside as it did before but the drivers now does not.
  5. My 2010 Avensis 1.8 Valvo-matic TR doors electronically lock at 18mph as they are supposed to. Since the car went in for an intermittent fault on the drivers electric window, I can't open the driver's door without unlocking with the electronic switch. The front passenger door opens using the internal handle still, but not the driver's side. This is a bit annoying. My Toyota garage is some distance across London so I don't really want to take it in if there is an easy fix. Any thoughts?