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  1. What year avensis ? Depending on year is normally easy to replace bearings if you've got a puller to remove old ones. The press in new ones. Discs & pads would be both sides too. Are they binding ? Cheap pads can stick on a disc has the disc been worn more on the inner edge? Never had a problem with my discs think mine was Delphi when I replaced. Blueprint is another common. Others use mintex only ;)
  2. I've got my own web server that photo bucket thing couldn't work out thanks though ;)
  3. Have got pictures of parts email as not sure how to put on here
  4. Mk1 Haynes Manual Mk1 1.8 exhaust gasket engine mount one to down pipes. Brand new in pack Mk1 1.8 2x power steering belts Mk1 1.8 1x alternator belt Mk1 1.8 1x fuel filter never fitted but has lost some of black paint. £20 all in can include postage if needed based in West Sussex UK. Contact on here or email is
  5. 192.750 on red mk1 I will upload ing & post ;)
  6. Thank you off to Croatia end of June for 2 weeks of off roading ;)
  7. Hi all avensis members I've been here for about 4 years. I've made some ok posts some silly posts & found some great advice. Especially from Konrad I did have a 7AFE 1.8 Mk1 avensis I now have a 97 landrover disco 2.5 My spares & Haynes manual are all going in the for sale section. Many belts & bolts & a new exhaust manifold gasket. Thank you for being my best friends & keeping the old car upto top spec at 192,750 miles. She will be there at 250-300,000 whoever buys her ;) Greg
  8. Now sold gumtree is not that great used that a lot of time wasters etc ;) Same as fb full of private buyers wasting time tyre kicking. Sold in end to a friend in the trade for a price a tyre kicker tried to haggle on. When I started to recieve abusive messages on fb for this they were reported too. Fremale uk fb. Blocked reported. I'll post my avensis spares here as a job lot with pictures easier than hassle on those 2 sites ;) Please delete thread now
  9. Hi all members I'm uk based & am selling my T plate avensis. The only reason for this is I now have a land rover. I can put pictures etc in later on. Was looking for offers around £200 mot is November tax end of this month April 2014 Greg
  10. I did a clutch for £120 in parts. Labour kills :(
  11. Brand new but never fitted to car. Toyota Avensis 1.6/1.8 Exhaust Manifold gasket. £10 including first class postage Ono Reply or inbox for detail Got picture will submit later ;)
  12. I can confirm that on an old 1998/9 toyota that caption tolleys, creeping crack cure works a treat ;)
  13. I add forte red to a full tank of fuel. Once you've cleaned the egr that stuff will keep it clean. Google that product. Forte green fuel saver every other month ;)
  14. Thanks a lot I know you know your stuff. I do too just asked a question. Mr T does a free check & gives you traffic light. I ignore AFTER asking a question cos it's always green, amber means have a look & be preoared to stop. Cheers bud Greg :)