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  1. The problem started with your egr vavle was blocked and if the egr vavle isn't working the car can't regen causing the dpf to block up . I have fixxed all makes with dpf failures and I've never changed a dpf yet . I remove the dpf and soak over nite in protec dpf flush power hose out and problem fixxed I would also tell people to use forte dpf treatment every service to help regen process . But the modern day diesel isn't suited for town driving or school runs they must get a good drive or u will have dpf trouble
  2. Very true there is some bad tyres about there's a tyre I seen called BCT s they were like hard plastic tyres hard as the roads
  3. They weren't cheap but in a tyre u get what u pay for
  4. Auris sr 180


    Just had 4 goodyear eagle f1 asm2 fitted today what a difference they made now I realise how crap the Dunlop spo1 are . I went from a car which sounded like 4 wheels bearings away to a really quiet car big thumbs up to GOOYEAR what a tyre
  5. I would not mind your opition ethier but every reply u make rickd4d it's else Toyota are poor compaired to your honda dry your eyes every car has there faults sure your well shot of it why are u still moaning about it and stop throwing the dummy out of the pram lol
  6. Lol somebody threw there dummy out ha ha ha toys and pram, may I suggest you stay with your toys in the pram. I would not mind but the comment was only an opinion on what we have experianced with cruise control (only ever drove cruise control with Toyota and Honda) and for sure the Toyota was or seemed to be very aggressive or was this the high torque of the T180?
  7. Honda man this is a Toyota fourm stop running Toyota down when u don't have one anymore do one.
  8. It's every 10,000 miles or every year which ever comes first of course mileage counts lol
  9. Go and buy Toyota own oil and filters u will need 6 litres it's cheaper than castrol oil too it's 5/30 low ash oil
  10. Sounds like the pressure valve faulty . On the newer type a/c systems the only thing that u will hear different is the cooling fan comming on when the a/c turned on
  11. Had my auris air con service done yesterday I hadn't used it in a year and went to use it and it wasn't working . The man that done it said it was empty and done a full test and said if u don't use it once a week the seals dry up and the gas leaks there's a little lessions to learn here I always kept it off as people say it hurts your mpg . Tut to that I'm for using mine from now on
  12. What mileage should the Lc4 timming belt be changed
  13. Curtis Toyota ballymena very helpful and nothing seems to be a bother for them i rate them 10 out of ten highly trained friendly staff . Garages like Curtis are hard to come by going by all the replys on my post
  14. I think a poll to rate your local Toyota dealership from good or bad experiences so all toc owners know what garages to go to or stay clear of
  15. Auris sr 180

    Brake Pads

    oe replacement means its as good as quality if not better than original parts spec is adl blueprint not a recognised japanese part is it not . Think u will find I didn't say oe manufacture I hate that phrase, one of the most overused phrases in the motor trade. It means they make brake parts for some manufacturers, but it is often overused to give the customer the feeling that their product is made and used by ALL manufacturers giving the feel that the manufacturer has endorsed it in some way. Just because they are OE suppliers DOES NOT mean the product you are buying has been through anything like the testing the original equipment would have done. I'm not saying Blueprint are rubbish, but the use of the phrase OE manufacturer is NOT a sign of quality for the particular part you are fitting Kingo