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  1. Mooly, Thanks for the response; I've read throught your two posts. I've been through the manual and I'm 100% certain the conditions are being met for the start stop to be activated: outside temp is good, car is warmed up, battery is charged (mainly 100 mile plus drives, plus no air-con, radio, etc), and I've ensured my foot is miles away from the clutch pedal. Any other ideas as to what may be causing the "Eco Off" light to come on instead of the engine stopping? Did you get a response from anyone at Toyota? Thanks, Andy
  2. Hi, I have a Auris 1.33 TR. I'm baffled about the conditions that need to be met for the Start Stop to function. Typically I drive the car in the day (lights off), with out the radio off, air-con off, with the blowers at 18 deg C aimed at the windscreen and my feet; essentially minimal electrical drain. When I stop the car and put it into Neutral instead of the engine stopping I get an "Eco Off" green light come on near the dials. I have not manually pressed the "Eco Off" button, near the mirror switches, to disable the Start Stop. Over the last 48 hours the Start Stop has stopped working... b
  3. Hi, I'm based in the UK. I have a 2009 T2 Yaris. The car does not have aircon or climate control... just the basic heater blower. From a cold start, with the car sat on the driveway idling the heater takes approximately 5 minutes before hot air starts to come through the vents... is this normal? If I drive the car then hot air comes through the vents quicker... I suspect due to the engine being used. Typically, I have the fan speed set to 1 and the vents directed at my feet. Am I right in thinking the heat for the heater blower comes from the engine heat... hence the engine needs to warm up pr
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