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  1. Thanks for your reply john, ill give this a try.
  2. Hi, having another problem with the wife's 2.0l d4d 2004, it sometimes won't start no matter how many times u try it, then u have to leave it for a while and it's fine again, I've noticed when it doesn't start the glow plug light does not come on, but does every time hot or cold when it's running fine, So does anyone else know what it might be, as I was thinking it may be a relay for the glow plugs? Or could it be an immobiliser problem? Thanks in advance, george.
  3. not 100% sure, think he said it powered something for the fuel, but he showed me, he re-fitted the old one the car would not start ,we tryed 3 to 4 times. Then he put the new one in and fired on the key. Was a £53 relay tho. Problem solved.
  4. check with fuse responsible for booster pump inside the tank. also -- check with an el contacts for rail pressure sensor. pay attention of condition of SCV el contacts by the way -- do you have fuel in the tank :) regards thanks igormus, a merchanic i know( toyota specialist) manage to find the fault, though it was the scv again but after changing for a old set he had spare this wasnt the problem, which ended up to be the denso relay 90987-02027, he only ever come across this problem once before. happy days
  5. hi everyone, bit of a strange one this but we been driving the 2l d4d 04 plate rav with no issues for a while now but today after doing a bit of driving it decided it wont start, it turns over as normal so starter and battery are fine,there is no eml and was running fine before also oil and water are ok, scv and egr was done a year ago and fuel filter is same again just wondering is there anywhere else i can look before having to take to the garage, thanks in advance. george
  6. thanks anchorman, would be lost without people like you
  7. sorry lads, perhaps i didnt explain correctly, the interior fan switch is not working, like i said ive tested the fan motor and tested the control panel and these seam to be ok, just wondering where to look next, thanks for the replies so far
  8. hi, my heaters for my 04 plate rav have stopped working and not sure why?, ive checked the control switch and this seams to be ok, i put 12v throught the fan motor and this worked, does anyone else have any other ideas or where i should check next. thanks
  9. i had the same problems 6 months ago, thanks to everyone on this site we managed to solve the problem, anyway i i threw a load of brand new part-s at it, egr valve, full service inc fuel filter, scv valves, as was trying to rule out the turbo, as we had no fault code, my mate ended up taking it for a drive to see if he could throw up a fault code (which he did}, he kept his foot down in 2nd gear to see if the car would drive through it but it soon went into limp mode and the light was on. ended up being the turbo, he explained the variable vains on them go wrong causing the turbo not to spool up, i managed to get a turbo off ebay, a refurb one for £360 exchange basis off a seller called starmaxx, not 100% saying this is ur fault but all the symptoms sound the same, can be a cheap fix compared to mr T prices on parts. hope u get it all sorted soon george
  10. hi everyone, after months of hassle free motoring the rav has decided to throw another fault at me, not a big problem but really need to get it sorted asap due to it being the missus motor and the little one being ferried around in this cold weather, Today the heater fan stopped working, non of the settings 1-4 work, ive checked the fuses and they seam fine, is there a common fault with these? also what else could i test? was trying to locate the heater resistor but could'nt see where this would be, thanks in advance george
  11. thanks mate, im taking it to my mates garage on saturday for the solid flywheel/clutch conversion, as the flywheel has started to make a horrible grinding noise, was told the springs are on their way out, but hay-ho once this is done should be fine......
  12. UPDATE.... New (recon) turbo was fitted at the weekend, and she is running better than ever, so would like to say a big thank you to everyone for all their help and advice,
  13. thanks mate, top site there for future reference
  14. hi,does anyone know the part number for a genuine turbo, needs to fit a 2.0L, D4D ,2004, 5 door thanks peeps.