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  1. Happy Birthday babaroga!

  2. Many thanks for the info. Do you know by any chance how much is upgrade at the Toyota Dealers these days?
  3. Guys How can I upgrade ECU sw for 59 plate rav 4, 150 bhp version diesel, with the latest version and can I use Techstream to upgrade it? (if newer version is out). Does Toyota provide ECU files on their wesbite ? Thanks
  4. Well the main reasons for me are - reliability and easy and cheap maintenance. If you look at reliability car surveys all Japanese come in first 10 , while German are in 20-25 range, which I experienced my self with German cars. Germans OK till 100k miles, then you have serious issues, while Toyota runs forever if maintained correctly. I had Carina e, Yaris, Auris, now - all I ever changed was light bulbs, oil, filters, wipers, tyres, fluids. The only downside of all Toyota's is soundproofing - really rubbish comparing with Germans, but I would think it is deliberate to keep the weight down.
  5. Gents After quick health check all systems are green - I was wondering about latest calibration ID though - is there a way to check if there are some highe calibation ID available , other then going to the dealer? Toyota techdoc site have this info by any chance? Attached is snapshot of my calibration id for engine ECU Thanks sasha
  6. I tought Toyota diesels have chain rather then belt?
  7. Guys I need to change front shock absorbers (failed mot, leaking was on the limit but still failed) so my question is: When replacing both front shocks do I need to do the wheel alignment ? Or shocks change is not impacting alignment Thanks sasha
  8. Guys Does anybody know what is the latest version of ECU sw for 59 plate rav 4, 150 bhp version diesel, and can I use Techstream to upgrade it? (if newer version is out). Does Toyota provide ECU sw somewhere ? Thanks
  9. Anti Hijack Interior Switch - that is just stupid naming have to say. Thanks
  10. People According to 2009 brochure there is an Anti Hijack Interior Switch fitted as standard on 2009 XTR AWD ! I have not seen such thing in my car - please enlighten me ! sasha
  11. Wow , excellent to hear. I prefer tourque converters - it seems they last a lot longer then dual clutch ones. Thanks again for feedback
  12. Great, thank you all, this sounds about right for what I see on mine (although I did only few thousands miles so far) - at the moment there is only small consumption shown on the dipstick, so my estimate is that it will be around 0,5l per 10k. Mine has done 80k miles so that is about right for good engine. Anchorman - how is that auto box from Toyota? Is it standard auto , or dual clutch like Audi/VW DSG ? Is it smooth? It took Toyota long time to get auto on diesels. I also read somewhere that Toyota will use BMW diesel engines from 2015..... Thanks
  13. Hi Can anybody share their oil consumption on 150 bhp d-4d engine (built from 2009 onwards), per 10k miles? 0.5l? What is considered good or "normal" oil consumption , for mainly city driving? Thanks
  14. It is this one - http://castroledge.com/oil-range/0w-30 29.95 inclusive of VAT but they are not on the website, you have to go to the shop. Actually my profile photo is that oil :) Costco Reading or Watford - those I go to, and they are always in stock. If you wait for Christmas they run 20% discount. Magnatec is also available for 1995 I think If you need some - let me know I can get them for you but shipping might be expensive sasha
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