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    Rav4 Roof Rails

    Hello, Bit late in the year for a reply to this but I have a set if you are still in the market ?
  2. Hello, I have a pair of unused Rav4 T180 roof rails (with all the fittings) up for sale I am not sure if they will fit any other model but can provide any measurements to check if required. On top of those I have as well two run flat rings (undamaged and removed by Toyota dealer). Open to offers for both items please PM me ! I do a fair amount of travel from Manchester down country so could arrange mutually agreeable collections if required. Thank you.
  3. It was removed to ensure that all the leaking areas were identified and fixed. Due to the number of issues I had had and the time they had the car for I assume that they started from scratch as they would have done with a normal ¾ replacement.
  4. Anchorman, I am not sure where the three versions of events come from, but admit that rebuild was the wrong word to use, it was a rushed post this morning ! My last post is a pretty accurate description of events since the engine was replaced without going through all the documents from RRG that have built up from each visit. This thread was purely to ask advice on the low power issue, not for any other reason, if I have mislead you in anyway I apologise. I am not sure what can be sorted out in this instance and was never expecting anything other than good advice, as has been provided previously.
  5. So a brief history ... P2002 fault and limp mode due to a blocked CAT. Engine replaced under the extended warranty as the CAT was blocked due to excessive oil consumption. Its been 10 months since the original 3/4 replacement. During the first couple of weeks it was back in a few times for oil leaks from the turbo pipes. After that its been in for oil leaks from various places in the engine at least 8 or so times the sump being one area of leakage I remember. The engine has only come out once for a re-build not a few times as mentioned before (apologies for misleading). The longest has to have been about 4 to 6 weeks I have had it not have to go back into the garage for something. It has been serviced twice, had the oil sensor replaced on a separate occasion, (not related to any leaks apparently !), now recommended to get the EGR & inlet manifold replaced due to the latest issue. Apart from services and oil sensor most of the visits have been under the new 3/4 engine warranty which runs out in a couple of months .. RRG have been great at providing courtesy cars at short notice and supporting the issues the car has had.
  6. Apologies terminology .. It was a new 3/4 engine ..then rebuilt a few times.
  7. Interesting points made .. So in answer to your question Anchorman, I couldn't tell you for sure as I haven't had it back long enough since the initial replacement without fault to make any sense of it !! All the faults have been due to the re-build and small oil leaks from different parts of the engine, turbo, sump etc. it was taken out totally at one point for a strip down and re-re-build ! I would have expected the problem items to all be replaced at the same time and was disappointed when I was told the EGR hadn't been .. That was the nail in the coffin for the Rav. The car is driven on long journeys 180 miles or so non-stop twice every week, it has had various cleaning products thrown through it pretty regularly to try and avoid this problem (due to the advice on the forum) .. I would have thought the fuel and the care and the odd thrashing would have kept it clean. Quite possibly there is an underlying issue here with this particular engine .. who has the time and money to find it ?!? .. certainly not me. I am sure that the mechanics are under time pressure to complete their jobs and move on to the next and it is not necessarily their fault they don't identify all the issues with a particular engine, however I would have thought that the EGR would have been checked .. we will never know.
  8. Thanks for the reply's Gents. So got the car back and it turned out to be a clogged EGR that was stuck wide open. Its all been stripped cleaned lubed up and should be good to go for anything from 1000 to 10,000 miles so Mr T says .. Turns out the EGR wasn't replaced when the engine was done so I still have the old EGR & Inlet manifold which can be replaced for a snip under £900 .. not that that will prevent any soot build up just helps reduce the build up ! I declined politely. TBH I think I've lost my faith in the Rav, since the engine replacement just under a year ago its been in pretty much every 1-2 months for problems with oil leaks and the like. RRG did say this is unusual and I've been unlucky but I think the time may have come to pass it on before anything else goes wrong with it, its just not as reliable as I hoped it was going to be.
  9. Hello again, Jumped in the car for the usual commute this week and had an unexpected lack of power where it used to be .. Anything under 2000 rpm there is just no power at all, the car struggles to get up to these revs but as soon as it hits that speed it appears to be back to normal, I guess this is where the turbo kicks in properly. The issue is any gear and there is no obvious issues / noise / delay during revving when stationary .. A little history; Had the engine replaced under the extended warranty just under a year ago due to a blocked CAT Been serviced every 10k miles by Mr T, last one 3k miles ago I only ever use V-Power or Ultimate fuel. I have had a look in the forum but cant see anything similar to this issue. I've got a call into the local Toyota garage to discuss with them but thought I would see if you guys have any ideas what this could be ... Thanks in advance,
  10. Hello, Does anyone know if front wiper arms off a 2003 Rav will fit my 2006 Rav ? Current ones are blistered and paint is coming off so looking at some breakers parts as originals from Mr T will set me back £150 ish .. Much appreciated.
  11. Hi chaps, I have what I believe to be an aux input in the glove box of my 56 plate T180... a little cable with a 3mm audio connector on. I just have no idea how to get the head unit to play the aux input ! There doesn't appear to be any mention in the user manual at all .. any ideas ? Thank you
  12. Wingergbr

    Sat Nav

    Gav, Mine seems to work fine only it doesn't do full postcode only partial up to the first digit in the second set of characters e.g. SE1 4 Then have to find the street name from within that area, can be a bit frustrating but I do a lot of travel and only very rarely had to rely on a proper map ! I am still trying to find a soft copy of an owners manual best I can do is 2 similar models ..
  13. August 2006 T180 - 82k miles Replacement Engine due to blocked CAT (oil consumption)
  14. Hello, Answer to your questions below, 1. Yes, I am sure I have a copy somewhere .. I did a search on the net for it and found one .. I'll dig it out and let you know or someone else may have a guide available ? 2. Yes, a DVD goes in behind the SATNAV screen as do music CD's. 3. Yes, bought myself one end of last year about £130 ish for the latest, Uk on one DVD rest of Europe on another Hope this helps
  15. Nope not had the engine done .. I think I may well be out of luck with the Toyota 5yr / 100k warranty as its almost 6 years old .. Only 82k miles on it though. Unless there is anything I am missing ?
  16. Had the check engine light come on the other day on my 56 plate T180 and managed to get it into a dealer today and they have told me its the Catalytic Converter ? Not covered under the dealers 1 year warranty I have .. £2000 for a new one including new sensors VAT etc. Does this sound right !? I don't have the fault code yet ..
  17. Thank you ! So I tend not to use the air con, preferring the sunroof & open window option .. is there no easy way to disable the recirculation ?
  18. Had my T180 for about 6 months and think its great .. I do have a couple of questions if I may .. Firstly, the side indicator in the front wing, how do you change the bulb ?! I am a little hesitant to go twisting and tugging at the cover just in case anything snaps off. Secondly, how do you stop the air recirculation from coming on ! In this hot weather it automatically comes as the temp is set to Lo and is a right pain to keep turning it off ! Thanks in advance.
  19. Where did you get these done crustyclam ? I am on the Cheshire / Derbyshire border and in need of a refurb on all 4 wheels. Also been thinking of the BSR removal too. Thanks in advance.