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  1. I do live near the coast, though I'm sure that wasn't the direct reason. About 7-8 years ago (for a period of 18 months or so), my offices were next to the beach. The staff car park frequently got blown over by sand and there would periods of high wind where sand would be blown all over the place. While I would make sure the car was washed very regularly, the underside wouldn't have had the same frequent attention. Looking back, I can only think this is the reason. Sadly the car is going. I've managed to get a reasonable price and thankfully I have use of another car for a few months.
  2. Yeah, came as a bit of a shock, particularly as it flew through the service and MOT last year! Serviced religiously by the local Toyota garage too. I’ve been advised replacing the rear axle is an option (obviously not cost effective via Toyota) but will almost likely bring other issues, brake pipes etc. I do live near the coast but I’m not aware of other cars I’ve had being so badly affected because of it. I was asked if it had been sat around for long due to lockdown, but the car was in use every day (or thereabouts) so that doesn’t seem a likely reason either.
  3. Hi, Car went for service yesterday, horrendous news, extensive corrosion on rear axle. No sign of corrosion the year before so this came round pretty quick! 2010 Gen3 Prius, 120K miles What does everyone think, time to get rid?
  4. Not a drop, I keep a close eye on it. The only major cost I've had so far is the rear driver side brake callipers had to be replaced last year. Also the year before the exhaust heat shield came loose (enough to fail the MOT under the new regime) and was replaced.
  5. That'll explain it! Their current offer is £50 off a set of 4 and an Amazon Echo Show 5 (whatever one of those is, straight on eBay!)
  6. I've been running my Prius (and the wife's Auris) on Michelin Cross Climates for many years now. They are a little more expensive but if you check between suppliers you can make some good savings (especially ATS) who offer cash back etc. They also last longer, which helps justify the additional cost.
  7. 2010 Gen 3 Prius with 120k on the clock, never used oil between services. However goes in next week for it's next service, so....😚
  8. I had to do this recently, it's usually the driver's side that causes problems. The trick is to first disconnect the wire connector, remove the bulb holder, replace bulb. Then (here's the trick) replace the bulb holder and twist in to place THEN re-attach the wire connector. Impossible to twist the holder into place while the wire block is attached. Once I read how to do it, it made it sooo much easier!
  9. Trying to get my head round this, as Toyota only has a max 5 year warranty, so this only applies to cars that are just out of warranty going forward?
  10. Do you know if the fixed-price repair scheme is finished too? Thanks
  11. That's interesting, the dealer last year (or the year before, whenever the 5+ scheme was introduced) offered to do either, and then suggested that the Essential Care one was cheaper so to use that one 🤷‍♂️
  12. My car is a 2010 Prius (Gen 3) on 120k, wife's car is a 2012 Auris hybrid on 65k. Until now (last 8 years or so) we've been using our local Toyota dealer, FRF Toyota Swansea for all our servicing & MOT, except for tyres, wipers etc. which I can take care of myself. To be honest I've been getting a little tired of the service I get there nowadays, in particular as it's now getting on the cack-handed way that they are charging. No more 5+ scheme, no more Essential service scheme either, which I had been using as the cars are getting on a bit now. The Prius had a service and MOT in January, I knew the rear brakes were getting on a bit and did flag it to them but nothing serious had come up. A few days later when I had a look for myself I could see that the brakes weren't engaging, so I asked for a price for both brakes and pads. I was told that I couldn't have a quote until I booked in for a brake inspection at a charge of £55, and which then would be deducted from the cost of any work carried out. I rolled my eyes and said ok, let's do that then. Car booked in, had a phone call, yes, we've done the inspection and brakes and pads need changing at a cost of £270 which was the same as the fixed-price repair. Phone call 3 hours later, now that we've taken one side apart, we need to replace the calipers as they've jammed, an extra cost of £160. Woah, I said, I thought you'd inspected it (at a notional cost of £55) and it just needed new brakes and pads? You know what? Put it back together and I'll take it elsewhere. Sorry, they say, it's all been opened up. So I grit my teeth and just accept it. Auris due for a service a couple of weeks ago, she rings and gets it booked in. No discount for MOT, and the minor service is £190. Looks like the 5+ is gone, and the "Essential Service" plan is gone too. Decided not to bother and have it booked in at a local garage. So what do you guys do who are running older hybrids? Here in Swansea I feel that dealer has had it a little bit too easy. Unfortunately hybrid servicing isn't that common around here and we don't even have Uber which I would have thought would have created a demand for older hybrid servicing! I also see on the Toyota website that the fixed-price repairs page has disappeared too, the one which covered things like brake pads, discs, shocks etc. Wonder what's going on? Penny for your thoughts valmiki
  13. Ahh ok, I was going to phone around and see if I could take the car anywhere else. Let me know how you get on. Cheers valmiki
  14. Panther, did you find anywhere to do a regas in the end? I llive in Swansea with a 2010 Prius which I am sure uses the older gas. I rang Toyota Swansea and fell off my chair cheers valmiki
  15. Thanks to everyone for chipping in. The 12v battery was replaced via the dealers about 3 years ago, and I keep an eye on it on the scanguage, so I'm pretty sure that's not the cause. I may wait for cooler weather, and then see if the problem still occurs, in which case it is almost definitely the hybrid battery heating up or the throttle body. The car is reaching that age where one wonders is it worth searching out a good independent for those extra maintenance bits and pieces, but then hybrid systems still spook the locals a bit (especially here in Swansea). Also, something I found recently when trying to find somewhere to get the aircon serviced/topped up, none of the major independents eg. ATS/KwikFit/Halfords want to touch hybrids any more! No idea why, Kwikfit did mine about 5 years ago?!
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