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  1. Ahh ok, I was going to phone around and see if I could take the car anywhere else. Let me know how you get on. Cheers valmiki
  2. Panther, did you find anywhere to do a regas in the end? I llive in Swansea with a 2010 Prius which I am sure uses the older gas. I rang Toyota Swansea and fell off my chair cheers valmiki
  3. Thanks to everyone for chipping in. The 12v battery was replaced via the dealers about 3 years ago, and I keep an eye on it on the scanguage, so I'm pretty sure that's not the cause. I may wait for cooler weather, and then see if the problem still occurs, in which case it is almost definitely the hybrid battery heating up or the throttle body. The car is reaching that age where one wonders is it worth searching out a good independent for those extra maintenance bits and pieces, but then hybrid systems still spook the locals a bit (especially here in Swansea). Also, somethin
  4. Thanks for this. Don't really want to start dis-assembling the rear seat, it's a bit out of my skill set lol. I'll read up on the process a bit more, I've seen the youtube videos.
  5. Hello folks, My 2010 Gen3 Prius is now on 108k. Over the last few days I've noticed a tendency for the engine to hold revs, even when I've taken my foot off the accelerator, for maybe a second or so. It would then drop down, almost as if the signal to drop the revs is taking time to work it's way to the engine! This is when the engine is up to temp, and the battery has way more than the two bars, so it's not related to those common scenarios. It also doesn't happen all the time, just every now and then, usually the late afternoons. With the age and the mileage of the car, I'm wondering wh
  6. I have a 59 plate that was registered January 2010, 79k on the clock - zero problems so far (touch wood) just brake pads/discs which you'd expect, and on the original battery too! *touches wood furiously* - I have to say I'm still loving it! There's not many around down my neck of the woods, if there were loads I'd probably feel differently.
  7. The Prius has definitely got the rear sensors, I've never bothered to look closely at the Auris though! My mission tomorrow if the weather holds out ;-)
  8. Weird one this one, my 2010 Gen 3 Prius beeps in reverse as expected but the beeps increase in speed as any objects get nearer. My wife's 2012 Auris on the other hand beeps at a constant rate when in reverse, both cars have the rear view camera too. I much prefer the distance-based beeping, at least it's useful!
  9. https://www.toyota.co.uk/caring-for-your-toyota/service-and-maintenance/car-servicing.json £39
  10. I thought brake fluid change was every 3 years or so? About £50?
  11. If you have a smart key, then make sure you keep it well away from the car while doing the brakes - the car 'awakens' as you approach it with the key and pressurises the brakes. I looked at this a while back, and found some to-do's on Prius Chat - do your research! It could be an expensive trip to the dealer to reset the system.
  12. valmiki

    Good News?

    HUD and some major improvements under the bonnet, I may be changing my mind about my initial distaste with the exterior design
  13. My wife has an Auris Hybrid on 62 plate (old gen), works just fine with her iphone 5. Syncing was a doddle with Toyota Touch & Go and she hasn't complained once (touch wood). I wouldn't expect yours to be any different.
  14. valmiki

    Tyres And Mpg

    perhaps it's Toyota's own 'defeat' technology to rig the mpg/emissions tests? here's looking at you VW and your superior diesel technology
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