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  1. Well, its 2 years since my beloved T-Sport was smashed up by a fantastic member of the public. I bought a Audi A4 2.5 V6 TDi Quattro S-Line to replace the T-Sport. Now, the Audi is a great car. Really good in all areas and fantastic in the snow. The T-Sport was thrashed every single trip and loved me for it. I can honestly say that other than the normal things (tyres, brakes, service etc) i never spent a penny on things i didnt need to with the T-Sport. The clutch was always rubbish so had to replace that. The Audi on the other hand, had quite a few issues and this week, she blew a head gasket! Not impressed! I don't really miss the T-Sport but 10 years of trouble free motoring is worth a hell of a lot.
  2. Not been in this forum for about 2 years! Hows life in the Lift Lane? I do miss the old T-Sport, she was a cracking car! Some unfortunate guy got her when she started failing on me! Not sure if the owner of her ever comes on here!
  3. Does anyone know the oem part number for a passenger side front wing, passenger side front headlight and passenger side front bumper bracket for my 2002 Corolla T-Sport???
  4. Try Ebay mate. Already have but i'd rather try to source the parts off real people rather than (I'll stop there, don't want to get banned again!!!)
  5. So I've been paid out for the recent accident and now need to put the Old Girl back together. I need a Front passenger side wing, a front passenger side headlamp and a front passenger side bumper bracket. Can Anyone help???
  6. http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=114248&page=1
  7. I'm sure if you put the best bits of all those cars together you would be able to make a very mediocre runabout!!! :yahoo:
  8. I have been lurking around trying not to upset the Mods!!! Your motor looks a bit shabby, could do with a bath and bit of TLC!!! Tell me about it mate, it's a !Removed! mess isn't it!? All that glassy-smooth paint and level shut lines just looks gash! KP We are discussing the same car aren't we???
  9. You being here with an Audi upsets me....... :P To easy Gaz, I knew you would bite. Why does the oil burner upset you??? I still own the T Sport (for now). Can you recommend any good Audi forums???
  10. I have been lurking around trying not to upset the Mods!!! Your motor looks a bit shabby, could do with a bath and bit of TLC!!!
  11. So the old girl is a Cat 'C' not economically viable pile of scrap worth £300. The assessor has said the car is worth £2500 so as I want to buy her back I'll get £2200 and the car. I've disputed this and said I want £2500 and the car. The insurance company have asked me to prove it's worth £2800 so 5 mins on Autotrader and I've got 4 examples of similar cars that are up for £3000. Quick question, is she worth £2800???? Now, the Audi. 2.5 V6 Diesel A4 Quattro SE. 180BHP 340Nm torque. I wasn't sure at first as it was a total departure from the T Sport. 2 weeks down the line and I love it. 41MPG in the lap of luxury and loads of grunt when required. Looks like I've finally grown up!!!
  12. Good Evening, not been on here for ages. Just thought i'd post to let you know the old girl has finally been written off Cat D. Tuesday morning some woman pulled out of her drive an 'T Boned' me. At least Adrian Flux did all they could by denying any responsability and claiming it was my fault. So i've got a third party claims company on the case (directaccident) who have been brilliant. Seriously though DON'T USE ADRIAN FLUX THEY ARE USELESS!!!!! So i've bought an Audi A4 2.5TDi Quattro SE!!! Complete departure from the Old Van but i thought it was time to grow up a bit!!! Anyway, Have Fun and enjoy the lIft!!!!!
  13. Evening Gents, Not been on here for a while (no i haven't been banned again). I'm going to need to get a new clutch as after 7 years of spirited driving in my T-Sport Van it seems to have decided enough is enough. I want to get an uprated clutch and lightweight flywheel. Which one's do i need to go for??? Whilst i'm paying my yearly visit, has anyone managed to crack the age old problem of breaking into the ECU??? I think ican guess the answer bu ti'll ask anyway!!!
  14. ...i've been posting in the corolla section for nearly 6 years. only been banned once. i need to get out more!!!
  15. I've not been on here for ages. Swapping Broadband provider can be full of 'Oppurtunity'. Anything going on that i need to be aware of???
  16. I've finally deceided to move into the 21st Century and get a Head Unit that will connect to my iPod. Two questions:- 1, Where can i get and which is the best Fascia Adadptor? 2, I don't want anything to fancy for the Headunit so which is the best and (again) where can i get it from?
  17. My T-Sport in now 8 Years Old!!! She's just had the service and MOT and passed with no problems. She's just turned 65000 miles and still pulls like a train. Bit of positive PR for Toyota in a week to forget for them. On a seperate note, i spotted 3 T-Sports Today. 1 on the M65 in Burnley reg ending UBT. Another in Burnley reg ending NCY and another for sale in a Vauxhall garrage in Burnley. I can go months without seeing another.
  18. Message for Gaz. Looks like it was a good game today. Looking at the results that is. P.S. they'll let anyone on the Moderating team these days!!!!
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