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  1. Any1 got a decent but cheap car head unit for sale? Need one ASAP!!

  2. Wanted....Spooning Partner. last one died of over use....apply within ;)

  3. Nakerd.com finally sat down and I feel like my hangover has only just started. What a messy night last night was lol.

  4. Townageeee tonight with the homiesss .... let the drunken times ahead commence ;)

  5. Lovely day for it I must say. That's it you enjoy swimming in your front garden.

  6. Who knows any1 that can make or buy aliminium pipe for a induction kit on a car???

  7. Everyone innnnnnnnn Everyone innnnnn its Spitttingggg ITS SPITTINGGG..!!!! lmao.. oh noooo looks like the thunerstorms and rain have finally arrived

  8. Foooookin elll....how hot is it today .....think i need a wet suite im sweating buckets ere....lmao (lee evans)

  9. Who's got whatssapp then?

  10. So FIFA have released the official rankings and have put england down as no 4 .... :S wtf im sure they didnt even get past the quarter finals...

  11. For any1 in derby that heard a big bang noise earlier. Apparently it was an RAF typhoon fighter jets flying over and it made a sonic boom. Hense ye big bang you would have heard. :) night ppl

  12. Im sure iv got a stalker.... some random lad keeps texting me and calling me at stupid times at night... goin on about everythin im doin :S seriously mate ur a **** weirdo n ur gonna get ur head kicked in if u carry on...!!!

  13. Seen some rather nice cars down MFN and the !Removed! gearstick called Paul lmao..then had one of thee most funnies nights ever down derby to finish the night off.!! def doing the same again next weekend for sure!!

  14. Who's goin down MFN tonight? might pop down havent been for yearsss..!!!

  15. When you see someone that you used to really like and it brings back all those feelings. Help lol. Dunno what to do or say

  16. Nothing better than eating cerial at night before bedtime.... lol im ashamed of how boring my saturday night is -.- (hand over face in ashame)

  17. Any1 wanting a lift home from town later? I'll be in the area So let me know :)

  18. Who's is this number? 07989 057612

  19. My man this my man that. !Removed! you dirty little !Removed! and speak English you special needed !Removed!.

  20. Does any1 have a decent but old induction kit they dont want or could lend me untill i find one for my car?

  21. So whats the plans for tonight then pps?? owt or nowt

  22. Awkward moment when some woman from derby begs u to top her credit up and u say no get a job and then shes like... do u know who my mates are...ermmm no i dont im affraid i dont associate myself with the lower class sorry.. lmao

  23. So who's seen the new paddy power advert about the new vavazoola? lmaooo ledgends

  24. 07762 034116 who's that number???

  25. Who's awake then? Might go out in the car for a random drive. Bored and fed up

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