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  1. Love this forum as think my Rav has this problem as just found my passenger floor soaking, so a job for the weekend! Does anyone know how much the part cost? Cheers
  2. Gav rav

    T180 Mis Fire

    Hi all, It's been a while since I posted on here as since I had my engine replaced 2 years ago my Rav has been running as sweet as a nut. However, recently she had been mis fireing when going up a hill and low revs? Please could anyone help me out on this? Cheers!
  3. Cheers my garage has just charged me £360 as they said the ABS sensor needed changing too!?
  4. Hi all, I'm fairly certain I have a rear wheel bearing gone, has anyone recently had this done by a garage as just wondering how much it's likely to cost? Cheers, Gav
  5. Gav rav

    T180 Alloys

    Now on eBay, grab yourself a bargain!
  6. Gav rav

    T180 Alloys

    Some pics attached, as you can see plenty of tread left on tyres too
  7. Gav rav

    T180 Alloys

    I will take some tomorrow and post them on
  8. Gav rav

    T180 Alloys

    Reduced to £150!!!
  9. Gav rav

    T180 Alloys

    I could meet halfway?
  10. Gav rav

    T180 Alloys

    £200 if you could collect? Should have said that the 4 tyres are in good condition with a good few thousand miles left on them
  11. Gav rav

    T180 Alloys

    Hi I have just replaced my alloys so looking to sell the run flats. Three of the alloys still have the Bridgestone tyres and ring, but the other alloy doesn't as I cut off the tyre and ring trying to fix the faulty valve. The 4 alloys are in generally good condition only having a few minor scuffs. Any serious offers considered? Cheers, Gav
  12. Gav rav

    T180 Run Flats

    Thanks all, does anyone on here want my old alloys ?
  13. Hi forum I have just removed my standard alloys and replaced with new alloys as my garage couldn't fix a puncture Now I have the tps light on and garage said there isn't nothing I can do Has anyone else had this and overcome it? Cheers
  14. Gav rav

    Run Flats

    Does anyone have instructions how to remove them and retain the TPS, as thinking of trying myself?
  15. Thanks for that Dave, I may take mine there next weekend. This may sound a dilly question, but can you simply take off the wheels and replace with new alloys and tyres?