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  1. Thanks Haven't noticed it use any oil to be honest, looks at the same level it was when it last had its major service about 4000 miles ago. I had read up about the lamda sensor going as, as you say, it has done 85,000 miles now! Will get it checked out next time it goes in. Cheers Chris
  2. Not sure about the can bus compatability of my reader, it says 'CAN OBDII' of the front of it! Yes, the revs do 'burble' as you put it, I would say that once the engine is warm it is between 600 & 1000 rpm when you are stood still but it has never stalled. Cheers Chris
  3. Hello Sorry, first time I have ben on here since you replied, been working 14 hour days for the last 4 days so not really had time to get on here and don't get email notifications of new replies!!!!!!!! The car does have a rough idle which varies slightly so could be something that you have described. My code reader is a Uiftech Memoscan U581 Cheers Chris
  4. anybody know anything else about this? It didn't come on for about 1800 miles but has now come on 3 times in a couple of hundred. Cheers Chris
  5. You can buy a great gadget from ebay for about £50 that takes an SD card and you put upto 99 mp3 files into each of 6 folders named CD1, CD2, CD3...... on the card/usb stick, this connects to the back of your headunit and acts as a CD changer. They are called xcarlink. Cheers Chris
  6. I have never seen a manual for the diagnostics menu but if it is the same as on mine this is very little too it, just a switch check menu, a GPS menu which shows which satellites you are seeing, a vehicle sensor menu showing reverse, parking brake, speed pulse count and gyro voltage and a optional manu for the reversing camera.
  7. If your sat nav is the latest generation that reads MP3 files then all you need to do if rip the audio tracks from you CDs into MP3s using something like CDDA and then burn as many as you can fit onto one disc.
  8. When you insert a new map disc is does load new software into the system, it comes up with the system loading screen that you get when you first power the nav on after it has been disconnected, whether it is possible for the feautres you require to be added with this update I do not know.
  9. Sorry this isn't much help but I believe it is a common problem for these units to lose radio reception, no idea what the cause is but they just stop, won't find any stations at all! There is a company who can fix this: http://www.mapleaudio.co.uk/ but they want £211.50 to do it! Let me know if you do find out what causes it or how to fix it, would be great to know!
  10. Sorry I don't know anywhere in Middlesbrough but you could buy yourself a reader from ebay for that money and do it yourself, Bought mine last year and it has come in handy quite a few times so worth the money.
  11. I might also have worked to just perform a reset on your ipod by doing the following: Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Slide it to Hold, then turn it off again.) Press and hold the Menu and Center (Select) buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears, about 6 to 8 seconds. You may need to repeat this step I had a similar problem on a kit not recognising my ipod and this solved it. Cheers Chris
  12. As had already been mentioned, to update your T3 to T-spirit spec with the climate control would require an awful lot of work and a considerable amount of money knowing how much toyota parts can be, they wanted £93 just for the airvents above the centre console so the whole panel would be a fortune. Better off selling and buying a ready made T-Spirit
  13. No and No I'm afraid. A new map disc can be purchased from: http://www.toyota-mapupdates.eu/ Cheers Chris
  14. Hello Petrol or Diesel? I believe the petrols are chains and the diesels are belt but I am sure somebody who knows better than me will confirm either way. Cheers Chris
  15. Thanks, Yes it is VVTI, Not really up on how engines work, more into electronics! Cheers Chris
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