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  1. Fellow Avensis Owners, I have been told that I can purchase my own diagnostic tool for under 40 squid. Is this true? And has anyone got one. Toyota charge a smidge over £100 for one hours work, i.e diagnostics. thanking you in advance for your advice cheers K
  2. Just an update. The motor has been running at 33-34MPG since my last post. But last weekend the MPG suddenly dropped to 26MPG, and the digital read out for average MPG was fluctuating every few minutes. In the past it would not change for 20 minutes. However, since tuesday morning the MPG is slowly creeping back up, and I have got it to 31.9MPG. Can anybody explain the sudden dip in MPG. cheers Kaps
  3. Will give it till this weekend to see how it goes. I was getting 33.7mpg last night. On the way to work it went up to 33.9. If there is no significant improvement, i will take the EGR off again, and see what state it is. After that will do the usual, recheck tyre pressure, refill tank and add fuel treatment, and take for a blast on the motorway. Getting a little worried that it may be a more serious issue. One thing I have forgot to mention is that the fuel consumption has been dropping since i got it back from service. Any ideas?? cheers Kaps
  4. Well, I cleaned out the EGR, and it has definately made a difference to the power delivery. There is no lag, and there our no slight power loss while driving. Thanks to the guide you chaps pointed me it was easy to do. Bought myself a new socket set to do the job too!!! Told the wife that I had used the money i had saved by not giving it to a garage. Anyway, there is little or no improvement in economy. I am guessing i will have to take it for a long drive. We shall see. cheers K
  5. Thanks for the replies so far. Cabcurtains - Thanks for the EGR instructions. I will have a go at it this weekend. Mistermena - Pardon my motoring ignorance, but what is a piggy back tuning box, where can i get one, how does it fit, and most important of all how much does it cost?? cheers Kaps
  6. At the moment I am getting 33-34MPG. There is plenty of grunt, but there is a slight lag in power delivery. Other than that, it drives ok. I am not expecting it to feel as nippy as the Bora. The Bora is a much smaller car. The Avensis is more a cruiser. I have had it serviced recently at a local garage, and he said that he felt the car was ok after a test drive.
  7. Hi All, It looks like this has been on the forums before, but i am hoping I can get some current or up to date advice. Just before Christmas I bought myself a 2007 Avensis T180 D-CAT with 43k on the clock. All in all I like the car, well put together, nice extras, roomy, and plenty of grunt (compared to my last car - VW Bora TDI). However, I am rather puzzled by the abysmal fuel consumption. I have recently added some fuel treatment to try and clear out any rubbish, but it hasn't helped. Most of my driving is between home and work, Welwyn Garden City and Harrow via the A1(M). So I should be able to get a decent MPG. My last car I was getting minimum 42MPG. Even in winter. I have read a lot about the EGR, but could it be anything else. If not, how easy is it to find the EGR, remove it, clean it, and refit? Look forward to your feedback. cheers Kaps
  8. Hello Fellow Toyota Owners, I am new to this forum and a first time Toyota owner. I am picking up my 2007 Toyota Avensis (T180) Diesel tomorrow to replace my VW Bora TDI. I have had VDubs most of my driving life, and thought it was time to trry something else. So I am hoping you people out there can provide me with some advice on my new (second hand) motor. Answers to a few starter questions would be very much appreciated: 1) Car has 43k on the clock. Can I expect any major service issues? 2) I am based in Harrow, any recommendations for a good place to get services done? 3) What Toyota do you drive, and what do you think of your vehicle and Toyota? Thanks in advance for your replies K