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  1. Parts-King, That hasn't really clarified anything for me. Can you explain further? Tom.
  2. Thanks for the info. For the vast majority of the time the car is park underground, under the house, so cold starts in the morning are not really an issue per se. A useful link you posted to there. I also noticed that below the standard oils, for the Yaris, that the upgrade oils are all 5W-40. Surely, you'd just have a super duper version of 10W-40 or is 5W-40, overall, just more refined, more expensive to make and better for the engine? Tom.
  3. Would I be ok to fill my 2002 Yaris D-4D(Diesel) with 10W40 oil as opposed to the usual 10W30? If it helps the car has about 93,000 miles on the clock and we're approaching an Italian winter that could, at the extreme, be knocking on -5°C. Reason I ask, is that I can get a deal on a load of the stuff and I can also do my Fiat at the same time. Cheers, Tom.
  4. I will be fixing UK plates to my Italian 2002/3 Yaris in the next week but since I don't have the car to hand does anybody know if the holes, front and rear, are of a standard spacing? Should I have the plates made up without holes so I can drill them later? Cheers, Tom.
  5. From other sources 3615mm would seem to be the popular choice. However, someone said that the 3635mm is for a 1NZ-FE engine but that doesn't tally with my log 'sheet'. Tom.
  6. I'm filling out the registration document for my Italian 2002 Yaris D-4D but I'm a bit stumped on the length of the vehicle. The Italian equivalent of a log book says that it is 3.635m in length, however, the Certificate of Conformity gives two numbers, '3615 3760 mm' (exactly as shown). Any ideas? Tom.
  7. Stantheman1, Thank you very much for your input. From the details you gave me I got looking at some VIN decoders and info people had posted up themselves on various sites and then I happened to look at which was about the most useful. Toyodiy says that my vehicle is as follows: Sol Type / Destination Europe / left hand / 1.4 turbo diesel / manual 5 speed / 5 door / colour 8P4 / trim GL15. Then I thought I'd have a look at my 'Certificate of Conformity' and of course I noticed the Type variant/version codes similar to what you have quoted, however, they are slightly different. I'd like to quote my VIN and variant/version on here but is it wise to let the world see that info? Tom.
  8. I phoned four Lister's Toyota garages today and three out of the four said it was a GLS i.e. alloys, electric front windows, solid roof, 1.4L manual diesel and 5 doors. The other garage said a TR, or something, but I think he may have misunderstood the year. However, now I'm hitting a brick wall with the insurance companies. I have to go through my patter that it is an import etc and they are fine that it is a left hand drive, an EU import UK spec but what they get hung up on is that my badge says D4D '03 and not GLS D4D, or however it should look. They simply don't have D4D '03 in their listings, it's the usual red tape nonsence. How can I surmount this problem? Apart from the badge will there be any other non matching features or code numbers that could distinguish my Italian D4D '03 from a UK GLS D4D? Tom.
  9. Thanks for the tips, I'll check them out I've also emailed UK and Italian Toyota HQ's to see if they can help. Cyker, I was asking every other question under the sun about my Italian Yaris but not specifically this. Tom.
  10. I have an Italian bought 2002/3 Yaris which I am in the process of getting insured, however, I am having one problem in that I cannot locate my exact model on the insurance companys' website drop down menus. The exact specs of my Yaris are as follows: Late 2002 Japanese manufacture, 1364cc turbo diesel, manual gearbox, 5 door. The badge on the rear of the car reads 'Yaris D4D '03', problem is I cannot find a match on the website menus as they are all listed as CDX / GLS / GS D4D. Does anyone know what the UK equivalent is? Tom.
  11. Went for a drive and it is working perfectly according to my GPS. The GPS showed about 2-3mph below what the speedo was showing in the 30, 40 and 50mph brackets. The speedo clocked 4 miles of travel which was confirmed by the GPS. Tom.
  12. When I click on an email notification for a topic responce it does not take me direct to the latest reply but simply opens up the forum 'dashboard'. Can this be fixed, as it is a pain to go manually hunting for the topic/post to find the latest reply/s? Thanks, Tom.
  13. Thanks. I'm just glad that in the end it all worked out. Cheers, Tom.
  14. All done!!! Received my 2nd hand speedo and button unit today and proceeded to install. Plugged the speedo unit in and, oh no, main beam light and something else lit up. Turned the ignition one click then two clicks and nothing else. I thought I had blown it in more ways than one. With nothing else to lose and my brain ticking over I suddenly thought that since the display is in reverse then maybe the wires in the plugs need to be put in reverse order. I decided to do just the two rear plugs and leave the side plug and low and behold the display came to life. I was slightly panicked by the ABS light staying on but it turned out I had a wire out of place. However, after fighting it into place, and having to resort to snapping off the front corner mount to allow it to pass the dashboard edge, I found out that when I indicated left I got the right hand light and when I indicated right I got the left light. So, I had to remove the unit for about the fifth time and by tracing the lines on the printed ribbon I found which were the contacts for the indicators and swapped over the associated wires in the plugs. Apart from going for a drive and testing against my GPS it is working perfectly. I'm pretty pleased with myself. Thanks, Tom.