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  1. Thanks for the reply. I think I will list it here and on Gumtree for £500 or so as is. That seems reasonable as someone can get a decent car for less than a grand. Am loathed to let it go for less and I'm not really in a rush for the cash (although tax and insurance runs out at end of month)!
  2. Hello all My business has taken off and, on the advice of my accountant, I am now leasing a vehicle (BMW X1 18d Xdrive Sport auto). Anyway, my Rav4 is now pretty redundant so I am looking to sell it on. It's a 2001MY (X reg) 4.2 5dr VVTi NV spec in metallic red with the factory fitted wheel arch plastic inserts and driver's lights. Body and interior is in good nick and it's done 105,075 miles and has a full service history (mostly toyota main dealer) with a wedge of receipts for various repairs over the years. All 02 sensors have been replaced and it had a brand new set of tyres fitted all round a few months ago. I put it in for an MOT yesterday to aid the sale but it failed on the following: 1 - Parking brake lever has no reserve travel 2 - Rear fog lamp not working 3 - Brake pipe excessively corroded Nearside Rear 4 - Brake cable has restricted free movement offside 5 - Brake pad (s) less than 1.5 mm thick rear 6 - Parking brake: efficiency below requirements My local garage recon it'll cost £300 (max) to put it through an MOT. We Buy Any Car offered me £360 for it which I initially recoiled at since the cheapest on autotrader is nearly a grand more than that. So, I wanted to ask what people think would be the best way to sell the car? Should I get the work done first or is the car not worth what autotrader are asking? Where are the best places to advertise such a car? (Gum Tree etc). It seems a shame to let it go to WBAC for so little!!! Many thanks in advance.
  3. Quick update. The mechanic cleaned the MAF but the light came back on near enough straight away. The bank 2 sensor 2 is the only o2 sensor that hasn't been replaced yet so I'm inclined to think it's that is causing the problem. Got it booked in to be done on Thursday.
  4. Hello I took my RAV4 4.2 VVTi 2001MY into the local garage when the EML came on and the codes 'P0171' (system too lean bank 1) and P0174 (system too lean bank 2) came up. I've had 3 of the O2 sensors replaced; Bank 2 Sensor 1 in Dec 2010, Bank 1 Sensor 1 in April 2013 and Bank 1 Sensor 2 in Dec 2013. I did a search on this forum and it was suggested that the fault codes could be a result of dirty filament on the airflow meter. I've got the car booked in for a minor service and the mechanic is going to clean the filament on the MAF to hopefully rectify the problem. Does anyone have any advice on whether this is likely to do the trick. If it doesn't, is it likely that the remaining O2 sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 2) needs replacing or could it even be one of the other o2 sensors that have been replaced in the past. Many thanks.
  5. Hello all I was in a rush and didn't open my garage door high enough and managed to snap off the aerial mast and also damage the mast housing that it screws in to such that both need to be replaced. My car is one of the first 4.2 5drs btw. I just spoke to my local Toyota dealer and they quoted me 201.25GBP + VAT for the mast housing and 40.76GBP + VAT for the mast itself. In addition, labour would be at least 1 hour at 96.00GBP but could be much more! Total cost is likely to be 400GBP or more!!! So, does anyone have any suggestion on getting this done cheaper. I know Halfords sell a suitable, smaller mast for 15.00GBP but am I at the mercy of the Toyota dealer for the mast housing and it's fittment? Many thanks Phil
  6. Update: Bank 1 Sensor 2 replaced by local garage for 103.50GB using NKG parts. Pretty happy with that. This means that, since September 2010, every 02 sensor on the car has now been replaced with the exception of Bank 2 Sensor 2. Apparently, that one is the most expensive. Anyway, the mechanic said that four 02 sensors on a 4 cylinder engine is unusual - four or more are usually on 6 and 8 cylinder engines. I'm still loving the Rav and completely relaxed about the prospect of potential snowy conditions in the near future!
  7. Hello all. Back from my holiday and no problem with the EWL being on. Obviously need to sort this now. The local mechanic is saying he prefers to use NKG 02 sensors but the original units are Denso aren't they? Is this the correct one I need for Bank 1, Sensor 2? Thanks.
  8. I'm surprised that some 2.0 vvti owners are complaining that the petrol engine is underpowered. I'm actually very happy with the performance of my 4.2 petrol given that it's a heavy car with permanant 4 wheel drive (I realise the 4.3 is temp 4x4). I'd go so far as to say the acceleration is pretty swift! It's very revvy though and certainly not as refined as my previous 318iSE.
  9. Many thanks for your help Paul. I'll have a look tomorrow. My car was registered late 2000 so it may well be a 2001 my. It's the first of the 4.2s. I'm intending to go on holiday in the Rav on Friday for the weekend. Around 400 mile round trip. Is ist safe to drive with a faulty 02 sensor?
  10. Just spoke to the mechanic who looked at my car yesterday. He said fault code was 'P0141' and that it was 'Bank 1, Sensor 2'. Does anyone know where this sensor is located? Thanks.
  11. You mean the snow on high roads in Wales article? Looks like a Nissan Qashqai to me.
  12. Hey Paul. I've just had a look and I do have a white connector (looks like you could connect a scart lead up to it!) down by the bonnet release. I'm sure the mechanic said it was 'sensor 2' and that it was one of the two sensors by the grille but he said both looked like the'd been changed recently which they have. If it's acually one of the other 02 sensors then that's another story and I'll obviously have to have it replaced.
  13. Just spoke to Charles Clark Toyota and they say that there is no such thing as an ECU update and that parts are only guaranteed for 12 months??? So it's possible one of the 02 sensors may be in need of replacing afterall? Any knowledgeable opinion on this would be appreciated.
  14. Another update - took Rav into local garage and mechanic was able to get code - 'sensor 2'. He wasn't sure which one sensor 2 is but he did say it was one of the two at the front (before the cat). Both of these have been replaced recently - the last one back in April 2013 and the other (bank 2 sensor 1) in September 2010. It therefore looks likely that the ECU needs updating rather than replacing one of these sensors. Does anyone know of a specialist in the West Mids area who can do ECU updates or am I better off taking it to Mr T?
  15. Engine Warning Light is back on. Should I go for an ECU update as Richard, the last poster, suggests or should I buy a code reader? My car has full Toyota service history. Shouldn't the ECU update have already been done at some point by the main dealer who has always looked after the car? Thanks.