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  1. Thanks but I can't find anything that matches my car's steering fault.
  2. Thanks, I checked that earlier but nothing came up - I don't trust it though as a few months ago I had a letter from Toyota about a recall due to some issue with the passenger side airbag, but apparently it's nothing major and I will be contacted again about it to arrange whatever work needs to be done. So why isn't that issue mentioned when I check online? I have no idea.
  3. No I didn't brake hard, I don't recall the ABS EVER activiating on my car, not even sure if it has an ABS! When this inciddent occurred I was going down a moderate hill (steering straight at the time) and was only gently braking as I wasn't going fast. Despite the fact that I was steering straight the steering wheel suddenly and violently hooked to the left and I immediately steered right but it was difficult to correct its course. Thankfully I managed it though and immediately pulled over. And don't worry, if the steering issue cannot be diagnosed or resolved and I end up having to get another car I'll be selling this one (likely as scrap!) with a full and detailed declaration of the steering issue. I could NEVER sell a car with ANY undocumented fault, let alone one as potentially life threatening as this.
  4. Tyres are fine, recently checked and re-checked yesterday. Getting worn on the rear apparently but still within legal limits. Recently passed the MOT test too.
  5. I like in the UK and have a Corolla that was manufactured in 2005 - five door 1.4VVT-i Manual. A few days ago I twice noticed a slight to moderate vibration / rumbling throughout the whole car, this lasted about 30 seconds each time and there was about an hour or so between each incidence - I was driving at about 60 to 70mph at the time. It was as if I was driving on a rough road surface, but I wasn't. The garage checked it over but no fault was found. Today the steering briefly failed (no vibration beforehand) - I was driving down a moderate hill, braking slightly, and suddenly the car turned to the left then sharply to the right as I fought with the steering. It was as if the car was on ice (it wasn't, far too mild over here). I pulled over gently (steering was again working okay) and the car was taken to the garage which just happened to be nearby. It's now awaiting diagnostics and hopefully repair. If not then I guess I'll have to get another car (another Corolla of course, I really like them). There were no warning lights on the dash. Thankfully this was on a quiet, minor road and I was only going at about 30mph at the time, no other vehicles around either. Are there any known steering issues with this Corolla bearing in mind it's 2005 ? Does this sound like a steering fault? As I was gently braking at the time I do wonder if the brakes may be the cause, but would a brake issue cause the steering to freak out so badly? Thanks
  6. Thanks - afraid I don't know anyone with an air-con gauge, so I guess it's a garage job. Or is there anything else that I can check?
  7. I have a Corolla VVT-i (2005 model). It's no longer blowing out cold air - the air temp seems to be the same as when the air con is turned off. The green light comes on, but it's not indicating a fault. There's also no water coming out of the bottom of the car after using the air con. I did notice a few weeks ago that the vents were blowing out some condensation for a few minutes, but the problem with it not cooling started even before that and it was a very humid day when the condensation was visible. Any ideas please on a possible fix? Thanks
  8. It's the 2005 Corolla 1.4 VVT-i Colour Collection 5 door hatchback.
  9. I'll try again - in the video it's the knob removal at 51 seconds that's the problem.
  10. Well I've looked online and can see how to remove my '05 Corolla's radio, but I've fallen at the first hurdle - apparently you should pull off the middle environmental control knob to reveal the screw underneath, but mine's not having any of that - it simply won't pull off, irrespective of the position it's in. I haven't pulled TOO hard to be on the safe side, so perhaps it's just on real tight? Or is this perhaps not necessary for each model? My radio is model: 58816 Thanks
  11. Thanks - as it's the 2003 model, is that an E12 ?
  12. I'm in the UK - have recently bought a second hand Corolla, 2003 model. Prior to that I had a 1997 model. I've noticed on the 2003 Corolla that the steering is a little stiffer than on the older model. My wife has a Yaris and it's noticeably stiffer than that too. Is slightly stiffer steering 'normal' on the 2003 Corolla? Perhaps it's down to the wider tyres? It's not bad by any means, but on my older Corolla (and my wife's Yaris) I could, if I so wished, turn the wheel with one finger (not that I did, just giving an example!). On the newer Corolla I'd probably need 2 or 3 fingers.
  13. I'd like to remove my 2003 Corolla's radio/CD player - Corolla is a UK model, 1.6 VVT-i T3 This is with a view to fitting an aux port so I can plug in an MP3 player. Can anyone advise how to remove the radio/CD player please and also which aux device to use? Thanks
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