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  1. Still costs £50 though then whatever mileage correction would be. I just thought if the existing one has the segments available on the display then perhaps its a software/settings issue rather than change the whole unit, the issue with replacing it then becomes the mileage, is the mileage stored in the cars ECU or the instrument cluster?
  2. This regards a yaris my aunt has. She lives in Northern Ireland but was given a yaris last year that came from the republic of ireland. They use KMH down there amongst other subtle trim level differences. She is looking the speedometer to read in MPH and for the odometer to read in miles. If you stare into the speedometer it is possible to see the digital display has the characters for MPH and miles. I do recall asking on the facebook groups around december time about this, there was a suggestion about pressing buttons in. At the time i tried the suggestions to no avail.
  3. I got the manifold off but not out of the car, some issues getting it out of the gap between the engine and the bulkhead. However i don't see any catalytic converter within the manifold, and some sources indicate there is one inside the manifold. Is there any way to get parts diagrams for the car using its VIN to find out what type of manifold or catalytic converter it should have?
  4. Someone has mentioned the catalytic converter may have broken up. Incidentally i did get the car with the engine management light on and my fault code reader said catalyst below threshold efficiency (something to that effect i am paraphrasing from memory) Would that explain a lack of external leak?
  5. I recently bought a 2003 1.8 Avensis T4 with 140,000 miles. It seems generally good but on the road going past 4000 rpm, it emits a loud whistle/chirping noise. It's best described as sounding like a dump valve, although this car is very much original. I replaced the gasket between the manifold and main length of exhaust pipe, the noise still remains. Are cracked manifolds ever a problem on these, I have removed the upper heat shield and can't see or feel any obvious exhaust leaks. At idle it is harder the induce this same noise, it comes in closer to the cars rev limiter.
  6. The vvti valve as in the unit on the end of the camshaft? The oil doesn't seem too dirty, I've had to take off the inlet manifold and clean the crankcase breather on a clio in the past but it had much dirtier oil than this yaris.
  7. Sitting in my grandpas recently purchased 2005 yaris 1.0 VVTi t sprit i notice the radio has button saying navigation, my aunt also has a similarly aged yaris with the same layout, the button changes what the trip computer does. There are a number of other buttons with second function labels. I understand that its cheaper for toyota to print the one batch of radios and not equip it with navigation, but this car is a 2005 T spirit (it seems to have most of the bits of kit a yaris could get) what models got navigation? Was navigation any good in these cars, can it be retrofitted? There is no re
  8. My Grandpa bought a yaris yesterday to replace his polo SDi, it has a few issues to sort for its next mot one of which is the engine management light. I have an ELM327 and dash command on my phone, it read the fault as P1340 but says "unknown diagnostic trouble code" Looking on the googlewebnet it illudes to camshaft position sensors, or a coil pack. The yaris is a 2005 1.0 VVTi, the owner said it has had a coil pack recently changed, there doesn't seem to be any misfires or running problems. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. A friend has a 2004 or 5 avensis 2.0 D4D and the clutch will not return, i checked around the clutch pedal, the spring is good, around the gearbox, under the car there is hydraulic fluid leaking out, how do you get at the clutch slave cylnder on these cars, the engine bay seems cramped compared to my 406. Also there is a rattling noise coming from the auxilary belt area, a clattery noise, do these cars need crankshaft pulleys, my 406 did and it was making a similar sort of noise. By the way, this avensis has over 200k miles on it
  10. Its a tidy looking carina, the white alloys match the bodywork well. The problem with a hilux engine is that it is mounted longitudinally for the back wheel drive/4wd system, the carina is a front wheel drive car with its engine mounted transverse, the carina gearbox might mate to the hulux engine its unlikely, but then engine mounts would be different. You could strip the car completely, cut it to pieces and fabricate a transmission tunnel to make it back wheel drive but thats a lot of work. The easiest option is to fit another carina engine, but get a turbo diesel one if you want more power
  11. I went in for a closer inspection on the rust, got the jack and pumped it up under the car, and the jack went up, the car stayed where it was and only produced the noise similar to walking on corn flakes, the jacking point just collapsed it was that rusty, both rear points were the same. The car would have needed the rear sills cut out and good ones welded in, i hate bodywork so i just sold the car on got £275 for it, and the buyer was happy to have got a carina, they seem to be getting rare now.
  12. I was fixing a friends 2001 corolla 1.3 vvti saloon today, he is complaining of an intermittent problem with the drivers side key barrel sometimes it locks and unlocks other times it doesnt turn correctly. Although when i used the key it worked, the key barrel feels very loose compared to the boot and passenger side one, taking off the door panel and looking inside all the mechanisms are in good order, and my friend takes good care of the car, the locks and latches regularly get sprayed with wd40 so i think the barrel has just worn out over time, with no remote central locking it seems normal
  13. Im considering buying an old carina off my uncle, he bought it off an other uncle so his son could learn to drive around the farm, but as is the way with young ones he is more interested in playing on an Xbox, so i offered to buy the carina. Its a 1997 2.0 Turbo Diesel with 217,000miles. With a few issues: - no handbrake - the gearbox has to be wrestled to get into gear - a rust hole in the rear wheel arch: - the windscreen needs to be replaced: - filthy interior, though a set of seat covers and steam clean the carpet could sort that out - the interior heater doesnt produce any heat, it blo
  14. Ok ill have a look at that tommorow, i have the kick panel off (the lower a pillar trim?) what/where is the tread plate
  15. thats interesting to know, the carpets are still out, the scrappy had the yaris unfortunatley it had been sitting without doors and had all manner of biodiversity growing on it, the search continues. But with the carpets out i can look at this wheelarch issue, is this the front or rear one? Is there a thread on the issue? I will also check the pollen filter sometimes these and the scuttle can fill with leaves and when they dont drain they leak water into the cabin.
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