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  1. The tweeter caps were standard in a E11 facelift. If you have electric mirrors you can fit those into your 98 e11. Still available at a toyota dealer. order numbers right :: 67491-12450 Left :: 67492-12450
  2. that was a good BAZINGA mate
  3. YW mate. O that's a pitty that they are closed. Hopefully toyoshop can help. i know that he has a few in stock :D Otherwise i can help you with shipping etc. the rest of the bodykit looks nice :) booster skirts will match good :)
  4. Thnx! :D and YW ;) the e10 gtsi skirts are a good fit and won't be much cutting. If i look at your picture i see that the skirt is made out of poly. Original e10 gtsi skirts are not made out of poly. I think these skirts are a very bad fit and not actualy made for the e10. I don't think this skirt is from a ae92 gti. This is a skirt from a ae92 gti. Much shorter. I stick with that this skirts are not a good fit because they are made out of poly. You better stick with OEM or good fit poly skirts like the booster ;) Or you can get skirts from a G6R. But very rare and hard to find. What is the rest of your bodykit like? no problem for the pics and the info. Glad to be a help ;) The boosters are a perfect fit. So i hope the dealer in the UK still can deliver. Otherwise a PM is good. Don't mind at all. Fasten to the body.. like i said. Only one bolt in the front. the rest should be kit. Mine was done with grey silicone kit. because i had a grey car. Make sure that you'll have something to press the skirts against the car so there will be NO gap. You can do that by pressing wooden bars against the skirts (with some cloths between skirts and bars) to held the skirts into place. More questions? :) just ask! :)
  5. thnx mate! So the mods Luke has done on his cts will gain how much you think?
  6. Hope i can help you with this ;) First. The e10 gtsi skirts are a good fit. Skirts that you don't see often on a e11. For you picture. That skirts are Booster skirts. http://www.boostertuning.be/ You can order them there or at the UK dealer (see dealers). That is Envy performance. I'm from the Netherlands and i had the same skirts on my old e11. i bought them at http://www.toyoshop.nl search with "oudere modellen" picture and then "gezinswagens". Then it speaks for itself. The booster skirts are a VERY good fit. sometimes a little adjustment needed. but you'll fit them before painting. Here a few fitting pics on my old e11 and when they were on my e11 painted. door closed door open painted: When the skirts are painted you also have to wait a day to let the kit dry. Make sure that you'll have something to press the skirts against the car so there will be NO gap. If you have some trouble finding the skirts or problems ordering them. I would not have a problem helping you with it.
  7. I drive with Bosch aero twin. http://www.google.nl/search?hl=nl&q=bosch%20aerotwin&gbv=2&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=1623l3089l0l3869l10l8l0l3l3l0l156l608l0.5l5l0&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi Best wipers i ever had. standard lenght is 530mm x 450mm. But i drive with 550mm x 475mm. a little larger and wipes perfect the whole front window :)
  8. @NRG, interesting topic :) But you've done a ECU change like you wrote, and that gained you 110hp? No SC or turbo?
  9. Ste, There is a adapter which allow you to use your steeringcontrols. But depends on the type of radio. Dubbeldin is no problem. Is visual the best option ;)
  10. Do you have doubt? Seriously. Advan for road use. Only tire choise then. If you want a little comfort you should get 45. But i still have a lot of comfort. Even lowered.
  11. i did this recent with the headlights of my girlfriends yaris Everyone know how a faded headlight looks like. Staps: 1. clean the headlight. 2. Tape around the headlight for bodywork protection 2. wetsand the headlight with P2000 3. wetsand P2500 4. wetsand P3000 5. Polish the headlight 6. Give it a wax for protection. Pics: After wetsanding after Polish: Actually today antother 2 pair of headlights to restore
  12. Thanks :D Those Work wheels were the only one i really liked for the CTS. Expensive, but SOOOO nice! :) It is a difference indeed. But at my speedo not so much. Driving 127 km/h on clock is 120 km/h on GPS. 105 is 100 on GPS. And i can't feel any difference. At low speeds there is no difference at all. I didnt go for 215-45 because i wanted a flatt tire. so 40 it was. And with 40, 205 was the best to have the smallest difference. If i have to make a choise like that i start with the question. Which wheels do i like the most? The set you like the most i should use for road. Because you will drive more on the road than track i supose... The other set for track use. 16 inch tires are cheaper than 17. And also 40-17 is cheaper than 45. Conclusion. 2 sets and make up your mind which wheels you like the most. those for the road and other track. tire size. Don't make much difference ;)
  13. thanks! :) wheels: 17 inch. 7J wide, offset +38 Tires: 205-40-17.
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