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  1. Oh right. My disc has the following on it: Europe A, 2006-2007 Ver 1 Thanks
  2. What I have? Do you mean the main unit? It is the full touch screen version. Can't remember the model. The disc does have deepish score ring halfway through it though. Thanks for replying
  3. Hello All. I have a question. My dvd map has stopped working in my 2007 t180. Can an updated version be used or do you have to stick with the same? Thank you Graham.
  4. Hello Lee, The sticker under the bonnet says it has had a ecu reprogram 305B3000 on 21/02/12, dealer code 6812. Does this mean anything to you? Thank you Graham.
  5. Yes it's diesel and no warning lights.
  6. Hello Guys, I know this has been on here before but, my t180 07 plate now seems to smoke everyday since the colder conditions have arrived. It always starts when the engine temp is reading approx. 1/4 to 1/2 way on the gauge. I have seen in the past that there have been several questions regarding this subject. My car did have a new engine fitted by Mr T just over 40,000 mls ago. As far as I'm aware it has had ecu upgrades as per stickers under the bonnet. It has been doing this even after the engine replacement. I have always done the egr and pipe clean now and then just like most others on here. What else can be causing the heavy smoking for a few mins and then just stops! It is quite embarrassing and it smells horrible when it does it.....
  7. Thanks for that Frostyballs. Mine is on the list to check......
  8. Hello Parts-King. Thank you for your reply. I am not sure exactly what the refrigerant smells like but, all I can say it was very much like a gas type smell. It lingered all day in the car and was just slightly again there this morning as I opened the door. It wasn't a rotten egg smell nor did it seem like an oily smell. That was the reason why I asked about the air bag fault. I am surprised that no one else seems to have had a letter regarding this. Does anybody know what the propellent smells like? I am not saying that it is the air bag that may or may not have caused the smell. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't the air bag having a major fault without actually showing itself. Shall be ringing Toyotas again to see about the recall! Thanks again
  9. Just had a thought. Has anyone else on here had a recall letter for air bag problem for the Avensis? Would / could this have caused the smell if there is a air bag problem?
  10. Yeah I know that smell too. That's not a nice smell either. This is worse and just seems to linger and just makes you want to get out of the car. Thank you for your info
  11. Hello All, Driving into work this morning and after about 20 mins of driving with the heater on hot fresh air not recirc etc there was suddenly a very bad smell which I can only describe as like refrigerant? There was also a clonking type noise just before the smell appeared. It doesn't seem to be coming through the actual side vents on the dash but is just there in the car. Anybody else ever had this or something similar? It is horrible and I am concerned as to what it may be. Any help will be much appreciated Graham.
  12. As title. How often should this happen? Mine seems to happen nearly everyday recently. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi All. Just an update on original fault. First time the dealer didn't find the problem. The car finally broke down as it would did not want to rev. It turned out to be a fuel filter problem. It was changed along with it's 80,000 service. So far so good....... Thanks guys.
  14. Mine does exactly the same and my engine has covered 10,000 miles. Also with a hint of blue smoke. Burning rubber smell seems to be at o.s.r.
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