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  1. No they didn't and i didn't ask.. not sure what i would have been able to see anyway...
  2. Booked car in for 30k service, advised rear brake pads needed changing so authorised it, when they came to do the work the bleed nipple on both rear calipers has sheared off, when they tried to remove the calipers the bolts have also sheared, lucky its still under warranty. This is my first toyota and in the 8 monthsI have owned it, it has been back to the dealership 4 times for things like this, I am not going to be keeping it when the warranty exipres next year. I sort of expected more from a Toyota...
  3. you maybe able to claim against the home insurance of cyclist,
  4. Mine did somthing similar, had it four wheel alinged and was much better, i have noticed the car is very sensitive to tyre pressures and now check mine quite regulary..
  5. HI all Great news, got the car back and the noise has gone. booked it on monday, they had an initial look then asked me to bring it back on the wednesday. car was ready on thursday morning. service manager said there was a spot weld issue that had now been resolved. so if you have metallic clicking, creaking sound from the passenger c pillar, it could be the spot weld issue.. I am happy with what has been done and the speed at which it has been fixed, well done toyota..
  6. My Car is booked in with Nottingam Inchape toyota on Monday 16th for them to investiagte...
  7. Well. Emptied the car of everything including the spare wheel, noise still there, worse when the seats are down... Will book it into dealer and see what happens..
  8. A very difficult position to be in. will have one last check of mine this weekend before i raise it with dealer.. keep us upto date with progress, Anyone else suffering from this?
  9. Thanks for the info Greg, I see we are both from Nottingham area, I havent approached the dealer yet, as want to eliminate anything silly that it might be. I can imagine that the sound could be metal parts moving against each other, have you been dealng with Inchcape?
  10. HI all got a 2010 Avensis Saloon, when going over some bumps in the road, there is a, what I can only describe as a sort of clicking sound coming from the area of rear passenger C pillar, Have emptied the boot and everything below the boot floor, checked the seats are seated properly, seats belts secured. but its still there. any suggestions of what else to check for.. I know its a bit vague, but its one of the annoying sounds...
  11. Mont Blanc Barracuda are very easy to put on, and bikes mount to them easily, built in security when the bike is attached (cannot remove from roof bars), the mounting arm can be reversed for each side of the car., They are T Track and normal roof bar compatible, you should be able to get a pair for about 100...
  12. Not much help to you but my 2010 1.8 Petrol, all thats happens is the orange petrol pump light comes on in the dash.. not seen any messages.. but it is only a TR..
  13. Not much help to you but my 2010 1.8 Petrol, all thats happens is the orange petrol pump light comes on in the dash.. not seen any messages.. but it is only a TR..
  14. I use Muc Off (or some halfords own brand), although it was bought to clean my push bike with it does a grand job of cleaning alloy wheels.. http://www.muc-off.com/car/
  15. Success, finally managed to get all the doors to unlock once i put it into Park I was sat in a queue so turned the engine off and decided to give it one last try. The key in the in the ignition, in Park, press and hold the unlock button for a count of 5, turned the key to ignition position 2 then held the unlock button down for a count of 5, then released it, the doors the locked and unlocked themselves..
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