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  1. 2010 Rav 4 can I replace the 2.2 with a 2 ltr D4D

    We had issues with a 1.6 VVTi Corolla we bought new in 2002. The warranty was only for three years and after it was out of warranty in 2007 with 32K on the clock they were more than happy to replace the engine. Maybe a good idea pressuring them a bit more and hopefully they look at it as a case by case outcome. you never know
  2. Strange Noise At Idle

    Hi just wandering if you may have sorted this issue you have. Appreciate it’s a bit of an old post. my car is showing the same symptoms you have described. When parked and engine is running it’s a annoying whining/humming noise and when I press the clutch it disappears. I’ve also noticed that it’s more apparent through the gears and gets louder but once I’m out of 4th and into 5th and 6th it stops. I still have a few months left under warranty as I took out the extended warranty. My car is a 2006 T180 with 98K on the clock but with the new engine from Toyota the mileage on this engine is about 40K roughly
  3. EGR Valve question

    Sorry for the delay in updating. I cleaned it initially and it seemed ok for a few days but still a little hesitant in the morning but ok once it'd warmed up. so took it off again and this time left it overnight in the carburettor cleaner. It's not missed a beat since and drives absolutely awesome. Driving up a hill before was a nightmare but an absolute dream now. When it went in for servicing I mentioned it and was told it's a faulty EGR and should really be replaced, I told them I was more than happy cleaning it. I did have some photos of the before and after but deleted them by mistake thanks again for all the advice and apologies for the late reply
  4. EGR Valve question

    Managed to take the EGR off the top bolts were easy to take off did struggle with the other two but managed to get it off. it was quite caked up so took it all off and then gave it a good clean with the carburettor cleaner spray. I didn't get it back in till today but not driven the car yet due to the weather we live on the top of a hill that the council don't grit but hopefully Road should be better tomorrow and I'll update after work thanks again
  5. Driving style

    Thanks for the replies guys it does make sense and I understand what you've posted. My friend drives an automatic BMW X3 🤢 come to think of it he did offer to swap but I Kindly refused. Wonder if that was a way to get her hands on a T180. joking aside this is my 2nd diesel the first was 2002 D4D Rav and that seemed ok at changing gears quick I was under the impression it was more economical. Anyway ive just driven to Leicester and back and have taken your advice and it has made a difference. Watching the instant mpg line it's better now and not on the low side when changing quicker. I'll keep an eye on this and see if it makes a difference in fuel consumption too. I'm not expecting a massive change but it has creeped up slightly but need to try and stick to it. cheers again
  6. Fuel consumption

    Can't help you with the engine noise I do drive a T180 and I get the same sort of figures but I don't think you'll get what your expecting according to the Toyota manual. as for the flashing tyre symbol that's a faulty sensor. Best way to check which one it is. Release the pressure on each tyre to around 25psi that will cause the light to stop flashing but stay on. That'll show that this Sensor is ok. Keep trying it on all the tyres the ones that are working correctly won't flash but light will stay on till the correct pressure is applied and start flashing again. The tyre that has the faulty sensor or sensors will continue flashing even if you release the pressure identifying that it's a faulty sensor. hope that helps
  7. T Sport Heater MAtrix

    Looks like climate control to me. I had a Tsport with the same problem. First it would blow cold air after that was sorted it started leaking. I did get it fixed from a local garage but the did have the car for the whole day to put a new one in. They did say it was a pain in the back side though
  8. Driving style

    This will sound a bit weird. I'm quite a light footed driver and always have been. I tend to change gears really quick and a friend said that I'm putting too much strain on the engine. i tend to change gear at around 1500-2000 revs. Does that sound about right? I appreciate that everyone has their own style. I have always driven like this but all our previous cars have been petrol and this is a diesel Rav 4 T180 and apparently I need to get to at least 3000 revs and change gear as I'm not doing the engine any favours so my friend reckons. cheers
  9. EGR Valve question

    Mark, really appreciate your advice I will give it a go and get back to you and update with the results never done anything like this before as I don't have a clue about cars especially DIY it does look simple and will finally get to use some tools that have been in the garage for over 10 years and never used 👍🏼
  10. B9004 wont navigate

    Not sure if this will apply to yours when mine was off the road for a good while battery disconnected too. For the first day or so it did as your explaining just sat where it was but it did start working eventually so might just start if it's been recently fitted. i can't remember exactly but someone on here mentioned if you keep the info button and switch the headlight on and off around 3-5 times it will take you the engineers menu where you can check if everything is working ok. if it's wrong the way I said you might have to do a search through some older posts hope that helps
  11. EGR Valve question

    thanks both ive decided I will give it a go myself on the weekend weather permitting and update the results. By the way my cars had a new engine fitted and have done about 30K miles since probably less but I'm making a guess here. would the EGR have been replaced too at the same time?
  12. EGR Valve question

    Thanks for that Mark. I'm seriously considering doing it myself If I can't get an appointment with Toyota. The cars still under extended warranty so not sure if it was covered giving them an excuse not to replace it if it is covered.
  13. EGR Valve question

    Just a quick one. My car seems to be a little hesitant at pulling off but once it gets going it's fine. Reading previous posts it looks like I could have an issue with the EGR. I only use Shell Vpower as members have said that's the best for a 180. my car still has an extended warranty so shall I just take it to Toyota and let them repair/replace or attempt to clean it myself and save the time of booking it in with the dealer as they don't have any appointments for at least week and want to keep the car for a day and I really don't have the time. it does looks pretty simple to clean it myself but I'm still a little nervous .
  14. tpms query

    Same issue here our local branch didn't have the machine either. the drive was awful and didn't do any favours to the suspension . dread to think what it would've been like if you had back problems.
  15. tpms query

    What l don't understand is why none of these independent tyre places and garages don't have systems in place to reprogram these. Had a puncture last year and ATS was the closest place to get a new tyre. Not sure how they did it but he damaged the valve and it snapped. They agreed to pay for a new one but the machine they had wasn't able to program the sensor and ended up getting it programmed from Toyota. maybe it's not worth them buying the equipment to reprogram them or is it Toyota are just a pain for their software!