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  1. I’ve noticed on the last two fill ups my MPG is coming down. I’ve not changed my driving style or anything else I can think of. A full tank would show a range of 462 miles or thereabouts and I’d get somewhere 58-62 mpg mainly local. At the moment I’m now getting the same range showing but it drops like a stone and the mpg is 38-43 mpg. The only thing I can think of is the climate control. I normally switch it on when the engine temp has risen. I’ve now done 8K miles since I bought the car. Anyone else had similar issues?
  2. I noticed earlier today after updating my iPhone I nowhave the option of replying to text messages on the screen. Before the update that option wasn’t there you were just able to read the message. also noticed the google street view is no longer working on the navigation screen.
  3. As far as I’m aware of you don’t have a spare transponder key you won’t be able to program it. Not sure but maybe worth looking at getting the whole system from a breakers but like I said I’m not sure if this would work. auto locksmith maybe able to reprogram it to your transponder but it won’t be cheap. Toyota would charge around £1100 for a new system. Speak to some local auto lock smiths they would be your best bet
  4. That great thank you I’ve managed to do it after a lot of head scatching. 👍🏼
  5. Hi I’ve been trying to adjust the volume on the day nav md not having any joy. Grateful for any advice thanks
  6. bluerav4

    Park assist

    Thanks Pete really appreciate your advic e
  7. bluerav4

    Park assist

    What’s the best way to do it then? I’m trying to be as light footed as possible but then feel I’m driving slow as you always get someone on tailgating. I think practice should perfect it see how it goes. I’ll update in a week or so
  8. bluerav4

    Park assist

    Hi Thanks Pete I’ll do that. I really do like the car at the moment I’m struggling to keep it in electric mode as it thinks I’m heavy footed so need to practice more with that too. Is that something that you experienced too?
  9. bluerav4

    Park assist

    I picked the C-HR up yesterday will try it out over the weekend shopping trip. Seen a few videos and it looks easy but as you say just need to be careful
  10. I bought an extended warranty for my Rav 4 up until last year. when it was 12 years old. I paid £484 for 2 years and it’s paid for itself over the years. 2 years ago it failed on a few bits on the MOT and those were covered too by the warranty. I sold the Rav a few months ago and was able to transfer the warranty to the new owner for £20 and it was a good selling point too. In my opinion I would buy it.
  11. Managed to get the fob to lock and unlock the car but despite following the instructions to program the chip to start the car unfortunately that’s not working. Musing two keys now one to lock and unlock and the gray key for the ignition. Still happy though and thank you for the post
  12. bluerav4

  13. bluerav4


    Hi i was just wandering if anyone has the optional WiFi hotspot fitted to their C-HR and what it’s like in terms of reliability. there are others available from O2 and EE but I wanted to know what the Toyota one is like. Thanks
  14. Main thing is it’s done and dusted. Seems like a bit of rivalry with both companies then.