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  1. Thanks guys. I have written to Toyota and they have referred me back to the local dealer (who previously told me Toyota would do nothing). The whole thing is well beyond a joke. I'm aware of the eco-paint thing but they've got to get paint that sticks and is reasonable chip resistant. I've spoken informally with a body-shop owner who thinks that the layer of "laquer" applied is very thin. Whether improving that alone would help is a moot point. I have no idea why the warranty wouldn't cover it. The car has to be fit for purpose - ditto the paint. I'll post any further details once I here from the dealer.
  2. I'm hoping I'm not unique! I have interminable problems with the paintwork on my Avensis which is now 2 years old. Every time I wash the car (which is fairly often as I like the car to look good) I find numerous stone chips on the bonnet and bumper. The last wash revealed a cluster of 8 small stone chips on the bumper - and from the previous wash I'd hardly driven out of town! My previous car was a passat and in the 8 years it lasted me I never had one stone chip! I realise paintwork isn't what it used to be but this is ridiculous! And no - I don't drive too close to the cars in front! Any similar experiences? Any advice?
  3. Thanks - level parking not an easy option for me.
  4. I have had my Avensis diesel now for almost 9 months and I'm still learning to trust the electric brake! I have a short driveway outside my house which slopes towards the house. Given that we are now well into the winter I'm pretty nervous of how the electric brake mechanism may be affected in freezing conditions. I often had a frozen-on handbrake in older model cars. Does anyone have any experience of the electric brake system failing in such conditions?
  5. Thanks everyone for the thoughtful comments - much appreciated. After a bit of a tortuous process I got a car swop for some additional cash - but the 'new' car has less mileage and more importantly less scratches / chips. Its not been a good start to my toyota ownership - but hopefully it'll work out ok from here on in. I still think the Toyotas chip way too easily. I had a Passat from 7 years - taking it to eight years old when I traded it in - and can honestly say it had not one chip touched up the whole time I had it! Thanks again guys - all the best
  6. yeah I took it back - they said the numerous chips scratches etc were "normal wear & tear" for a 10 month old car!! They dug heels in at that. I'm trying via their customer services dept before going to Toyota. One of the issues is that the car company I bought it from has a complete monopoly for quite some considerable distance - bad move for the customer when Toyota created the monopoly. Really grateful again for support etc.
  7. Thanks again guys - grateful for the supportive comments. I'll pursue the suggestions re trying to publicise this issue if as expected I get nowhere with the dealer. The car was owned by the dealer so if there was any accident damage they knew of it. I think there is an issue with the paint quality - has to be - no way there should be as many chips, scores, scratches as this. My wife's Yaris has had one chip on a 4 year old car! Ok - mostly town driving but still....... This could be a LONG fight..................
  8. Thanks guys for the responses - the dealer is taking the view that the numerous chips are "normal wear & tear" - I of course dispute that and have taken the matter now to their customer services - but still no response. I think it has certainly been driven hard - but is still amazes me that a 10 month old car can accumulate all those chips. The chips all show up the 'white underpaint' - but it would be a mess if I attempted to touch them all up! I know the issue re water based paints - but aren't all manufacturers in the same boat? And my car is the worst 11 plate I've seen (been checking other makes etc since the chips started appearing and none are even close. The dealer also helpfully ventured the view that Toyota wouldn't be interested / helpful as regards a complaint re the supposed defective paintwork. Surely there must be an easy scientific way to check the pant quality? I bought the car due to Toyota's reputation for customer services so if I have to take it to them I'll be extremely disappointed if they was their hands of it. Am i the only Toyota owner to have experienced such extreme paint issues in such a new-ish car?
  9. wish I could - needless to say the dealer is not interested. it stills baffles me how the paintwork could get so bad in such a short period of time
  10. I've just bought a 10 month old dark blue metallic avensis from a main dealer and only on first washing it did I notice that it was covered in small stone chips on the bonnet and driver's door (perhaps over 30 in total). My previous car was a passat which I traded in at 8 years old and I don't think I had one chip on the bonnet! Are toyota's known for their soft paintwork?