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  1. No, I've had the car three years, this noise is new and it kicks in at lower RPM than the turbo.
  2. Hello As the title says last night on a long drive I have noticed that my car has started to whistle on accceloration. At any Rpm, as soon as there is load it whistles. No change in performance, recently serviced. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Thanks you TIBS, I'll post a before and after once I'm done......the before is embarressing!
  4. Hey all I've been admiring the rollas on this site (there are some beauts like Noedel's) but how do you guys clean your engine bays? Mine is an embarressment. My car was missing the undertray when I bought it, I put on on it but it got covered in dirt before I got to it. So my question.......How do you guys clean you engine bays? Thanks
  5. Hey I'm not very mechanical so I'll just give you my experience. I have a 04 2.0 D4D (Think it's a 116hp) and it has 167k miles on the clock and still runs like a dream, I've owned it for three years and have only had to pay for services and a timing belt change. Nothing else. I got it very cheap, previous owner did not treat it at all well, but I cleaned it up, put a few wrongs right and it hasn't cost me a penny since. Just avoid dodgy diesel. They are a great car.
  6. I'm running a 2.0 D4D in Dublin, and mine has almost 170K miles on the clock, still goes like the clappers (if I want to, which I rarely do) and doesn't burn any oil. Easy to service, I service my own, can do Oil, oil filter, fuel filter, pollen filter and brakes for under €90, all genuine Toyota filters and high quality oil. :) Change the pollen filter in the car, chances are it has never been done, my one certainly looked like it hadn't. It makes such a difference to the air flow in your car, best €15 I've spent on the thing. Take 5 minutes to do, there video's on youtube of how to do it (mo
  7. Hello, I found one in a breakers yard here but they would only sell the whole mirror. Sorry :(
  8. I picked one up from a main dealer 2 weeks ago. You might get lucky with a scrap yard, but most cars in yards are front end smashes so it's more luck than anything else. Besides I could be reading it wrong but I think leepulsar has offered you one for £15.
  9. Here's a handy guide written by a member: http://www.nrgizerbunny.com/headunit.html
  10. I doubt it's the aerial Adam he was listening to a CD when it started to go wonky.
  11. This is an E12 This is an E11 The centre console is easy to remove, once it is out, you will be able to see the bolts holding in the stereo and it's surround, you will need a long neck, magnetised screwdriver (or socket, 10mm if memory serves me) to undo the bottom bolts of the stereo. Then carefully pull the unit out. Hope that helps
  12. Try a breaker / scrap yard. I'm off to one on Saturday to pick up a few pieces. The one closest to me has 6 or 7 E12's is various shells If I see a silver one I will get a price for you.
  13. Try a breakers yard, you'll pick one up there for peanuts
  14. The part number is: 52127-02040
  15. It's unlikely to be the fuse, but it is worth checking it out. A loose connection is more likely. You'll have to pull the centre console out but it maybe your only option. If the stereo has gone then I'd go to a breakers yard and get one from there shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to change the stereo (assuming you've never done it before) much less if you have. I'm assuming you have an E12.
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