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  1. Hello mate, sorry no manual available in book form to date only the .pdf type like you already have, if Haynes decided to print a book they would sell like hot cakes. If you need any help or advice I'm sure you will get it on this forum. Regards Pete. Thanks Pete, just bought andther pdf, had a quick look at it and I must say it does seem a bit clearer than the previous one but it just takes forever trauling through pages on pc to find what you need whereas with paper version you could find all the info in a couple of minutes
  2. Can anyone tell me where I can buy a workshop manual for a 2008 avensis deisel, I bought a cd rom from ebay and find it really confusing and takes hours to find the section you want, maybe its me but I prefer the good old fashioned paper version
  3. I have a 2008 avensis tourer diesel, bought it about 8 months ago and it is still under warranty. I have an intermittent problem with the clutch pedal, sometimes when the pedal is pressed it makes a creaking noise, it will do this for probably 30/ 40 presses an then just stop the creaking, it always seems to do it when I am not near the T dealer. When it is making the noise if I place my hand on the master cylinder I can actually feel it vibrating, there doesn't seem to be much point in taking it in when it is working ok. What I need to know is has anyone out there experienced the same problem and should I be worried about it.