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  1. Thought I'd update this. For the 90k service, car went to a non main dealer who repaired the loom and the temperature readings have been okay since.
  2. The car recently had its 80k service and the sensor replaced, on collection still not working. Took the car back and a technician had a look at it while I was there, the wiring loom seems to have a broken wire near the plug. Lease company and Toyota are now discussing options (loom replacement probably not covered under Toyota 80k warranty).
  3. Didn't ask. Just collected keys and nodded when being told about different items that had been replaced. During the previous chat with the mechanics indications were @18 months it would be covered under warranty.
  4. Clearly nothing to worry about!. Picked the car up after its service and was told by their service desk that the external sensor needs to be replaced and to let them know next time the car is coming in so that it can be done then.
  5. The next service is next week @71300 (ran over last time (future booking services with leave etc it is a bit of a guess at best)). Anyhow called into the garage to have a chat with the mechanics apparently the -40 reading is a symptom of either a loose connection or imminent failure of the external temp sensor, which is sited behind the front bumper. So they will be having a look at it then.
  6. Thanks, I would have pointed it out at servicing anyway (at 10k intervals it is in the Toyota garage quite often) but wondered if I should be making a special trip there.
  7. Car is a company 2011 TR 2.0D 71k, no complaints with it so far. This week I have noticed that the external temperature reading on the dash is fluctuating between -40 up to what I assume is the actual temperature. Whilst this in itself is quite amusing to witness, does it have any knock on affect on the AC?.
  8. . Having driven a company TR 2.0D (2011 model) from new in Jan this year @approx 3-4k monthly. Some info to share re the trip computer; average fuel has never been reset and is on 48.3, after refueling shows a range 545. When the navigation miles to destination is slightly more than the range; turning off equipment heater aircon etc sways the figures favourably. I haven't chanced going on past zero as I suspect it is fairly accurate, in that the fuel is about to run out.
  9. My company TR (2.0D tourer) is still on its original Michelins, recent 30k service indicated the fronts were on 4mm and the rears on 6mm. Prior to having this car I ran my own succession of Renault Laguna Auto's and would have been disappointed if I'd got less than 35-40k from the front tyres.
  10. Hi, I've had a browse through and a search first with no luck, so apologies if going over old ground. I have a company TR 2.0D 61plate (not the very latest shape), Very briefly the water pump has been replaced twice now at servicing for leaking, apparently a common problem. Any comments?
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