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  1. Looks great and the interior is superb. Nice one.
  2. Evening all! You know? I was wondering why I started getting emails from TOC again and of course, it's because of this resurrected thread Some things don't change, do they? The Yaris is a great little car but if you want to race... i). it isn't the right car ii). they have things called tracks you can use. Of course, you'll invalidate your car insurance the moment you put a wheel on one unless you've made special arrangements. Great they are, smoooooth surface, less to hit, no pedestrians to endanger and guess what? It's still the wrong car to use. Of course, you'd also have to learn to drive smoothly and effectively or everyone will run rings around you. iii). Did I mention the Yaris is the wrong type of car? I'm sorry but if you're old enough to pass your test, you're also old enough to stop acting like infants on public roads. As for street cred.... I'd argue that those who act like idiots and dress up their cars in an OTT fashion do a lot more to destroy their street cred than the poor little Yaris itself. ;)
  3. Nice one! I got 209 with no mistakes.
  4. Hello. <stifles laugh> No idea but I must admit I've seen the Yaris as a driving school car loads of times and never thought of that! Are there any driving schools in your area that use the Yaris that you could perhaps check with?
  5. Gotta love the 'otpots! Here's another. Please wait a few seconds for Video to load!
  6. Only just returned from my self imposed exile so missed this one. I'll try the next if I can though. What do we win, a car? ;)
  7. Hi and welcome. I love Shropshire and Shrewsbury is a beautiful town. Had many a good boozy weekend there! :D
  8. If you must have mud flaps, I'd say go with the Toyota ones. They do look better.
  9. Does it really matter what other people think of your car? If it did, then we'd all be selling our motors every time someone said something bad about them! Okay, I'm an oldie but I bought my Yarii (I'm on my second) for a lot of reasons. Convenience, good stowage for a small car (also why mine has five doors!) reliability, looks, fuel economy, etc. I didn't buy it so I could turn heads and beat other cars at traffic lights (just as well!) and I so don't care what others think of it. Having said that, I've had a lot of great comments about it. Those that have travelled in it are amazed by how comfortable it is and one mini owning friend (albeit with a lot less experience of driving, particularly on Welsh roads) couldn't keep up with it. My excuse was we were going for my fist flight in anything so I thought I was going to die anyway! I'm joking! It's your car, just enjoy.
  10. Hello! I don't own a Corolla but I do spend a lot of time in Wales (the North bit).
  11. I think it's in the annals of this thread, mate! Mr T added a counter-balance weight inside the engine compartment. Oh btw, they all hate reverse! Just develop the practice of depressing the clutch again and reselecting and it will be fine.
  12. Easiest way to check if it's a P1 or P2? The roof aerial. P1 aerial at front of roof. P2 aerial at back of roof. It's a lot easier than checking the head or rear lights though they are indeed different on the two models.
  13. Congrats Fizz. She's absolutely beautiful and that pic of you holding her is awesome. Nice one and God bless to you all.
  14. Good grief! Old threads never die, eh? I've got a different car since I posted this thread! Gear shift seems a lot smoother on phase 2s (sorry P1 owners!) but this is just my experience. I believe it can vary from vehicle to vehicle though. I drove a Mark II Yaris a while ago and its gearchange was fine.
  15. Worth a try! Oh and the car below is one of yours from Queensferry!
  16. Well my Toyota dealer only charged a little over £80 for the first service. Not a lot gets changed actually, it's mainly checks of fluid levels, etc. Toyota will give you a full list of what it entails on request. They should also go through the list with you after the service and explain it all to you.
  17. Yeah, sounds to me like you've not got enough power for all your kit! As for the wiring, please get a tame mechanic (is there such a thing? ;) ) to check it out. Yours wouldn't be the first modified car to catch fire.
  18. Yes. I'm sure that bringing up old grudges and whining about day to day stuff would put people off joining in too. That seems to have been a theme in the General forum just recently. It is very bad form for infighting to spill out into the forum. It goes slightly beyond the realms of a true discussion. Thankfully, TOC seems to consist for the most part of current or ex-Toyota owners who are intelligent and/or sociable. Intelligent and sociable Toyota owner, signing in! ;) It's quite a while since I've been on here (view new posts... 76 pages!) and the second thread I read was about moderators (again!). When are people going to realise that TOC's moderating ethos is somewhat different to quite a few other forums? Whether you agree with it or not is down to the individual but it ain't about to change. Stet. As for number of members currently active? Couple of hundred?
  19. Glad you're on the mend and some sound advice there. LOL @ the spacehopper too!
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