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  1. Thanks. I had tried that but my fingers were too big to get to the bulbs so I took the panels off - top part over the high-level brake light has to come off first, then the side ones then the main one can be pulled off. I took off the metal shell cover beside the nearside number plate light - big mistake! Just wiggle the light out - turn it to the top and it can be pulled back and out then diconnected for the bulb to be replaced. Bit of a struggle to put it back but better thatn trying to put the metal shell back oonce the bulb holder is in place. Reverse the process to replace the panels.
  2. I am trying to get in to the innards of the hatchback door on my 2003 Corolla T3 to replace the number plate light. I can't find any advice on how to remove the lining. Any advice that saves me breaking the panel would be gratefully received! Thanks
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