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  1. Hi Thanks again - the website is completely working again for me!
  2. Thanks - I have tried going to their website (Lindop Toyota isn't it?) and that doesn't seem to work any more (well Firefox and Google Chrome is saying it can't connect to them!!).
  3. Hi All Continually being fed up with the average 40mpg on my Avensis I am now seriously considering trying one of these: http://www.tdi-tuning.co.uk/car_and_van_diesel_tuning_boxes/toyota/avensis/20_d4d_124_bhp__126_ps__93_kw/crtd2_edc17_diesel_tuning_box_toyota_avensis_20_d4d_124_bhp_126_ps_93_kw_2011_onwards_P6023.html#target_product_specs Does any one have any experience of this particular brand in a 2.0 D4D 126ps? Thanks T
  4. Hi The car had 4000 miles on it when purchased, so maybe some heavier use at that point. My OSF wheel always got more brake dust that the NSF, but when I checked the disc wear it was the same so maybe not binding too much. I had asked Mr T to check but they said no problem (its no where near as bad with the new discs/pads). I've also checked the disc diameter etc. compared to my older heavier and faster car - they were smaller discs. I have a feeling that they discs are perhaps manufactured to wear more?
  5. I was worried about being conned - and did try and argue my case. I did however keep the old discs and they were 3mm worn with a lip. The lip was rubbing on the rear of the brake pads. My understanding is that 3mm was the max wear before replacing.
  6. Hi Yes it has - but I don't notice the dashboard light coming on very often - especially when compared to my older estate (skoda) which was very lively in that dept. 15k is awful though
  7. Hi All My 2.0 D4d tourer (2011) needed its front brakes pads/discs and rear pads replacing at 29,000. This seems really low mileage for the discs and pads. My two previous cars which were heavier and faster got 60,000 out of the front discs and 90,000 out of the rear. My driving style hasn't changed nor has my journey which is predominantly dual carriageway, so the miles rack up with little use of the brakes etc. Any body else had the front discs replaced at such a low mileage? Apparently Toyota would only replace the discs under warranty at less than 22,000 miles use. Thanks
  8. Hi All My prob with the kumho ecsta le sport tyres - is that they dont make them in my size. What are the KU31's like?
  9. Has anyone got any experiences of the 215/55ZR17 94W Falken ZIEX ZE912 tyres????
  10. Hi I am interested in the 215/55ZR17 94W Falken ZIEX ZE912 tyres. My current tyres size is 215/55R17 94W - can anyone please tell me what the 'Z' means in the tyre size of the Falkens? Also, I notice that quite a lot of tyres in the size required have the Z. If I don't go the the Falken can anyone recommend a decent mid price tyre.
  11. I have found that the Toyota paint is really poor quality and scratches really really easily -
  12. The most annoying thing about my year old Avensis is that if I leave washing (specifically the wheels) for more than a week the front brakes pads give off so much dust that it superglues itself to the front alloys. The silver wheels turn black and no amount of acid seems to remove it without multiple sprays and scrubbing. It becomes etched on. The only thing that helps is a non stick scourer!! I use the Autoglym alloy wheel sealer, but this does little. Has anyone else got this problem - and what solutions have you got (preferably under warranty)
  13. Good (well that it isn't just me!) I think the piping would benefit from some non return valves, as I expect that the washer fluid drains back into the bottle.
  14. Is it just me and my tourer - or does the washer fluid take a good few seconds (well it feels like it) to flow on the rear window??!!
  15. I did wonder about the key - so may try the spare when I get the car back and see how it goes. I've had three non starts in the last 10 journeys, and 2 or three long turn overs. On the transponder thing I do note that the red security light does stop flashing so have assumed that the immbiliers and transponded have paired up? Will let you know how it goes.
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