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  1. I see what you're saying about the servo, as it's the last part left really. But I can't hear any air escaping when engine on/off, and as I never went near the servo or pipes im led to believe it's fine.
  2. Hi guys, this evening have put a new master cylinder on it, bled the system through thoroughly, master cylinder bled and calipers bled. There is no air coming out of any calipers. The level is at the max. Still got exactly the same problem. Pedal is nice and hard with very little travel, start engine and pedal goes to the floor every time. Have road tested the car and the car stops dead, locking the wheels and the abs kicking in, but only when the pedal is nearly at the floor. alan333, if i start the car and let it idle for a couple of minutes, press pedal, let idle and try again, it is the same every time. Pedal goes to the floor. Once the engine is turned off, the pedal is pushed once to the floor ( as though the pistons in the calipers had been pushed back ), and from then on its a hard pedal. I would now liken it to when you first press the pedal after fitting new brake pads, when the pistons are all the way in and the first pedal press is long as they have to extend back out to the pads. However it should not be doing this every time you have the engine running. Attached is a video of the fault. 20180515_194208.mp4
  3. And reading that post you sent a link for, people in there also agree that a pedal on the floor is not normal.
  4. Yes that is what it is doing. I have only driven the car a few yards to test the brakes. It stops but only once the pedal is on the floor. It did not do this before the brake fluid change. And no car I have ever driven has its brake pedal on the floor.
  5. Thank you all for the replies although I am not sure you understand exactly what is happening yossarian247: a brake pedal should never go all the way to the floor. Gerg: when fitting new brake pads yes the pedal will be "spongy" initially as you have the piston pressed back. Once its pressed once the pedal should be always hard and not go the floor. gjnorthall: it is NEVER ok for a pedal to sink all the way to the floor when driving. Yes the pedal will move a bit, but not all the way to the carpet. A fellow mechanic has sugested it could be an internal leak in the master cylinder, causing the pedal to extend further than it should, hence going to the floor.
  6. Hello, I require urgent help please. I have a 2004 / 54 reg Rav4 2litre petrol, and the brake pedal goes all the way to the floro with the engine running. Have just replaced front brake pads, osf caliper as it was seized and done a brake fluid change by pumping the pedal and opening the bleed valve flushing the fluid through. All 4 calipers bled ok, no air bubbles appearing in the bleed pipe. The fluid level is maintaining max level. With the engine off, the brake pedal is rock solid, as soon as the engine is started the pedal goes to the floor when pressed. As soon as the engine is stopped, and the pedal is brought up, when it is next pressed it is hard, but only untill the engine is started again. No signs of external leakage from any of the calipers, brake lines, ABS unit, or master cylinder. The car did not have this fault before the brake fluid change was carried out. In my experience it feels like air in the system, but having bled the brakes twice now, and having a hard pedal with the engine off, leads me to believe it is something else. Any and all help greatly appreiciated.
  7. hi there, im hoping to try and find a set of white dials for my celica tsport speedo gauges. Im not looking at the plasma dials. All i want is for the background of the dials to be white instead of black. does anyone know where i can purchase these, or if there are any companies that will make a set of dial inserts for me?
  8. I have recently got a new short engine in my t-sport. I have heard from new, there was a running in period of 1000 miles, before the valve lift could be used. Can anyone confirm this as I do not want to use the valve lift too soon, unknowingly, and risk damaging the new short engine
  9. Cheers. By "drive it normally" just gentle driving, no high revs. I meant to also ask, should i / how often should i use the valve lift?
  10. Ive gotten a new short block for my tsport now, which is bring fitted asap. Can any one give advice on the following things please : ·Oil grade ·first oil change interval ·Best way to bed the engine in, ie slow eco driving or fast high load Any help much appreciated
  11. Hi, I am in need off urgent assistance. I have a celica t-sport with the 2zz-ge engine. I had the engine rebuilt recently, but have just discovered some information stating that my block should not have the bores honed due a MMC coating. Can someone shed some light on this as I am getting the impression that if the cylinders are honed it will strip away this special coating that helps with the piston rings, and can cause such faults as burning oil and wear, and a new block / short engine is required. Please help asap thanks
  12. Today i put a fiber optic camera down the intake manifold through the pip that the hose from the pcv valve connects to. Inside I found a large puddle of oil. I have replaced the pcv valve today already and cleaned out both of the pipes from the cam cover to throttle body and intake manifold. Would I be correct in assuming that this puddle of oil has been coming in through the pcv valve pipe, which also had large traces of oil in it? I took a picture of the screen on the fiber optic camera which i have attached.
  13. how could i go about diagnosing and confirming the valve stem oil seals?
  14. help i got blue smoke on my vvtli, only during valve lift. all compressions are good at 203 psi. using correct oil.
  15. im getting blue smoke during the valve lift operation. it gets more the further above 6200 rpm i go. The engine still pulls well and there are no engine warning lights on or stored. below 6200 rpm there is no smoke at all and none on start up. help please