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  1. It did enter my mind that you may have meant the awesome fast Corolla...sadly not mine. Thanks a lot for answering my question though, it's a huge help. I'll get on with ordering a replacement clock. Thanks again
  2. Hi Taf, Aha, by "T", do you meant T1, T2, or T3? Because I have a 1.6 T3. In which case, do I need to get a speedo that would fit either a 1.4 T3 or 1.6 T3? Thanks again
  3. Hi Lee. Thanks very much for getting answering my query. So basically, as long as I order a speedomotor for my generation of Toyota Corolla, it should be fine? Thanks a lot
  4. Hi everybody, I'm a total newbie here and I have an issue with my Toyota Corolla speedometer. Quite simply, I've been told by 2 garages (one of them a Toyota garage) that the Speedo is bust and needs replacing. Problem: a new speedo costs lots of money Solution: I can find lots of cheap used speedos for the 2004 model Toyota Corolla online, complete with guarantees. Issue: I have been informed by a garage that the speedo cluster may contain the coding for the immobiliser and/or alarm. Question: can I simply swap speedos with a used speedo? Or will I encounter any issues with the immobiliser/alarm? Any help is massively appreciated. Thanks to all Joe
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