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  1. I don't think I'm clever enough to do a diy job on my beep! Yes, with the windy weather of the past few days I've also noticed a similar noise - just a trait of the car I think - some Auris reviews I've read in the press have mentioned wind noise!
  2. I totally agree with EVERYTHING in your review!!! I've had mine (identical model to yours) since March 1st. You say the dealer can change the reversing beep... did you have to pay for this or do they do it for nothing? I've also noticed a rattle - I think mine is from the roof sun-blind so doubt there's anything can be done to stop it. But overall am very happy with my car!
  3. I'm going through a claim with Toyota Insurance at the moment and have to say I'm quite disappointed - even though this woman reversed straight into the side of my NEW Auris, because the other driver is telling a bunch of lies, and there were no witnesses, they are settling for 50/50 which will affect my no claims protection etc - they don't seem to have the will to fight for me when the other driver was definitely at fault! Needless to say they know I'm not happy, and claim they're going back to the other lady's insurer, so let's wait and see... won't hold my breath though!
  4. Thanks guys, I'll keep you posted! I just hope it's not the curse of having a 13 reg - I'm not superstitious but this is only the second insurance claim I've ever made, and the first was an incident that happened on a Friday 13th, now this one in 2013 in a 13 reg!
  5. Ironically I've just had to make a claim on Toyota Insurance today after a woman reversed straight into the rear drivers side door of my NEW Auris HSD! So far the claim process has been very efficient, but it's early days...
  6. I picked up my new Auris HSD on 1st March, exactly the same as yours, ie Excel without satnav - so far very pleased with it, definitely an improvement over the previous model (although that wasn't bad!) Be interested to hear how you get on!
  7. I have my Auris HSD insured with Toyota, found the price to be close to the cheapest, but was happy to pay a bit more knowing my car would be repaired Toyota approved rather than any old garage! I would be interested to hear if any members on here have ever had to claim from Toyota Insurance - what was that experience like? It's one thing getting a good price, but if you need to claim you need it to be as hassle-free as possible!
  8. When driving at night I often find that on-coming vehicles flash their headlights at me, as if they think I have my headlights on full beam and am dazzling them. Obviously I haven't - definitely on dipped, and I've set the angle at the lowest possible via the control inside the car. Went to the local dealer who said there is nothing wrong! Just wondered if there are any other Auris drivers who've noticed the same thing? Is it maybe the "spread" of the lights gives oncoming traffic the impression that I'm dazzling them?
  9. Cheers guys, I'll give it a try! Strikes me as not being quite so easy to use on the Auris being on a seperate lever - my Honda had the controls actually on the steering wheel! We have a long straight 30mph road in Eastbourne where the police love to hide behind a bus stop to catch speeders - I always used to use cruise control along this road!!!! My Honda Civic cruise control worked like that!
  10. Just wondered whether it's worthwhile using cruise control on the Auris HSD? I used to frequently use cruise control on my previous car (Honda Civic) but since I've had my Auris I've never used it!!! I've been concentrating so much on my driving technique trying to coax as many MPG as possible that I totally forgot about cruise control!!! Does cruise control have a positive effect on MPG or is the only benefit the fact that you can have a more relaxed drive?!?!
  11. I couldn't agree more - a nightmare if you've had to get in the car with mucky feet then want to gently remove the mat to clean it without the dirt flying everywhere - I've invested in a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean my drivers mat so I'll rarely have to remove it!!!
  12. Like you, I have a new Auris Hybrid, and it's my first hybrid. I think when you drive a new model and especially a new type of car you notice everything that's a bit different! I've also noticed the high-pitched noise you mention, and assume it's something to do with the electric side of things - the tone of the noise seems to alter a bit depending on whether power is going into or out of the battery. I'm sure one of the experts on here will know the proper reasoning behind it! It may be that a lot of people just can't hear a noise with that frequency - it's just like the whistle of the old
  13. This topic has been really useful relating to my new Auris HSD!!! When I leave work, I drive out of the car park, then onto the main road, up a steady slope to go over a railway bridge. Usually there seems a lack of power going up this slope, and I now realise it must be in the S1a warm-up phase so there's nothing wrong! Hopefully!!!
  14. Yes I've noticed the same thing in my Auris - I notice a sort of ghosting as the display updates. I've put it down to the initial cold cabin temp and whichever display technology being used in the dashboard displays (e.g. LCD - I'm not sure what it is actually) not liking the cold. Once the heating has warmed the cabin up, its refresh rate appears to go back to normal. I've never worried about it. It was minus 4 degrees when I went to work this morning in my new Auris HSD and I experienced the same thing as Gaz, just like an LCD calculator in the cold - once the car had warmed up the displa
  15. I was glad to see your question because having only had my Auris HSD for a few weeks I was wondering exactly the same thing!!! I was thinking there was a fault with my car, but at least I now know it's normal!!!
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