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  1. Thanks Carl :-) Yes the wheels and tyres are all standard.. It's just really weird :-/ Taking it to tyre land tomorrow to get a complete test done on it. It's annoying as I was really looking forwards to hacking it around with it's "superb handling"... if I cant get it sorted I'll just have to put up with it. On the plus side it really does keep me constantly focused and I am shaking when I get out of it! lol So it is fun, I just dont feel I will ever get the best out of it unless I can get it sorted. Thanks for taking the time to reply anyway :-)
  2. Hi All I am new to this club so hello! :-) I have recently purchased an MR2 Spyder, 1.8 2000 reg. Whilst everything else is perfectly sound it does not handle at all as it should..... It reacts to every little groove and bump in the road and is dangerously light on the steering at high speeds. I have had the tracking on the front wheels adjusted and tyre pressure are all spot on. There has been no obvious knocks or damage to it so the only other thing I could think of was a 4 wheel alignment check, but there is nothing at the back to adjust it with.. I want to have fun in this car but this is
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